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Riversweeps Casino is apparently a sweepstakes platform with instant play as well as a proprietary app available on Google Play Store and App Store. However, I smell something fishy here, and I am afraid it’s not only the fish table games.

You need to DM Riversweeps on Facebook to get an account. Also, it looks like Riversweeps is more geared towards selling its sweepstakes cafe software to potential operators than it is focused on online sweepstakes.

Additionally, Riversweeps is promoted on the BitBetWin platform, which we know supports shady operators.

Stay tuned to explore Riversweeps Casino further and check if it pays real money, what promotions you can claim, and if there are any fish table games or not.

Riversweeps Info

Going through its Privacy Policy, I found that Riversweeps Casino is owned by Netgame LLC, but don’t confuse it with NetGame Entertainment. It’s not the same company. Netgame LLC develops and runs software that powers sweepstakes cafés and even has gaming kiosks and river sweepstakes gaming tablets to offer.

However, what we are interested in are their online sweepstakes services. The platform boasts over 70+ games, including fish games like Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom, which means they do have some cooperation with NetGame Entertainment.

Riversweeps also posts regular daily promotions and jackpots, such as Daily Wheel, Refer-a-Friend, and Cashback bonuses. Still, it’s the Fish Tournament, with 49 daily battles, that is the biggest selling point for Riversweeps.

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How Riversweeps Works?

Riversweeps Homepage

Riversweeps Casino works predominantly through its native app. However, the Google Play version is under the name of River Game, while the App Store one is iConnect Game, so there are no guarantees that you’ll actually get the Riversweeps product.

Either way, there’s an even more dubious .apk file for Android devices, which I wholeheartedly suggest you pass, no matter what they claim about its safety and functionalities.

Essentially, Riversweeps is both the operator and software provider for sweepstakes casinos. The online site has a FUN mode where you have a balance or credits to use and play the game for free, so there’s no way of redeeming them in any way.

On the other hand, there is another US Balance that you can trigger and use to play the games and potentially cash out as real money. As far as I can tell, the only actual currency you can use to buy credits is Bitcoin, so even after you’ve deposited using BTC, it will still say USD.

Riversweeps is available in all U.S. states except Idaho and Washington.

How to Join Riversweeps?

Riversweeps FB Comment

Riversweeps has an unusual and shady-looking registration process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Riversweeps Casino by sending a message on their Facebook profile. Alternatively, you can also go with the third-party vendor to ask for an account.
  2. Provide your ID and personal information.
  3. You will receive a 12-digit PIN code.
  4. Now, download the app. You can also click on Play Online to access the instant play version of Riversweeps. You’ll be prompted to input your PIN code to activate the gameplay.
Riversweeps Pin

The registration process is a major red flag. How can we be sure that the person behind the Facebook profile actually works for Riversweeps and is not someone trying to steal your personal details?

Also, there’s no mention of the alleged free $10 play registration bonus anywhere during the signup, which also raises some doubts about the platform’s legitimacy, or the offer may simply have expired in the meantime. 

Gaming Options at Riversweeps

Riversweeps Games

Riversweeps primarily focuses on slots, with most games coming from NetGame Entertainment. All of their games are GamingLabs-certified, so I am sure they are not rigged in any way. The RTP of Riversweeps slots is within the industry average of 95%, but you also have slots like Clover Shot that offer 96% RTP and a massive hit frequency of 40.05%, so that you can expect some wins and at a fairly frequent rate at that.

What I find notably lacking, in terms of user interface and experience, are the search options and categories. There are no search buttons you could use to sift through the options by theme, paylines, and other features.

Actually, there is no shortage of topics and themes when you go over the library, but it would have been great if there was an automatic option for that.

As for table games, there aren’t any. Besides slots, there are only several keno games, like Keno Shamrock, Keno Steampunk, and Keno Classic. There are no blackjack, roulette, or poker games to explore.

However, when I consider the fish table games on offer, Riversweeps surely deserves some praise as it boasts some of the 

Are There Fish Table Games at Riversweeps?

One of the best parts of Riversweeps is the selection of fish table games it has to offer. Namely, all of them come from NetGame Entertainment, and the ones currently listed are:

  • Candy Heroes
  • Thunder Fishing
  • Ice and Fire Fishing
  • Fishing Kingdom Remastered
  • Galaxy Fishing
  • Lucky Fishing

Riversweeps has also outdone itself with the Fishing Jackpot. It’s a local progressive jackpot that’s rarely below $20k in value and applies to all fish table games. Furthermore, the Fish Tournament promotion gives you 49 battles daily for top prizes.

Here’s how it works. You earn points with every fish you catch during the tournament. The number of points depends on the fish type and your bet value, so the bigger the prey and the larger the bet, the more points you stand to receive.

Riversweeps Bonuses & Promotions

Riversweeps has invested heavily in its promotional efforts to make it look like they are a legit platform, and it just might have worked. There are bonuses for new and existing customers, which is always a nice touch.

Here’s a breakdown of each, aimed at giving you a clearer picture without the promotional gloss.

Daily Wheel Spins

The Daily Wheel Spins are exactly what they sound like — a chance to spin a wheel every day and win up to 12,500 entries. What stands out to me is the simplicity and accessibility of this promotion. It’s open to all players, requiring no additional purchase or complicated qualifiers. In essence, it’s a no-strings-attached opportunity to potentially boost your playtime significantly, making it a highlight for any casual player looking for a bit more excitement in their gaming routine.

Cashback Wheel

The Cashback Wheel promotion caught my eye for its rarity in the online sweepstakes world. The chance to earn up to 25% cashback is not something you see every day. This kind of offer can make a difference for regular players, acting almost like a safety net that cushions the blow of losses. I think it’s a thoughtful addition to the promotional lineup, offering tangible value and a sense of appreciation for players’ loyalty.

Invite Friends Promotion

Riversweeps rewards players with up to 2,000 sweepstakes entries for each friend they bring into the casino. This promotion stands out for its social element and encourages you to share your gaming experience with friends.

Regardless of the promo, you should never lose sight of the fact that this platform is a somewhat shady one, so think twice before getting your friends involved as well.

First Purchase Bonus

For new players making their first purchase, the First Purchase Bonus offers an additional 500 sweepstakes entries on a $20 spend. While it might not be the most revolutionary bonus out there, it serves as a decent incentive for newcomers to get a little more out of their initial investment. It’s a straightforward welcome to the platform type of thing, giving new players a taste of what’s to come.

Still, since Riversweeps also has third-party vendors promoting it and an unclear sweepstakes business model that leaves out the Alternative Modes of Entry and many other things, you might want to consider going in a different direction here.

Does Riversweeps Pay Out Real Money?

Riversweeps appears to offer real money payouts, yet there’s a notable lack of official sweepstakes rules for verification, and there’s no way for me to check since I haven’t been able to win anything while playing there. The transactions are conducted exclusively in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being a primary option.

To withdraw real money from Riversweeps, here’s what you’d typically need to do:

  1. Open the app and locate the cashier or wallet section to begin the withdrawal process.
  2. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency payment method, with Bitcoin being one of the primary options available.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, ensuring it meets the platform’s minimum redemption requirement.
  4. Input your cryptocurrency wallet information or other necessary payment details.
  5. Tap the withdraw button to initiate the process.

The withdrawal pending times are anywhere between 24 and 72 hours, so you can expect the winnings to arrive in your account within 5 working days tops.

Currencies on Riversweeps

There is a common duality of currencies used for non-monetary gaming and sweepstakes entries. The currency used for free play is shown as “FUN,” while real money play, or the one that implies the use of sweepstakes entries, displays balances in USD, clarifying the gaming context.

However, there are no Gold or Sweeps Coins like you have on other platforms. Again, the strong emphasis on cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, as the primary means of transaction raises eyebrows, adding a lot of skepticism regarding the app’s operations, which is why you’d be best off playing elsewhere.

Eligibility & Wagering Requirements

Riversweeps lacks transparency regarding bonus terms and conditions, including wagering requirements. I couldn’t find anything on BitBetWin either, despite it being the prominent third-party vendor promoting the casino. Without clear guidelines, players are left in the dark about the bonus qualification and redemption criteria.

When considering playing at Riversweeps, it’s also vital to be aware of the age restrictions, which vary by state. Typically, the minimum age to play is 18, but this can increase to 19 in states like Nebraska and 21 in Arizona, among others. Always verify your state’s gambling laws to ensure compliance.

Regardless of their age, players from Idaho and Washington are outright prohibited from accessing the casino.

Is There a Riversweeps App?

For Android users, the Riversweeps experience is somewhat veiled on the Google Play Store, appearing under the name “River Game” with no direct mention of the Riversweeps casino.

Additionally, an Android .apk file exists for download; you can even scan the QR code on the website to get it, though it requires altering device security settings — a procedure generally advised against for security reasons.

Riversweeps App

iOS users, on the other hand, are directed to the iConnect Game app as the gateway to Riversweeps casino. Intriguingly, the app lists Oleksandr Nikolaienko as its developer, not NetGame LLC, the acknowledged owner of the software. This discrepancy makes me further question the app’s legitimacy and alignment with the official Riversweeps platform, so I don’t recommend it.

iConnect Games iOS App

Riversweeps Reviews & Ratings

Most Riversweeps reviews refer to the software in cafes and smoke shops across the U.S., but the same might apply to the online version of it. We have people saying they were robbed of their rightful winnings and deposits.

Riversweeps Trustpilot Review 1

Accounts of players having their jackpots not paid, even though the machines were saying quite the opposite can also be found across the web, signaling concern about Riversweep’s business practices.

Riversweeps Trustpilot Review 2

Is Riversweeps Legit?

Riversweeps Casino is not a legit sweepstakes platform. From the convoluted registration process requiring communication via Facebook to the exclusive reliance on cryptocurrencies without clear sweepstakes rules for verification, the platform operates in a grey area. The use of third-party vendors like BitBetWin, known for promoting dubious operators, further muddies the waters for me despite the great collection of fish table games.

Moreover, the lack of transparency regarding bonus terms and eligibility criteria, along with mixed reviews about payout practices, suggests you should go in a different direction, with options like TaoFortune or NoLimitCoins Casino.

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