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As soon as you visit one of the several official-looking Blue Dragon sites, you’ll quickly realize how sketchy it is. The design is very old, and there’s a lack of proper content. The emphasis seems to be on the games, and they typically look very good.

However, the platform requires you to download a client to play Blue Dragon games, and you need to register by providing a lot of personal details and asking to join the casino.

This is my primary impression of the platform, but even after a detailed review, whose findings I’ll elaborate on in this guide, I firmly believe this is a sweepstakes casino every player should avoid.

What Is Blue Dragon Casino?

Blue Dragon Homepage

Blue Dragon Casino is another in the long line of peculiar, sketchy sweepstakes casinos that are only of interest to players because the name Blue Dragon fish game has been floating around for a while.

Blue Dragon is both a sweepstakes casino and a fish game app. The platform hosts a diverse range of games, all of which seem to be made in-house, and they include fish releases, slots, keno titles, and a few table games.

It’s a brand that offers its software to other stores and websites, and players are effectively playing Blue Dragon games through them, not directly Blue Dragon.

Like others operating in this fashion, Blue Dragon has several websites through which you can access its games. However, you first need to register and buy e-credits to play. There doesn’t seem to be a Blue Dragon no-deposit bonus or any other promo through which you can get free coins for playing.

You can only get promotions through one of the sweepstakes casino aggregates that cover the Blue Dragon game casino, like BitPlay and BitOfGold.

How to Join Blue Dragon Casino?

Every sweepstakes platform requires players to join to access its games, and Blue Dragon is no different. However, the way it does that is different, strange, and downright sketchy if you ask me.

You must contact one of the smaller stores or distributors offering Blue Dragon. You’ll have to ask them to join and provide info like email and phone number just to get them to answer.

It’s all done directly through Blue Dragon sites, but the brand still states that you’ll need to be in contact with the store to handle things like lost passwords. In other words, Blue Dragon is trying to be an intermediary here, even though they are the official Blue Dragon sweepstakes app.

The sites claiming to offer the Blue Dragon casino game have different perspectives on this, but the gist is generally the same. There’s no indication of whether they’ll accept you or when they’ll answer.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be required to download one of its web or mobile clients and get the necessary credentials to start playing. You’ll also have to deposit to get e-credits you’ll use to play the games.

However, I can’t advise you to do either. There are apps for Android phones, iPhones, and desktop computers, and they are all downloaded from sketchy sites, arriving in zip files most browsers will deem insecure. It’s best to avoid them as there’s no way to guarantee what these files come with, even if you still get to install the Blue Dragon app.

Who Can Join Blue Dragon Casino?

From what I’ve gathered, Blue Dragon welcomes everyone 21 or older to join and play its casino-style games.

Blue Dragon doesn’t mention which states are prohibited, but it still seems to target the US market. The issue is that Blue Dragon is an offshore casino, meaning it probably operates illegally in all of the states, ultimately making it available everywhere.

Fish Table Games at Blue Dragon Casino

Blue Dragon Fish Games

Blue Dragon offers 4 fish games, all of which function more or less the same but have different themes. The games in question are:

  • Fishing Star
  • Ocean King
  • Li Kui Pi Yu
  • Da Sheng Nao Hai

Weirdly enough, there’s no Blue Dragon online game as many players expect, but a selection of four games is enough.

Unfortunately, none are more famous brands, but you can still find these games outside of Blue Dragon. This is especially the case with Ocean King, which I’ve seen in several places online. It’s one of the better-designed ones, too, and offers two different cannons, so it requires a good amount of strategy to play.

Other Games at Blue Dragon Casino

Blue Dragon Games

If you want to play another Blue Dragon casino game, the library contains several other game types. This includes:

  • Video slots — 12 releases
  • Classic slots — 3 releases
  • Pick’em games — 3 releases (keno, blackjack, and roulette)

You’ll find a couple of well-designed games among these with interesting features and good graphics. Blackjack and roulette are very basic, but they get the job done, while keno is a bit more unique yet still follows the basic keno premise.

Slots are the most diverse, including some unique and compelling titles like Cookie Pop, Money Fever, and Bonus Bear. Most games have a standard 5×3 grid, but they also offer special features like wilds, jackpots, expanding symbols, and bonus rounds.

Bonuses & Promotions at Blue Dragon Casino

As I mentioned above, there are no Blue Dragon promotions or bonuses. I haven’t found a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus sweepstakes casinos typically offer if you make a purchase. Even though there’s an option to buy e-credits to play Blue Dragon games, there doesn’t seem to be a first-purchase bonus of any kind.

A Facebook page claiming to be the official Blue Dragon mentions various promotions in its posts, but there’s no way to be sure this is true. Plus, it mentions other sweepstakes casinos, too, so these bonuses might be for those platforms.

As always, with this type of sweepstakes casino, there are options to claim promotions you can use on Blue Dragon games through sweepstake casino aggregate platforms that offer Blue Dragon.

One of these is BitPlay, which mentions a 25% bonus players can get on the bonus day but doesn’t state what this day is. The aggregate also offers a $20 free play sign-up bonus.

Another option is BitOfGold, which talks about 20% match bonuses players can get on three deposits and a free $5 sign-up bonus.

Unfortunately, these aggregates are also somewhat sketchy, albeit less so than Blue Dragon. Still, I can’t in good conscience advise you to join them just to get the chance to use bonuses on Blue Dragon games.

Can You Play Fish Games on the Blue Dragon Casino App?

Yes, you can. In fact, that’s the only way to play a Blue Dragon fish game or any other Blue Dragon casino game. Unlike most sweepstakes casinos, the platform doesn’t have a site on which you can play.

To play any Blue Dragon game, you need to register and download one of the available apps. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are options for phones (Android and iOS) and desktop computers (Windows), so it’s up to you to choose.

Blue Dragon App

You’re required to download the apps from the site, but the site I’ve found is peculiar, to say the least. There are only buttons for downloading the files for the apps, and that’s it. The files come in zip format, and my Google Chrome browser flagged them as unsafe, so I don’t advise you to attempt to unpack them and install the app. You’ll get the app and the option to play Blue Dragon games, but you could download something else, too, so you shouldn’t risk it.

Can You Win Real Money on Blue Dragon Casino?

Blue Dragon operates on the sweepstakes model, meaning you can win real money, but not directly. You play the games with e-credits or coins, a virtual currency that doesn’t have value. Once you’ve played with these coins, you can redeem them for real cash.

Moreover, you can buy these e-credits with payment methods like credit cards whenever you’re low on playing funds.

How to Contact Blue Dragon Casino Support?

Blue Dragon Support

One of the Blue Dragon websites has a Contact Us form, as seen in the image above. To use it, you’ll have to verify your email and provide a phone number and name.

The website also mentions phone and chat support, but I haven’t seen much proof of this.

Is Blue Dragon Casino App Legit?

No, I can’t say that Blue Dragon is legit. It seems like a better choice than most other platforms you can find in sweepstake casino aggregates because it offers a bit more information about itself. However, being slightly better than the worst is not a worthy achievement.

Besides not offering enough info on itself, Blue Dragon doesn’t have a clear owner and comes with an unnecessarily complex registration method, like most other platforms of its type. It does have a decent number of games, with many looking good, and it promises high RTPs, but that’s not enough. This is especially true when you consider that there are no bonuses, so the only way to play all these games is by making a deposit.

The only way to get free coins is to use Blue Dragon through the casino aggregates, but I still can’t recommend it. All in all, Blue Dragon doesn’t offer enough to warrant the registration hassle and overall sketchy vibe. Avoid it and go for more legit platforms, and you won’t miss out on anything.

Blue Dragon Casino App Alternatives

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Speaking of more legitimate platforms, plenty of Blue Dragon alternatives are out there if you want to experience quality fish games.

One of the best choices is Fortune Coins, a sweepstakes casino that will reward you with 360,000 GC and $12 worth of Fortune Coins just for joining, and you’ll get to play eight high-quality fish games.

You can also join Funrize, which awards new players with a no deposit bonus of 125,000 TRC Coins and as many as five fish games. If that’s not enough, you can consider TaoFortune and its hefty no deposit bonus of 128,000 Tao Coins and five fish releases.

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