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Vegas 7 Games

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Vegas 7 Games is a free-to-play sweepstakes platform that sports an intriguing selection of over 270 games on the roster. It claims to operate legally almost everywhere in the US while offering a promise of healthy bonuses & low-restriction redeems, and the games come in several popular categories.

However, the initial handshake with Vegas7Games is murky. The casino is most easily accessible through third-party aggregator BitBetWin or via its dedicated app, whose design simply screams cyber sweepstakes cafes.

But once finally inside, navigating its well-designed website, we were surprised by the game selection on offer. I was particularly struck by the wide range of Vegas 7 Games fish games. I mean, how often do you even find Ocean Monster these days?

Vegas 7 Games Info

There is usually an added gravitas with online casinos that have Vegas in their title. They’re either aiming for greatness or trying to fish players into their shady nets. Vegas 7 Games is trying neither but offers a healthy selection of games, albeit through the hassle of a third-party platform.

Namely, to access Vegas 7, you’ll have to register with BitBetWin and either:

  • Visit the site
  • Or install the official casino app

We’d advise against the second method, as the app requires you to install somewhat dicey .apk files. Luckily, the Vegas 7 website is HTML5-optimized and works flawlessly, even on my age-old smartphone.

🎰Vegas 7 Games
✍️No Deposit Bonus$5 for sign-up through BitBetWin
💵First Deposit Bonus50% bonus
🎲GamesFish Slots, Blackjack, Keno, Roulette, Poker
📱AppAndroid, iOS
🔞Legal Age21+
Restricted StatesNone (offshore)

Fish Table Games at Vegas 7 Games

The inclusion of fish table games is where Vegas 7 has the upvote. For the uninitiated, fish games aren’t your usual luck-based pastimes but require some skill in order to win. You can also play online fish tables with a bunch of friends in multiplayer mode and try to out-skill them to win cash rewards.

Vegas 7 has one of the widest selections of interactive arcade-style fish table games I’ve seen lined up. They are played for real money prizes and are available 24/7 on your desktop PC or mobile phone. If hard-pressed to pick a couple of standouts, these would be Ocean Monster and Paradise.

Ocean Monster

A sequel to the celebrated Ocean King series, the first thing that struck me about Ocean Monster was how visually stunning the game is. Each fish, big and small, comes with unique animations and engaging sound effects.

You choose between three main guns and various mini-games like Drill Crab, Vortex Fish, or Golden Treasures. If you plan on winning big, there are four big bosses that carry grand prizes. They are quite worth it but require a fair bit of skill to take down. It took me five attempts to down the Almighty Octopus.


Paradise is a slightly more traditional affair. There is less stuff going on screen, and it may suit players who prefer a less hectic fish hunt. Contrary to Ocean Monster, I noticed that bigger guns do matter in Paradise, and you’d better come to the fight prepared.

Still, shooting fish in Paradise felt somewhat more satisfying. I don’t know; maybe it’s that smirk on the dolphins’ faces. Or maybe because, unlike in Ocean Monster, most fish move in regular patterns, and I was able to capitalize on that.

Vegas 7 Games Paradise Fish Game

Other Games at Vegas 7 Games

Apart from fish games, Vegas 7 offers plenty of other pastimes that you can earn money off of. Its nearly 300 games are split between table games, online slots, blackjack, keno, bingo, and video poker. I’ve been playing a ton of slot games lately, and the likes of Big Ben, Hot 27, and Amazon’s Story on the Vegas 7 are the main culprits.

Vegas 7 Games Casino Games

How to Play Fish Table Games at Vegas 7

Slots aside, fish table games are the main reason to check out Vegas 7. Getting to play them is the tricky part, though, as you have to go through an unintuitive sign-up process for new users.

To start playing games at Vegas 7, you have to:

  • Register at BitBetWin using your real ID card.
  • Select Vegas 7 Games as the preferred platform.
  • Enter the credentials on the Vegas 7 site.

In theory, you can fill out the form at the casino’s other website and maybe, just maybe, have more luck than us in circumventing BBW.

Vegas 7 Games Support

Strategies and Tips for Playing Fish Table Games on Vegas 7

Among online casino games, fish games stand on their own because they require skill to start playing, let alone master. However, having to earn it means that players have greater control over their wagers, which is why fish games shot up in popularity lately. And once you master a game, the ocean is the limit.

Each fish game will have its own set of rules, but there are some general strategies for how to play that could help you get a better chance of winning. This is our pick of the bunch.

Go for Small Fish First

More often than not, beginners make the mistake of going for the big prizes straight away. Shoot the smaller fish instead to keep the constant flow of rewards, and if the cannon still serves you well on the day, then go big.

Don’t Shy Away from Boss Battles

If you’re itching for a bigger fish to fry, then bosses should be on your menu. Not only do they come with worthwhile rewards, but bosses also explode on destruction killing smaller fish around them. Additionally, they often come with special features unlocked upon death.

Mind the Ball Point

If your canon misses the mark and hits the wall, the bullets will bounce off it. More bullets are always a good thing but don’t rely on ballpoint only as a second chance. Rather, use it actively to hit those fish in the upper corner of the screen.

Vegas 7 Bonuses & Promotions

Like most online casinos these days, Vegas 7 Games grants a number of deposit bonuses and promotions to get you going. We were not overwhelmed by the offering, though, as the competition does a much better job of letting you try as many games as possible before making your first deposit.

For a start, registration on BitBetWin will net you a $5 sign-up bonus, but the money can be used across the entire portfolio of its casinos. Additionally, Vegas 7 Games gives you:

  • 50% first deposit bonus
  • 20% on second and third deposits
  • 20% cashback bonus on losses when the balance on your account goes below $1
  •  $10 of BitBetWin’s convoluted referral bonus that we’re yet to see the fruits of
BitBetWin Signup Bonus

It’s also worth mentioning that the casino makes a half-hearted attempt to get you to install its app by providing a special coupon code promotion for its app users. Not worth the hassle if you ask me.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Fish Games on Vegas 7?

Fish table games at Vegas 7 are its strong point. Playing them never felt like a chore, and at the end of sessions, I was able to withdraw my hard-fought winnings. To embark on a Vegas 7 fish-shooting spree, you need to:

  • Create your Vegas 7 account: To access fish games on the platform, you first need to register on BitBetWin using your ID card.
  • Select the game: Check out the portfolio of fish table games at Vegas 7, and choose the one that suits your fancy. They may differ in a rule or two, but the gameplay is pretty much the same across the board.
  • Choose your weapon: Choosing a weapon doubles as the bet size. More illustrious cannons will yield more rewards and vice versa. A word of advice: go small at first.
  • Aim, shoot, and collect the rewards: Shooting the fish on screen will net you points, depending on the fish’s size and type. Each fish brings a different amount, so you need to be judicious with those shots. Convert the points into sweepstakes currency to withdraw your winnings.

Vegas 7 Games Eligibility & Wagering Requirements

Vegas 7 Games belongs to the portfolio of platforms available at the BitBetWin casino aggregator. As such, that means that you must follow BitBetWin’s convoluted sign-up and deposit processes.

Speaking of, you can only deposit money in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Dogecoin, to be precise. Redeems offers the Ethereum option as well, but that’s about it. Also, you need to be 21 or older to verify your BBW account and access fish games at Vegas 7. On the plus side, Vegas 7 is eligible anywhere in the US due to it being an offshore site.

Is There a Vegas 7 Games App?

Vegas 7 Games sweepstakes platform boasts about its app (available on iOS and Android) at every turn, but we couldn’t share the same sentiment. Trying to test the app on Android, we found more problems than reasons to install it, barring an occasional coupon code reserved for app users only.

We found the .apk installation file rather suspicious-looking. Sometimes, if you’re not informed enough, such files can come with all sorts of spyware. Luckily, the app is not obligatory; Vegas 7 is HTML5-optimized and works on every phone and every browser we tested.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Games on Vegas 7

Good selection of fish table gamesApp looks dicey
Nice visualsToo many third-party games
Only crypto deposits available
Depositing can take ages

Is Vegas 7 Games Legit?

Going by what BitBetWin says about its platform, Vegas 7 has all the licenses in the world. However, we couldn’t verify those claims, given that our inquiry through the contact form on the Vegas 7 website went unanswered.

That is not to say that Vegas 7 isn’t legit; you can play fish games, win, and redeem your hard-earned (crypto) winnings. Heck, we even liked the game selection, especially the fish table games on offer at Vegas 7. It’s just that there are more trustworthy casinos and sweepstakes platforms out there that don’t require third-party pathways to access.

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