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Fortune2Go might not be the pirate’s treasure you’re dreaming of, but it does offer a unique catch: a vast ocean of fish table games.

Over 20 titles await, with more than half of those being fish table games – the main reason you’re looking at opening an account on Fortune2Go. The titles invite you to blast your way through pixelated schools of neon fish, aiming for those elusive high-point leviathans in the hopes of winning some real money prizes. But is that even possible? As Fortune2Go is an offshore casino with very little information on its origins and operations, we’re not really down to recommending it.

But hey, there’s a certain charm to the retro vibes the casino presents, like playing arcade classics in your grandma’s basement. But before you dive in, let me be your trusty diving suit: it’s murkier than it appears.

Fortune2Go Info

Launched in 2021, Fortune2Go operates in a legal gray area, without a valid license from any gambling jurisdictions, making it available in all US states due to its offshore status. Think of a small, independent casino that’s part of a net of distributors, not Vegas glitz. Many players have claimed that they cannot register a new account directly on the official site, but had to go through vast operators to get a chance to play. Plus, not many distributors work with Fortune2Go, making it even more difficult to start your journey there.

Fortune2Go Login

Fortune2Go lures players in with promises of glistening prizes and vibrant fish tables. However, be warned: Fortune2Go waters get unclear when it comes to payouts. Some players report stingy rewards, leaving them feeling more like they’re feeding the fish than filling their own pockets. And if you do manage to snag a decent win, prepare for a bumpy ride to the bank. Withdrawal delays and complex wagering requirements can make you feel like you’re swimming upstream against a current of bureaucracy.

⭐Featureℹ Description
🎁Welcome Bonus20 Free Spins
💰Other PromotionsReload bonuses, tournaments
🎲Games20+ Fish Table Games, Slots, Table Games
📱Mobile App❌No
🗣LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
💳Deposit MethodsCredit/Debit Cards, e-Wallets
💵Withdrawal MethodsBank Transfer, e-Wallets
⏱️Withdrawal Processing Time24-48 hours (unverified reports of longer delays)
☎️Customer SupportLive Chat, Email
🔞Legal Age21+
Restricted StatesNone (offshore)

Fish Table Games at Fortune2Go

Over 20 games await, from classics like Ocean King 3 to obscure titles like Dragon King. While the variety is tempting, some graphics are pixelated throwbacks, and the “live” tables feel more like canned replays. Even the fish table section of the gaming library has its ups and downs, and that’s the main reason you’re even here!

Nevertheless, here are our top 2 fish games:

  • Ocean King 3: The familiar friend. Smooth gameplay, diverse bosses + addition of new big bosses, improved power-up feature, and decent payouts. On top of that, there are many new mini-games that allow players to boost their scores. But beware, you’ll find it difficult to reach level 26 as you progress in the game.
  • Fishing King: Golden Bull: With a different take on fish gambling, this game brings in, you guessed it, a golden bull! The golden bull helps you take on big bosses, and the multiplayer mode allows you to join forces with other places, and, with the use of the Locked feature, target a specific fish and take it down. The Rich Combo is another feature that will bring you a shower of coins if you’re precise enough.

Other Games at Fortune2Go

Honestly, I was hoping I’d get blown away, but there was nothing of sorts. Unfortunately, Fortune2Go doesn’t publicly disclose the exact number of games in each category, nor does it display them in a user-friendly way. Their website and app offer general information about the types of games available but not specific counts.

However, I still managed to dig something up, and this is the information I have:

🎮Category🔢Estimated Number of Games
🎣Fish Table Games10+ (including popular titles like Panda Master, Golden Prosperity, and Water Margin)
🍒Slots50+ (covering classic and video slots from various providers)
🕹Arcade Games10-20 (including games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Sic Bo)
🎲Others5-10 (may include casual games like Bingo and Keno)

I guess it’s fair to say the accurate number cannot be determined for sure, as Fortune2Go adds new games from time to time, so the count could change over time. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if, for some reason, you decide to give this casino a try, make sure you regularly check their game categories for updates.

How to Play Fish Table Games at Fortune2Go

The simple way would be to sign up for a new account and start playing immediately after verifying it. However, Fortune2Go asks most of the players to go through one of their distributors – usually found via their Facebook page, and get account information from there. Although that makes the process a bit more challenging, that’s usually the deal with most similar offshore pages. And, in most cases, it turns out to be a scam.

However, playing fish tables at Fortune2Go offers an underwater adventure akin to navigating a calm coral reef. Initially overwhelming, it resembled a chaotic ocean, with cannons firing and fish darting. Ready to quit, I opted for familiarity with Ocean King 3. The simple controls allowed me to target smaller fish, gradually gaining confidence. Despite challenges, I persisted, adapting tactics and learning from mistakes. Eventually, a golden dragon emerged, boosting my score unexpectedly.

Fortune2Go’s fish tables demand skill and patience, providing a unique blend of casual entertainment. While not cutting-edge, the experience is worth the occasional frustration. Choose your weapon (cannon), aim at colorful fish, and collect points. Bigger fish, bigger rewards. But remember, the house always has a bigger net.

Tips & Tricks for Winning on Fish Table Games Fortune2Go

If you’ve come only to play Fortune2Go’s fish tables without the hopes of walking away with any real money, then you have nothing to worry about. Winning requires more than just frantic finger-blasting. Here are some tips to help you become a master angler, not chum for the virtual sharks:

  • Sharpshoot, Don’t Spray: Aim like a sniper, not a shotgun. Each shot costs, so focus on individual fish, especially those with high point values. Don’t waste ammo on scattered schools unless you’re sure of a big haul.
  • Boss Bonanza: Learn the boss patterns. These big guys are point piñatas, but they require concentrated fire. Wait for them to appear, then unleash your cannons in unison. Timing is key!
  • Power Up Your Pew Pew: Don’t be afraid to upgrade your cannons. Higher levels mean bigger bullets and more damage, letting you take down tougher fish and bosses faster. Invest wisely, though – those upgrades can drain your ammo quickly.
  • Hidden Gems: Not all treasures are obvious. Look for hidden fish or objects that trigger bonus rounds or multipliers. These can turn a mediocre game into a point explosion.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Don’t chase every fish that flits by. Wait for the right moment, the perfect shot, the high-value target. Impulsive blasting is a recipe for an empty wallet and a frustrated frown.
  • Know Your Limits: Set a budget and stick to it. Fish tables are tempting, but they can swallow your money faster than a black hole. Quit while you’re ahead, or at least take breaks to avoid chasing losses.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play, the better you’ll understand fish patterns, weapon strengths, and bonus triggers. Don’t expect instant riches – treat it like learning a new game, and the rewards will come.

Remember, Fortune2Go’s fish tables are a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, strategize, and, most importantly, have fun! Even if you don’t reel in a Moby Dick-sized win, the journey can be just as thrilling.

Fortune2Go Welcome Bonus

Fortune2Go welcomes new players with 20 free spins. It’s like they’re offering you a thimble of water in the middle of the desert. Don’t get me wrong, free spins are always appreciated, but when you compare it to other casino welcome bonuses, it feels like a slap in the face. Plus, you won’t be able to use these free spins to play fish games.

Come on, Fortune2Go, we’re not asking for the moon! Just a little something to show you they actually care about attracting new players.

Other Promotions

Fortune2Go offers occasional reload bonuses and tournaments but read the fine print – wagering requirements are sharks with a taste for your wallet. It might be your best bet to stay away from claiming other promotions.

What’s more, Fortune2Go’s Facebook page promises loyalty points as part of the VIP program, but that’s not something we can corroborate. Instead, there’s a lack of information when it comes to any kind of additional bonuses and promotions on the site, but you might get something out of the distributors.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Fish Games on Fortune2Go?

Technically, you can win real money playing fish games at Fortune2Go. But good luck catching anything substantial, as the site promises a lot but cannot deliver. Even if you manage to win anything, payouts are notoriously low, and even the smallest wins can get tangled in withdrawal delays. There have been reports of players

Fortune2Go Eligibility & Wagering Requirements

ortune2Go is open to those willing to tackle a bit of a hassle during signup. It’s not a free-for-all; you’ll have to visit their Facebook page to grab your account details before logging in on the official site. Keep in mind, though, if a casino’s signup takes forever, there might be some sketchy stuff going on.

For folks in the States wondering about Fortune2Go, you’re in the clear. It’s not approved by any US authority; instead, it’s an offshore casino that allows anyone to jump in without restrictions. Just be aware, as these kinds of sites are far from secure and trustworthy.

Additionally, wagering requirements are a labyrinth – you might need to swim through them multiple times to see your winnings.

Is There a Fortune2Go App?

Yes, Fortune 2 Go claims to have a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The app should allow users to play a variety of games, including table games, poker, keno, pick’em, and fish shooting. However, in our research, we did not manage to find any downloadable Fortune2Go app. So, beware of the software you plan on downloading on your devices.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Games on Fortune2Go

Huge variety of fish table games (over 20!)Low payouts, stingy rewards
Easy to play, perfect for casual gamersChallenging sign-up/log in process
Nostalgic, retro graphicsLack of transparency
Live chat and email customer supportLabyrinthine wagering requirements
No mobile app
Withdrawal delays reported

Is Fortune2Go Legit?

Let’s be honest, it’s a murky pond. While technically legal, the low payouts, lack of transparency, and withdrawal woes leave a bad taste. If you must dive in, go with caution and manage your expectations. Remember, sometimes the biggest fish are just illusions painted on the bottom of the barrel.

So, when all is said and done – should you dive headfirst into Fortune2Go’s fishy depths? It depends. If you’re after a casual way to blow off steam and enjoy some nostalgia-tinged fish blasting, it might be worth a dip. But if you’re a seasoned fisherman seeking big wins and crystal-clear transparency, keep your boat docked. Just remember, with Fortune2Go, the biggest fish might just be illusions painted on the bottom of the barrel.

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