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Have you wanted to practice your fish table game skills without going down the boring registration process? You’re searching for a free-to-play sweepstake casino where you can improve your dexterity skills, but you just can’t find one? SkillTx casino is the right place for you, and we’ll show you why!

What Is SkillTx Casino?

SkillTx Casino is wrapped in mystery from day one. It’s known to have 500+ sweepstake games, ranging from fish, keno, Irish, jackpot, spin-the-wheel, and line games. But when it was launched, who’s the owner, and the game providers remains in the shadow realm of conspiracy theories.

However, one thing is certain – despite having no RTP info, their games are perfect for sweepstake enthusiasts who want to dip their toes into free-to-play social sweepstakes water and practice their gambling and dexterity skills. Against all odds, and poorly designed web UI with the promise of the upcoming SkillTx mobile app, a large amount of their games load without a problem. No lags, bugs, or crashes!

It’s worth mentioning that the moment you arrive on their platform, you get 50 free no deposit sign-up Fun Coins. According to my research, 1 Fun Coin = $1, but it’s unverified. Also, there aren’t any available sign-up or welcome promo codes you can use for your first purchase. On the legal side, you have to be at least 18 years old in order to play anywhere.

How to Join SkillTx Sweepstakes?

In all my years of reviewing sweepstake casinos, rarely did I stumble upon a shady casino that’s at the same time legit with its game variety and bonus scheme. The moment you arrive at the site, there is a dummy guest SkillTx account made for you, and you get 50 FUN coins as a no deposit sign-up bonus with no available promo codes.

Here’s the plot twist: there isn’t a real SkillTx sign up process like you would find with other well-established social sweepstake casinos. No Facebook, Google, or regular email sign-up for a SkillTx registration. Nothing. I even tried my “casino hacking” tactics to find out a sign-up page. It was a success! I found a sign-up link that “should” redirect me to the proper signup page.

But that’s not what happened. Once I clicked on it, I was back to square one – the homepage.

There’s also a login page with the strangest James-Bond-type of login interface that requires a 6-digit SkillTx login code, which you can’t really create. Also, there is a mention of the mobile app, but when I google ‘SkillTx casino mobile app’ on any available app store, I get zero results. There are some very suspicious SkillTx download apk links, but I wouldn’t dare to download them. It just screams ransomware or malware miles away!

So, for now, let’s leave it at that – a guest dummy profile with 50 free Fun Coins you can play 500+ skills and dexterity games with.

Sskilltx Casino

Who Can Join SkillTx Casino?

There is little to no available info on how the SkillTx sweepstake casino operates, its legality, and the minimum age requirement. But if you were me, I would not wager my money nor enter this type of social sweepstake casino unless I wasn’t 18 years old. On the other hand, all US residents are free to join since SkillTx is an offshore casino without a legal operating scheme in the States.

Fish Table Games at SkillTx Casino

Everything’s not doom and gloom with this sweepstake casino platform. One of the great things I found is the fish table games at SkillTX Casino. Three words describe them – fun, amazing, and smooth. It’s the only thing that works great on this sweepstake online platform.

Fish games available on SkillTx Casino are:

  • Frog2Shot
  • Kracky King 2
  • Fish Battle 5
  • Fishing Dragnet (Shooter)
  • Dragons Fight
Skilltx Casino Lobby

Other Games at SkillTx Casino

Nudge Games

Nudge games are like giving slot machines a little elbow nudge to make winning combos, and some let you lock in reels for the next spin. It’s a cool mix of luck and a bit of strategy, making things a bit more interesting than just hitting ‘spin.’ The one and only available nudge game on SkillTx Casino is Dublin Gold.

Fruit Games

There are nearly 80 different fruit games, including liner fruit games on SkillTx Casino. They are super easy and fun with those familiar, juicy symbols we all love. The ones with lines are the next level, offering more ways to win, and are packed with flashy features and bonuses for a bit more thrill.

Some of the popular titles are:

  • Fruit Scapes
  • Majesty Fruits
  • Burning Fruits (3X3)
  • All Ways Flame
  • Dazzling 7

8 Liner Games

Despite bearing the 8-liner title, these games are your regular slot sweepstake games. There are overall three “8 liner” games available on SkillTx Casino. They are:

  • Three Sevens
  • Reel Hot Bonus
  • Sizzy 7’s

Irish Theme Games

There are 61 different Irish-themed sweepstake games for you to try out. They are a mix of 3×3, reel spins, nudge, and regular slot games. Some of the most famous titles are:

  • Clover Madness 100
  • Clover Expand
  • Cloveromatic
  • Irish Quest
  • Quick Hit Luck

Jackpot Games

These are the ones that bring the most free Fun coins. However, there are only three available jackpot games:

  • Three Sevens
  • Wagon of Gold Bars
  • Flaming 7’s

Expert tip: It’s worth mentioning that the details available about the jackpot are pretty surface-level and don’t go into much detail. Also, there isn’t any available FAQ section where you get more info about it.

Keno Games

For those unfamiliar with Keno, it’s a lottery-like online gambling game often found in sweepstake casinos and some lotteries. The only available Keno game on SkillTx Casino is the Disco Keno.

Other Games at SkillTx casino

There are also bonus games, Wheel Bonus, and Lines games. Bonus games get you frequent free fun coins in terms of small wins. They are a mix of previous game categories. Wheel Bonus games are a mix of Fruit games with a mix of reel respin ones.

Line games deserve a chapter on their own. but keeping it short – lines games on SkillTx Casino range from 3 to 243 lines yours for the taking.

Bonuses & Promotions at SkillTx Casino

My feelings toward SkillTx casino bonuses are mixed. They offer a broad range of appealing bonuses, yet they’re poorly organized. Attempting to claim a bonus redirects you to a confusing login page, blocking access and dampening the excitement. However, the detailed coverage of each bonus, including wagering requirements and conditions, is commendable, showcasing their effort to provide comprehensive bonus information.

However, I have to give credit where credit is due. They really took the time to cover every bonus in great detail, with wagering requirements, bonus conditions, and rules all covered.

Skilltx Casino Final Bonus

Cash Back Bonus

It’s simple – deposit 5.00 to 1,000.00 USD, and you’ll receive 25% of the initial refill automatically once your balance is under $1.

100 Free Spins Bonus

This one is a head-scratcher from the get-go. You get 100 free spins when you download the SkillTx mobile app, with an 25x wagering requirement. But do you want to hear the plot twist? There isn’t a SkillTx mobile app!

Wager Bonus U.S. Deposit 2x Redeem 7x

So, when you put “money” into your account, the casino is going to double it right away. If you drop in $10, they’ll make it $20 for you to play with. But, with a catch – to cash out any of that bonus money, you need to have played enough to have your balance hit 7 times what you initially put in.

There’s also a Deposit 3x Redeem 9x option, which works the same way as the previously mentioned one.

Free Spins Bonus U.S. FreeSpins

The SkillTx platform offers five of the same bonus types on different slot titles. To explain the details a bit further, take a look below.

Hot Fruits Wheel Redeem 4-8x

For every dollar you deposit, you get 2 free spins on the Hot Fruits Wheel, where each spin is worth 50 cents. To cash out, you have to multiply your winnings from those free spins (plus your initial deposit) by a certain number based on how much you topped up your account with.

The same type of bonus rules apply to the following bonuses on SkillTx:

  • Irish Story (3×3) Redeem 4-8x
  • Buffalo Spirit (3×3) Redeem 4-8x
  • Majesty Fruits Redeem 4-8x
  • Burning Fruits Redeem 4-8x
Skilltx Free Spins

Can You Play Fish Games on SkillTx Casino App?

Yes, you can. There are 5 fish games available in the SkillTx casino. Each of them has unique game mechanics, themes, and types of weaponry. Plus, they are quite interesting to play, so feel free to explore every one of them.

Can You Win Real Money at SkillTx Casino?

This casino teases the possibility of a SkillTx redeem process where you exchange sweepstake coins for real cash but it just leads to a frustrating loop through a confusing login interface. Their website, plagued by coding issues, lacks transparency regarding withdrawal requirements and methods, leaving users with the promise of cash prizes but no clear path to access them. Plus, there aren’t any clear details about the minimum withdrawal requirement and what cash withdrawal methods are accepted.

Skilltx Casino Deposit

How to Contact SkillTx Casino Support?

I went down the wild rabbit hole to find some type of background info and any type of customer casino support email or form. But the more I dug, the more it felt like I was chasing a ghost. There were little to no details about the casino support, how to reach them, and most importantly, do they even exist?!

I even looked at their website source code to find any details that are hidden from the naked eye. And I found two details:

  1. Their casino source code is hosted (mostly likely privately) on GitLab, which means the majority of their games are pulled from there. Knowing how GitLab works gives them a plus in their credibility.
  2. I was able to find two SkillTx search results on GitHub. One of a user and one of an organization. The conclusion is this – you can hopefully reach the organization as a GitHub member, but hold me by word.

Everything I’ve found so far proves my theory – this is a dummy practice sweepstake casino that’s pulled online with whatever free open-source casino games were available at the moment as a fun weekend project.

Is SkillTx App Legit?

In terms of games available, yes. But in terms of legality, customer support, and web UI, absolutely no. Everything feels like somebody made this online sweepstake casino as a fun weekend project.

I see SkillTx Casino as a great training place. Think of it as your sweepstake casino bicycle training wheels. It’s a great place to learn how to get ahead playing free fish casino games, keno, liner games, and many others. Here you can polish your dexterity and have yourself prepared for the real sweepstake casino games. Otherwise, with the web UI that looks like it took a ride in a Matrix glitch, it is not worth the hassle.

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SkillTx App Alternatives

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

100,000 Gold Coins on Sign up

If you want to have a SkillTx alternative – a real sweepstake casino experience with legit sign-up forms, referral bonuses, and real cash prize withdrawals, all without missing out on the game variety, then I highly recommend checking some of my top favorite online sweepstake casinos, like:

The best thing of all, you get a hefty sign-up bonus using our signup promo code, so make sure you don’t miss out on a great start!

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