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The Milky Way Casino is steadily making a name as a provider of fish table game software due to a diverse selection of fish table games, each boasting unique themes and colorful graphics, available to play on the platform.

Interestingly, the Milky Way platform can’t be categorized as a sweepstakes, as it doesn’t offer free play of its game software and lacks the structure of a full-fledged casino. Regardless, players can register accounts and sign in to play fish table games on the platform.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Milky Way casino, its game categories and unique features, and whether playing on this platform raises more red flags than green ones. So, read on!

Milky Way Info

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The Milky Way casino was launched in 2021 as an online platform where casino enthusiasts can enjoy playing fish table games, slots, and keno. It is unclear who owns the Milky Way casino; however, this platform operates as part of the Play 777 Games group, which focuses on fish shooting games.

Besides being home to various fish tables, keno, and slot games, the Milky Way platform doubles as an online fish game store that provides game credits to retail distributors. These credits can be used to play different fish games on the Milky Way casino.

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Fish Table Games at Milky Way

There are currently 12 fish table games available on the Milky Way casino. These games feature various themes, designs, and bonus features. Some of the most exciting fish games at the casino also offer potential jackpot wins.

Fish table games that you can play on Milky Way include:

  1. Dragon Slayer Plus
  2. Monster Awakener
  3. Golden Ship Plus
  4. Eagle Strike
  5. Legends of Circus
  6. Volcamon Strike
  7. Crab Avengers
  8. Crocodile Slayer
  9. Templar Realm

Aside from those available fish table games on the Milky Way platform, the two that stand out the most are Fire Kirin Plus and Dragon Slayer.

Milky Way Casino Lobby

Fire Kirin Plus

Fire Kirin is one of the more popular fish table games, and its Chinese-themed Plus version is available to play on the Milky Way casino. Upon launching the game, I was transported to a vibrant underwater environment with several sea creatures like turtles, Golden Sharks, mermaids, and the prized Kirin swimming around.

The game required me to shoot a water cannon repeatedly at these creatures to weaken and capture them, and with each successful capture, I earned points. The number of points I got from capturing each sea animal varied, depending on the rarity and level of the creature captured.

As a beginner, I had no problem learning Fire Kirin Plus gameplay basics. However, as my gameplay advanced, I learned how to effectively use different powerups, like Lock and Auto-shoot, to score even more points.

Dragon Slayer

Like the Fire Kirin Plus game, Dragon Slayer required me to maneuver a cannon and aim a laser beam precisely to accumulate points by capturing different underwater creatures. However, this is where the similarity between both games ends.

The Dragon Slayer game features dozens of multipliers and enhancements like the Super Drill, Chain Link, and Phoenix Hit. I particularly enjoyed using the Vortex Fish powerup to capture multiple fish creatures simultaneously. Some sea creatures in Dragon Slayer include the Bit Crab, Tiger, Mermaid, and Golden Turtle.

Each cannon shot required me to place a minimum playable bet of 0.1 points, but you can bet as high as 10 points at once on Dragon Slayer.

Other Games at Milky Way

Besides fish table games, the Milky Way casino is home to several other sweepstake games that fall under two broad categories – slots and keno.

While going through the slot options on Milky Way, I was disappointed at the absence of popular slot titles from reputable software developers. Regardless, I enjoyed spinning the reels on Aladdin’s Fortune game and was particularly impressed with the smooth game engine, captivating graphics, and interactive symbols. Some other less common slot titles I discovered on Milky Way include Triple Sevens, Milky Moolah, Hot Buffalo, 888 Fortune Gold, and 777 Reels.

The Keno games on the Milky Way casino are uncommon in other casinos. However, I was satisfied that the platform’s keno games follow the typical lottery-style casino gameplay. The Hexa Keno game, for instance, required me to pick a maximum of 10 numbers that could be drawn. Disappointingly, I didn’t hit the jackpot. Still, the game’s sleek graphics and smooth interface impressed me. You can also play Skeleton Dance and Super Ball Keno on Milky Way.

How to Play Fish Table Games at Milky Way

You must own a Milky Way account to play fish table games on this platform. The account creation process isn’t straightforward because players must contact local distributors to sign up. I would advise you to avoid patronizing these third-party distributors, as they aren’t regulated, and several players have reportedly fallen victim to scam agents in the process.

It is safer to sign up for a player account on the Milky Way website. However, this takes longer to be approved. You can initiate the account creation process by clicking the ‘Play Anytime’ icon on the casino homepage and filling out the account registration form.

Once your registration is approved, your username and password will be provided by casino admins – I had to wait over 24 hours after registration to receive my account details from the platform admins. You can then proceed to sign in and play any of the games on the sweepstakes casino by clicking on a title of your choice.

The fish table games on the Milky Way casino can be accessed by selecting the ‘Play Now’ option under the Play section of the casino homepage.

Milky Way Casino Free Play

This will transport you to a page where you can see the available fish table game options and play any of your preferred options. Once you click on your preferred game option, you will be prompted to enter your account details to sign in and play.

Strategies and Tips for Playing Fish Table Games at Milky Way

Below, I have listed some of the best strategies that I picked up while playing on Milky Way to help you win big from fish table gaming on the Milky Way casino:

  • Don’t waste time shooting at every fish. Focus on more valuable fish that can earn you more points after capture.
  • As a beginner, start with a small bet and gradually increase your wagers as you become more comfortable with the game.
  • Use power-ups strategically to increase the power of your cannon and hit more fish.
  • Trigger bonus features once they become available to earn extra points and coins.
  • Pay attention to fish swimming patterns, as this helps you to be more effective with your shots.

Milky Way Bonuses and Promotions

While going through the Milky Way platform, I noticed no ongoing promotions or credit purchase bonuses for users. There is a vague mention of ‘Bonuses’ and ‘Community Prizes’ on the Milky Way homepage. However, the website doesn’t contain the terms and conditions of these bonus offers.

From all indications, the Milky Way casino is focused primarily on being a game software provider. Credit purchase bonuses, if any, are provided by the distributors you purchase virtual credits from. The exact amount of these bonuses varies, depending on which agent you patronize.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Fish Games on Milky Way?

The points accumulated by capturing fish while playing fish games on Milky Way can be converted into real money. However, I didn’t see any information regarding the minimum and maximum payout amounts on the Milky Way website.

According to the information on the Milky Way website, players must request Cash App payments from Milky Way distributors or collect cash in person at Milky Way stores to convert points to real money. However, the casino doesn’t explicitly describe these stores’ locations. I also read reviews from several players who have been scammed by distributors while trying to cash out their winnings.

Milky Way Eligibility and Wagering Requirements

Milky Way eligibility requirements are not explicitly stated on the casino’s website. While registering an account with the platform, I was notified that the software is available to use in all 50 states of the USA. That’s probably due to the fact that Milky Way is not legalized in the country and acts as an offshore platform.

Some of the other eligibility and wagering requirements I discovered while navigating this platform are listed below:

  • You must be a registered member of Milky Way to play fish table games at this casino.
  • You must be of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction to play games on Milky Way.
  • You must place a minimum bet of 0.1 points to play fish table games on this casino.
  • Free demo accounts are not available for players. You must sign in and buy credits to play at this casino.

Is There a Milky Way App?

The Milky Way Casino has functional mobile apps designed for Android and iOS devices. The Android and iPhone apps feature the same blue-black theme on the Milky Way website, and I could access the same fish table, slots, and keno games present on the website.

However, the Milky Way app isn’t available for download on both the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. I had to download and install APK files outside the official mobile stores. You can get the download links to the verified Milky Way app and installation instructions on the casino’s website.

The installation process wasn’t straightforward, as I had to turn off certain security features to successfully set up the Milky Way app on my mobile device.

Pros and Cons of Playing Fish Games on Milky Way

Detailed and aesthetically pleasing graphicsWebsite isn’t well-optimized
Identity verification isn’t required to play fish games on Milky WayChallenging to get customer support
Excellent selection of fish table gamesAccount creation process is complicated
Several players have fallen victim to scams from shady agents
Casino’s operations aren’t regulated
Absence of bonuses and promotions for players

User Reviews and Ratings

The majority of the online user reviews of the Milky Way casino are from players who have been scammed by distributors and agents. Several players, like the individual below, have reportedly failed to be paid by agents after winning at the casino.

Milky Way Casino Review

Some users have also reported that certain games on the Milky Way app suddenly stopped working.

There are a few positive comments about the Milky Way fish games’ vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. However, the fact that Milky Way players aren’t getting paid after collecting enough points is enough reason to stay off the platform.

Is Milky Way Legit?

It isn’t illegal to play games on Milky Way; However, the casino isn’t regulated by any reputable organizations, and the platform’s terms and conditions are conspicuously missing on the website. Consequently, there is no guarantee that the Milky Way game software is fair or that you will be paid real money when you win on the platform.

To ensure safety while playing online casino games, I recommend that you play fish table games at trusted operators like Fortune Coins, Funrize, TaoFortune, and NoLimitCoins. These sweepstakes are run by reputable organizations, and they operate under industry guidelines. Additionally, there are clear and specific rules to convert winnings gained from playing fish table games on these sweepstakes into real money.

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