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Right off the bat, this platform gives out some red flags, the first being the website’s aesthetics, as it looks unfinished. It is an offshore website, meaning it is not regulated by the US government, and players can access it from any state.

Usually, this would be quite strange, but once we took a deeper look into, things slowly started to make sense, as there is no information on the platform’s owner to this date, even though it was launched in 2021.

Further, we will talk about the games available at Skillmachine, including fish games that tend to attract the most attention, some tips on how to win at the most popular ones, and the legitimacy of this sweepstakes casino. Homepage Info

If visiting gives you a strange feeling, we must tell you that your gut is telling you the right thing. Despite looking somewhat normal, some questionable things are happening with this online gaming platform.

Such is the fact that registering on the website is impossible, as we discovered during this review. On the main page, there is only a login button, and if you try playing any of the free games in “fun” mode, you will see the registration button at the bottom left of the page, which once again links to the login page. As mentioned, almost no information about this casino, including Terms of Service, can be found.

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🎁Other PromotionsCashback Bonus, Reload (Refill) Bonus

Fish Games at

The main focus of this review is going to be on fish games, and the available ones are Frog2Shot, Kracky King 2, Fish Battle 5, Fishing Dragnet (Shooter), Dragons Fight, and Galaxy Shooter. Overall, they all play and look very similarly, but there are still enough differences to make the two of them stand out for a deeper look.

Kracky King 2

After picking a table, the game asks if you would like to turn on the sound and if you need a tutorial to understand how it works. Since we have been through quite a bit of games similar to this, it came as no surprise that the quality is more or less the same as what you can understand from a fish game – you use a cannon to shoot fish.

The only different thing, and a bit underwhelming, is that fish do not have health bars, which throws all strategy out the window, especially if the other players if there are any, tend to use auto-aim where you cannot count their shots so you can snipe the last hit. Kracky King 2

Galaxy Shooter

Once again, after picking a table, you get the same questions about sound and the tutorial, and the game plays pretty much the same as the previous mention. Aim the cannon around, shoot bullets or a laser if you are using auto aim, and get prizes when you destroy the target.

The only difference with this one is that fish are spaceships, which breaks the monotony of what fish games are known for. Of course, this game does not have a health bar either, which is disappointing as it makes the game more random and not as skill-based as it has the potential to be. Galaxy Shooter

Other Games at

Besides fish games, many other free games are available on the platform – slots, scratch cards, instant win games, and skill-based games. There are around 1,500 games that you can play on, but they are all accessible in fun mode only, as registering and playing to earn money is not possible.

When it comes to slots, there are some interesting popular choices, such as Searing Hot, Buffalo Spirit, and Majesty Fruits. If slots are your cup of tea, try these out. The same can be said for scratch games like Xtreme Scratch Game, Golden Scratch, and Scratch the Crown.

How to Play Fish Table Games at

Jumping into a fish table game is easy, as all you have to do is find one of the five mentioned games on the homepage and click on it. Once the game loads, you can pick a table (you will also be able to see how many seats are taken on each table on this screen).

After picking your table, you will be asked if you would like to have sound (because these games can get quite chaotic, and the sound plays no value in strategy; you can turn it off if you find it too loud). Then, you will be given a tutorial that you can skip out on, but you should not if you are a new player to this game.

All fish games on the platform play the same way, where you control your cannon left and right by moving the mouse cursor, and you can use your left mouse button to shoot and right-click to alternate the setting for auto aim.

You will receive payouts every time you manage to defeat units that are floating on the screen. Each unit has different values, and some have unique abilities, for which we suggest checking out the payout information under the options in each game (usually represented by a cogwheel).

As mentioned earlier, you will begin with the minimum wager of 10¢, but if you want, you can change your wager by clicking on the “-” and “+” icons by your cannon. Defeating a unit with a bigger wager will give better payouts.

Strategies and Tips for Playing Fish Table Games on

Because there are no health bars on fish games available on, it can be difficult to develop a strategy for saving your shots to last-hit units that other players have already damaged, but you should still try to do so. Speculate what unit other players are targeting, and when you feel like that unit is about to be defeated, shoot a couple of bullets at it.

As you play these online games, it is suggested that you use the auto-aim feature for such occurrences, too, as it allows your bullets to bypass units, saving you from wasting shots. Of course, if no other players are on the table, using auto-aim is a must to go over all the clutter that units with smaller payouts are creating to prevent your bullets from hitting the bigger and better options. Bonuses & Promotions

Because registering for a new account is currently not possible, we are not sure how many promotions are available, but the ones that are on the main page:

  • Cashback Bonus 25%
  • Refill $5.00 to $500.00. For this, 25% of the initial refill is automatically received once your balance is under $0.50. Cashback Bonus

Can You Win Real Money Playing Fish Games on

Currently, all the games available on the platform can be played in the fun mode only, which does not use real money. It is important to note that the “fun mode currency” is shared across all games, and if you happen to lose all of it by playing games, you will not be able to refill it, and you will not be able to play any games, even if no real money is at stake. Eligibility & Wagering Requirements

Due to the lack of registration, there are no requirements on, as all you have to do is enter a game of your choice and start playing with the “for fun currency.” Of course, in the future, if registering is a possibility, this part of the review is subject to change.

Can You Access on Mobile?

While you can access Skill Machine on your mobile device, as there is no APK file and it is not available in the Google Play Store as an app, you can only do it through the mobile browser, and it is not worth it. Not only because the website is poorly optimized but also because the games, especially fish games, are not intended for smaller screens.

Depending on your mobile device, you might be able to play games on Skill Machine. Still, even if you do, they play out horribly, and they can feel claustrophobic as the screens are cluttered with many sprites, making gameplay almost impossible.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Games on

Free to playNot a lot of games
No registration requiredGames are very similar
Good for trying out gamesFun currency can run out
Tables mostly have more usersCannot play for real money

Is Legit?

Overall, it takes a little effort to notice that something needs to be fixed with The lack of registering for an account, terms of service, or any information besides the games that can be played on the site makes the site incredibly empty. looks like a project that started quite passionately, as it has some exclusive games, but the passion stopped at one point, and it ended up being another unfinished project, which there are many to be found online.

You are better off looking at another more legitimate platform, such as NoLimitCoins or TaoFortune, where you can enjoy many casino games.

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