Cai Shen Dao Fish Game

Cai Shen Dao Fish Game

Cai Shen Dao is one of the newest additions to the rising tide of fish table games at online sweepstakes casinos. This game stands out from other online casino games because it is inspired by the ancient Chinese God of Wealth Caishen, which you can see in the symbols used within the game, as well as the music and sounds that accompany it.

If you want to learn all there is to know about this fish table game, you can just consult this review, which is based on my firsthand experience with Cai Shen Dao.

Caishen Dao Game Overview

Caishen Dao Game

My adventure playing Cai Shen Dao started with the option to choose between the three virtual rooms, all of which had different betting ranges. So, while the Bronze room – marked by a green turtle, allowed me to make bets from 0.01 Fortune Coins to 0.10 Fortune Coins, the Silver room – recognizable for its goldfish symbol, had a betting range of 0.10 Fortune Coins to 1 Fortune Coin.

The best-paying room is the Gold, which you can spot thanks to the Caishen symbol and its bet range of 1 Fortune Coin to 10 Fortune Coins. Once I joined the Silver level, I was able to find my footing quickly since the game provided me with well-marked descriptions of each feature before I was able to make a bet and start fishing.

Caishgen Dao Gameplay

On the right side of my screen, I found the aim lock button, which was my most used feature without competition, and underneath it, I found the auto shoot option and the paytable with all of the information. On the left side, I located the options menu, which enabled me to change the room I was playing in, and to see the most recent hits I’ve made.

🐟Cai Shen Dao
🧑‍💻Software ProviderKA Gaming
💵Minimum Bet0.01 Fortune Coins
💰Maximum Bet10 Fortune Coins
📅Launch Date2022
🎰Best Casino to Play AtFortune Coins Casino

Gameplay Mechanics

Fish table games like Cai Shen Dao are designed to be immersive and entertaining to you as a player. That is why this game contains 18 different symbols that you can hunt for using built-in tools such as aim lock and auto shoot.

The aim itself is bright green and shaped like an old-school video game aim, so I could easily track it across the screen, regardless of whether I was hovering over goldfish or the blue of the ocean water. While I could’ve opted to manually aim and fire at every individual sea creature that floated across my screen, I chose to rely on the aim lock instead.

Caishen Dao Gameplay

Not only did it do the aiming and shooting for me once I chose a creature, but it moved on to the next identical symbol once it killed one. That way, I didn’t have to scramble to find the next best target, and when I did want to move the aim. While the auto shoot is useful for many players, I found it to be chaotic and wasteful, as the cannon never stops firing when this option is engaged.

Types of Fish and Their Value in Caishen Dao

Cai Shen Dao is one of the fish table games with the best symbol assortments, as it contains 13 types of sea creatures, including koi fish, goldfish, and even turtles and jellyfish. Apart from these sea creatures that you’d expect to find at the bottom of the ocean, this game also includes the Caishen symbol, as well as three so-called weapons.

The smallest target in Cai Shen Dao, literally and figuratively, is the purple and white clownfish which only offered me a 2x bet multiplier when I hit it. There are a few small creatures, including a redfish and a tiny turtle which range from 2x to 13x in the rewards they offer.

The spearheaded fish with a multiplier of 15x and the jellyfish with a multiplier of 20x is where the big payouts started. The big hit options, which were coincidentally also the quickest fish on my screen, are nearly all golden and have a wide range of multipliers extending from 30x with the Golden shark and going up to 120x with the Golden catfish.

Special Features and Power-Ups

The biggest of the multiplier symbols is the Caishen man – the symbol that rewarded me with a prize of 130x my bet, which is in the middle of its scope from 50x to 168x. Aside from that, the first weapon I activated was the Crystal Win, which caused a chain reaction that took out all of the crystals on the screen, and I got to claim their prizes.

The second weapon, and the one I activated most often, was the drill weapon, which has a symbol similar to the tip of a spear. Once I exploded the drill weapon, it started flying in all directions across the screen, bullets hitting all of the symbols in its path.

Finally, the Lucky Crab power-up appeared every 3-4 minutes across my screen, and it didn’t take much for me to explode it. Not only did this symbol give me a 50x multiplier, but it also froze all of the creatures on my screen at the moment, which provided me with excellent opportunities to hit multiple targets while everything was still

Unlocking Bonus Rounds and Prizes in Caishen Dao

Every once in a while, at random, Cai Shen Dao activated the bonus round, which changed my background, and I had a few moments of empty ocean before the round began. The sea creatures swam from left to right in straight lines or in a perfect circle relatively slowly, which made hitting them fairly easy.

Caishen Dao Game Bonus

A minute or two after the round began, the Cai Shen Dao symbol floated onto my screen, though I didn’t manage to explode it. If you get a hit on the Lucky Crab right as the Cai Shen Dao is entering your screen, then you might be able to explore it, seeing as it will be frozen.

Where to Play Caishen Dao?

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Cai Shen Dao is only a year-old fish table game and, as such, isn’t available at many sweepstakes casinos you can join yet. Of course, finding online casinos that include this game in their fish table games repertoire is not impossible.

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Is There a Multiplayer Mode in Caishen Dao?

Absolutely! Cai Shen Dao, like most fish table games, is primarily designed as a social casino game, which means that its default mode is multiplayer. While you can certainly enjoy Cai Shen Dao alone, you can also play it with up to 3 other people, which increases the competitiveness that the gameplay brings.

Can You Play Caishen Dao on Mobile?

KA Gaming is widely recognized for its mobile-optimized game content, and so is Fortune Coins Casino, which includes Cai Shen Dao in its repertoire. If you prefer playing this type of game on a touchscreen device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, you can do so, just make sure that the device has a strong enough processor to run it smoothly.

Best Strategies for Winning Caishen Dao

There are some methods you can use to put yourself in the best possible position to win real money when playing Cai Shen Dao.

Use the Special Weapons and Power-Ups

The special weapons, such as the crystal and the drill, as well as the power-ups like the lucky crab, exist to make your task easier. You can use chain reactions, multipliers, and temporary freezes to ensure that you hit your targets and get as many wins as you can from gameplay, no matter how fast the sea creatures are moving.

Aim for the Golden Middle

Cai Shen Dao has three types of regular symbols, aside from the power-ups, and they are the small-catch fish with lower multipliers, the golden fish with multipliers of around 20x, and the Cai Shen Dao with the largest multiplier. It is my experience that the best way to be successful is to aim for the mid-range golden symbols which pay off handsomely without being too risky.

Understand the Options

Before you even dive into this game of fishing, you should have a clear understanding of what each sea creature symbolizes and what you can trigger by exploding it. Beyond that, you should learn how the aim lock and auto shoot buttons work so that you don’t lose any big catches mid-game trying to activate one of them.

Keep it Fun

Online fish table games are primarily designed for entertainment, and while you can certainly claim real money prizes at sweepstakes casinos, you shouldn’t be solely focused on the end result. Enjoy the immersive animations, bonus rounds, and soothing music for the ultimate gambling experience.

Player Ratings and Reviews of Caishen Dao Fish Game

Cai Shen Dao is equally immersive and entertaining, according to most of the bettors who enjoy playing it. Not only are the rules clear and straightforward, making the game accessible to everyone, but the design marked by large and well-defined buttons, as seen in other similar games, makes it incredibly easy to navigate.

Online casino website players tend to gravitate towards this game because it has some of the most reactive power-up symbols, which only take a couple of seconds of firing to trigger. This game, recognizable for its large and colorful fish, makes it easy to hit your targets and trigger big payouts.

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