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Fish Table Games

Fish table games have come a long way from being a drop in the ocean of iGaming to turning the tide for the entire industry, especially sweepstakes casinos that have dedicated a whole category to fish table games.

These games give a whole new take on online gambling, blending the element of skill with luck. Another vital element of these games is the multiplayer option, where you can square off against peers and go full Santiago on them, the fisherman from Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea who put his angling skills to the test like no other literary character.

Only this time, besides the right strategy and good aim, you’ll need to learn how to leverage a variety of canons and lasers to shoot down big fish and earn massive payouts. If you want to learn more about fish table games, the most popular titles, and some tips and tricks that can help you maximize your chances, Fish Table Gambling has got you covered.

What Are Fish Table Games?

Fish table games are skill-based arcade shooting games where players act as fishermen but with a twist. Instead of catching the fish using a hook, the goal is to shoot as many fish and other sea creatures as possible to earn a payout.

Each fish or creature that comes swimming in the range of your water gun and harpoon has its own value. The bigger the fish, the more coins it yields when you take it down. However, the larger the prey, the more times you need to hit it before it bursts and surrenders the coins it holds.

Fish table games feature impressive graphics that abound in cartoonish symbols and imagery. The audio effects are also elaborate and in perfect sync with the leitmotif of all fish shooting games — the sea.

The first fish table games were first seen in land-based casinos, sweepstakes parlors, and arcades. Remember those wide arcade tables with joysticks and button clicks echoing throughout the room and large crowds rooting for every hit? That’s fish table games for you.

With the transition of fish shooting games to the realm of online casinos, the popularity of these games skyrocketed. Developers such as NetGame Entertainment and KA Gaming are among the most prolific creators of fish table games, now supplying dozens of sweepstakes and traditional online casinos with titles such as Fishing Kingdom, Candy Heroes, and many others.

Types of Fish Table Games

Fish table games have found a home in both land-based arcades and online platforms, with varying designs and gameplay mechanics. Below are descriptions of the two basic types of fish table games:

  • Land-based fish table games — They are often housed in large cabinets with a wide screen displaying a vibrant virtual ocean, making them a visual spectacle. Players sit around the table, each with a designated station on the screen to interact with the game. Ocean King, Fire Kirin, and Panda Master are some of the most popular machines, offering a variety of species and weaponry. In fact, with Ocean King, there’s a notable competitive aspect with the boss characters, which are harder to catch but offer much higher rewards. For those looking to experience the thrill firsthand, you can easily find these captivating gaming machines, commonly referred to as fish tables, at entertainment venues or casinos near you.
  • Online fish table games — The online versions of fish table games maintain the interactive aspect of the original fish shooting games, only this time, players get to enjoy them on the go or from the comfort of their homes. The same blend of skill and chance, with detailed graphics and dynamic gameplay, ensures you are always entertained and engaged. The online fish games are suitable for all screen sizes in their landscape mode for better overview and control of the action.
Fish Table Games Real Life

Regardless of the platform, the core gameplay typically revolves around you shooting the fish and marine animals with the help of different cannons, lasers, and guns in order to accumulate as many coins as possible. The ammunition for your weapons is, in fact, your balance, so each bullet you fire costs several gold coins or sweeps coins, depending on the ones you are using to play. Make sure every hit counts.

Popular Fish Table Games

🎣Fish Table Game⭐Best Features
KA Fish Hunter– Freeze bomb
– 200x maximum win
– 96% RTP
Emily’s Treasure– 4 progressive jackpots
– Auto attack feature
– Fire Dragon feature kills all fish on the screen
Fish Catch– Auto-aim
– Auto fish helps automatically target a specific fish type
– Multiplier prize wheel
Golden Dragon– 30+ fish species
– Low volatility
– Freeze bomb and chain win features
Fishing Kingdom– 5,000x maximum win
– Big boss symbol and bonus wheel
– Two types of weapons to choose from
Thunder Fishing– Piercing drill rapidly fires up to 300 hits at targets
– 2,500x maximum win
– Bonus wheel and up to six other bonus features
King Octopus– Chain wins bonus
– Ferocious drill weapon
– Gunpowder barrel explodes and kills all surrounding fishes
Candy Heroes– Bonus rounds
– 2,000x maximum win
– Free bonus weapons like boomerangs and sparks
Mermaid Hunter– Free fish bomb and 4 bonus features
– Piggy bank symbol freezes all the fish on the screen
– Lock target feature
Crab King– Highly rewarding mini-game bonus round
– Three bonus precision weapons
– Full-screen bomb kills all the fish on the screen
Hook Up! Fishing Wars-Frequent bonuses
-Two boss fish encounters
-Smooth interface
Fish Chopper-Numerous power-ups
-Varied characters
-Decent, old-school visuals
Fire Kirin Revenge-Good amount of features
-Three different themes
Deep Sea Volcamon-500x multiplier
-14 types of fish
-Solid number of bonuses
Fishing Master– multiplayer for up to 5 people
– rewarding but grindy VIP system
– Great graphics

The choice of fish table games is constantly growing. Sure, the classics like Fire Kirin, especially its installments like Fire Kirin 2, have been equally successful in land-based and online sweepstakes platforms, but there are plenty more fish in the sea. Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest fish table games right now.

TaoFortune Fish Game Mission Complete

Thunder Fishing

Thunder Fishing is one of the most recent releases from NetGame Entertainment with a naval take on Greek mythology. This time, it’s Zeus and his thunders that are rocking the sea bottom packed with sharks, fish, and different symbols from ancient Greece. There are nine additional in-game features, from Lava Strike, which deals between 300 and 500 hits in total, to Zeus Boss, who, once you catch him, delivers 300x prize and a Lightning Blast feature with a capacity of 600 hits.

Thunder Fishing Gameplay

Fishing Kingdom

Fishing Kingdom is a classic fish table game, with the sea bottom as its background and your regular fish as the game’s main characters. It’s another release from NetGame Entertainment offering 12 different tables at any given moment. The game’s Big Boss can pay up to 600x the stake once captured, but it’s the Pick’em Bonus, the Super Laser, and the Free Shot Cannon that make all the difference. With the Pick’em Bonus, you unlock a unique crown pick’em game with a grand prize of 2,500x the total bet, while the Free Shot Cannon can give you up to 300 free bullets.

Fishing Kingdom Gameplay

Crab King

Crab King is a fish table game produced by Realtime Gaming, which means that although its graphics may not be as sharp as others, its gameplay features are on par with the best of them. A fish radar and map display the location of the highest-paying fish. Additionally, fish even become transparent when the bullet value is higher than the fish value, which tells you which ones to go for. The Mermaid’s Luck feature is a randomly triggered feature with the prize that’s the direct product of the current bet multiplied by the Wheel Multiplier hit.

Crab King Gameplay

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Playing Fish Table Games?

Given how fish table games require no small amount of skill and good aim, there’s room for different strategies that can help you boost your chances of winning. Here are some of the tips and tricks for playing fish shooting games.

Don’t Always Go for the Biggest Fish

Even though the bosses and bigger fish are far more valuable than the smaller ones, they are notoriously difficult to hit. It can take dozens of hits to take them down, and there are no guarantees you’ll manage that before they get out of sight. So, be rational when going for the big catch unless you want to burn through your bankroll. Go with lasers or more powerful ammo when shooting the bosses. True, these bullets cost more, but the potential reward can compensate for it.

Aim for the Head

Headshots are the most effective way of catching the fish. These shots increase your chances of catching the fish faster. Note that the laser guns won’t be of any help here. You need to use the standard cannon where the aim is not fixed on any fish.

Save the Stronger Ammo for Bigger Fish

Going for the bigger fish can mean larger payouts. Many of the bosses can pay between 100x and 600x the stake, if not more. When you use more powerful bullets, known as the Boost feature at NetGame Entertainment, you can take them more quickly, but these cost more money. Check out the paytable to see which fish are worth the investment, and only after you think you have a clear shot, switch to the bigger gun and fire away.

Prioritize Smaller Fish

Opting to catch smaller fish over high-value creatures can bring a steady influx of coins to your bankroll and more playing time. It’s also a great way to hone your skills before going for the bigger prey.

Join Tables with Other Players

Fish table games where the multiplier option is available are a perfect option. For example, in Dragon King by Dee Dee Fun, you can join forces with three other players and shoot the same fish and, although through carpet-bagging, take away the entire prize.

Can I Claim Fish Table Game Bonuses?

Online sweepstakes platforms entice players with a range of bonuses that can be leveraged through Fish Table Games. These games, known for their interactive and skill-based nature, are pivotal in helping players clear bonus requirements. Here’s how:

  • No Deposit Bonuses — To comply with the sweepstakes rules that say you don’t have to pay anything to play, these platforms are entitled to give you starting funds just for registering, so there’s no financial commitment necessary to delve into fish table games. Moreover, skilled players can utilize this bonus to accumulate winnings and clear the bonus requirements without spending a dime.
  • Purchase Bonuses — Any time you purchase gold coins, sweepstakes platforms such as Funrize, Tao Fortune, and Fortune Coins will give you free sweeps coins you can use on fish table games. Players who are well-versed in fish shooting games can leverage the bonus to earn more SCs and redeem them for cash prizes.
  • Daily Bonuses — You can earn thousands of gold and sweeps coins for fish table games through free daily spins on Lucky Wheels. These bonuses are available once a day and are open to all users.
  • Missions and Races — Tao Fortune, among other sweepstakes sites, runs daily missions as part of its Tao Quest promotion, where you complete daily tasks to get coins and stars. For example, you can expect extra prizes when you win eight times or open a magic box while playing fish table games.
  • Social Media Giveaways — Sweepstakes sites maintain a strong presence on social media through regular giveaways and contests that can earn you a number of coins.

The mechanics of fish table games provide a pathway for your skills to shine and help you clear the bonus requirements faster. Namely, most sweepstakes casino bonuses have a 1x wagering requirement, and considering how every shot you fire in a fish table game is a wager, you’ll be much closer to clearing the bonus than through playing slots.

Can You Win Real Money With Fish Games?

Fish table games on online sweepstakes casinos are your ticket to real money winnings. The key is getting as many sweeps coins as possible. This virtual currency has redeemable value, unlike gold coins, which are mere play money.

Sweeps coins can be exchanged for real cash or vouchers, adding a tangible thrill to the underwater chase. You can easily switch to using sweeps coins in fish table games; just toggle the coins button, and the switch from a fun endeavor to a rewarding one will be complete.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

Note that before you are eligible to withdraw any wins, you must first wager the sweeps coins once. 

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Table Games

Skill-based gamesLimited number of titles are available
Exciting gameplay
3D visuals
Average RTP is 95%+
They can be played in land-based casinos and online sweepstakes sites


  • What fish table game pays real money?
    Fish table games on online sweepstakes platforms, like Candy Heroes, Thunder Fishing, Fire Kirin, and Ocean King, pay real money when played with Sweeps Coins.
  • How do you play fish table for real money?
    First, you need to acquire Sweeps Coins through purchases or bonuses, switch to using them in fish table games, and redeem earned Sweeps Coins for real cash or vouchers.
  • What is fish table gaming?
    Fish table gaming refers to playing interactive games where players catch or shoot fish to earn points or money. These games are available in land-based arcades and online sweepstakes platforms.
  • What is the best fish table game to play?
    The choice of fish-shooting gamers is largely preference-based, but Emily’s Treasure, Candy Heroes, Thunder Fishing, and Fish Catch are often cited for engaging gameplay and top prizes.
  • Fish Catch and Crab King are frequently ranked among the most popular big fish games, both of which have been produced by Realtime Gaming.

360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins