Crab King 2 Fish Game

Crab King 2 Fish Game

Crab King 2 fish game is the second installment of the famous Crab King series found mostly on dodgy operators like River Monster, Orion Stars, and those promoted by BitBetWin. Still, the game has a serious fanbase, primarily thanks to the variety of boss characters that give out various bonuses when caught, including multipliers, missiles to shoot other bosses, and, most importantly, a jackpot prize.

Regarding functions and features, Crab King 2 does not disappoint either. The gun value goes from 10 to 1000 credits, all with a single barrel. You can expect random bonuses, different types of guns, and more.

Gameplay Mechanics in Crab King 2

Right from the get-go, I was surprised by how quickly this fish game loaded. I used my desktop to access it via a LAN connection, so that could have been the reason. However, the same happened when I accessed the game on my phone, so kudos to the developers.

I like that there are four shooting positions to choose from, and each player is assigned an ID, which I found pretty convenient because the game shows something like a news chyron indicating the ID of a player and the grand prize won. This aspect is crucial when several players go after the same boss, so you know if your bullet got the boss or not.

Before going after the fish, you must set the bet limit by clicking the plus and minus signs next to the cannon. What I didn’t appreciate that much is that you need to use betting levels. You’ll see something like the 10-0 or 0-5 level. So, there’s a lot of clicking to get from 10 to 1000 credits, which is the maximum bet, and such a setup can be confusing for novice players.

When it comes to the guns, instead of the classic pellets, the standard gun fires rockets. I thought rapid fire would be less effective with these rockets, but there’s virtually no difference when comparing it with other fish table games.

The other weapon is the lighting laser, which you lock on a specific target in the hope of catching it before it leaves the screen. You can use the Lock mode even with the standard gun for improved accuracy. However, I don’t like the speed with which the game changes your target once you click on them. It felt like I’d lost a valuable second before the switch took place.

Now, as for the fish’s movement, I love that their pattern is really noticeable. Most of these fish move in an X pattern, intersecting in the middle of the screen. Rarely will you see fish going across the screen vertically or in a truly random way. The only one with somewhat of a random movement is the big skatefish, but these, too, can be predicted. Even the Bomb Shark has a clear path, so to say, and this helped me get the most shots at it.

What I also love about Crab King 2 is the quality of its 3D design. The flashy and vibrant colors are one thing, but designing the visuals to portray the effect of the sea’s depth is a whole other level.

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The four-level jackpot, Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand, is progressive, and you can claim it once you catch the Crab King, which won’t be so easy. I haven’t seen the boss appear on many occasions, so I kind of disregarded it and moved on chasing other bosses.

🐠Crab King 2
🎰PlatformFire Kirin
🎁BonusesMultipliers, percentage-base bonus
💰Max payoutProgressive jackpot

Available Game Modes in Crab King 2

In Crab King 2, the game modes are diverse. You have a singular-player mode for solo exploration and a multiplayer competition with up to four positions players can take in the online version of the game.  Let’s dive into these modes and see what makes each one special in the world of Crab King 2.

Unlockable Characters and Features

One of my favorite features is the “Happy Time.” Triggered randomly or by catching the Treasure box crab after collecting five medals, with this feature, you can earn a bunch of credits. This period lasts between 15 to 60 seconds, during which players receive additional medals and scores​.

Power-Ups and Boosters

What we have here is the Fast and Auto Fire function. Once you press the shot button for three seconds very quickly, the gun will auto-fire and continue to do so until you shoot again.

A neat addition to Crab King 2 is the AI Auto Targeting Gun. When you hit the Auto button on the right-hand side of the screen, the gun will automatically aim and lock on fish on the screen with the maximum prize.

Players have the option to adjust the gun value, with a maximum value of 1000. This feature, adjustable in the settings, allows for a single-barrel shooting experience ranging from 10 to 1000 in gun value.

Rewards and Achievements in Crab King 2

Crab King 2 supports different bonuses and achievements, and the allure of bonuses is palpable, thanks to its array of notable characters:

  • Golden Crab Treasure Box — Unlocks a treasure trove of varied bonuses, enriching the player’s experience.
  • Drill Crab — Equips players with missiles for an enhanced offensive strategy against local crabs and crab bombs.
  • Bomb Shark — Famous for its large-scale explosion, it’s a key to amassing maximum points through widespread destruction.
  • Silver Crab King — Capturing this character grants a lucrative percentage-based bonus.
  • Missile Crab — This bonus character spices up the game by offering diverse score multipliers.
  • Golden Crab King — Mirroring the Silver Crab King, it too rewards the player with a valuable percentage-based bonus.

Crab King 2 stands out with its inclusion of two boss characters. These bosses serve as a centerpiece of the game, fueling the competitive spirit as players vie for the ultimate prize — the progressive jackpots.

Where to Play Crab King 2?

The importance of carefully selecting the sweepstakes casinos where you can play Crab King 2 can’t be overstated.  While very popular, the game is often offered by several sweepstakes operators, not all of whom are reputable. From personal experience, I’ve encountered quite a few shady operators, such as Juwa, Orion Stars, Fire Kirin, Milky Way, and Fun Zone. Everything about these sites calls for caution. There are no clear sweepstakes rules and no talk about real money gaming and conditions. There is not a single word in the terms and conditions that can indicate trustworthiness.

Therefore, looking for legitimate and well-regarded gaming halls or online platforms is essential. Playing at a credible venue ensures fair play and adheres to the necessary gaming regulations. 

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Can You Play Crab King 2 on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Crab King 2 on mobile devices. The game is adapted to both instant play via mobile web browsers and native sweepstakes apps.

Is Crab King 2 a Multiplayer Mode Game?

Yes, Crab King 2 is a multiplayer game with slots to house up to four players simultaneously. The game’s retail version can have horizontal and vertical cabinets, ranging from 2 to 10 players.

Strategies to Win in Crab King 2

In Crab King 2, winning requires a blend of strategy and skill. Even though there are no guarantees that you’ll win every time using any of the strategies listed here, these can help you get a clearer picture of what is needed to succeed in the first place:

  • Choose easier ranks — Take a look at the fish with low odds. These can be taken down in between 3-5 hits on average. As such, they are a great source of revenue for your bankroll.
  • Hunt using novel features — Focus on unique features to increase your chances of catching more valuable fish. Use the Auto feature or the Fast Fire at specific points, especially when a big boss appears on the screen early on, so that you can leverage the functions.
  • Aim for big targets — In my experience, targeting larger creatures like the Dolphin or Ice Dragon, which doesn’t require a set number of hits, increases the success rate. Coordinating with other players, especially using tools like lasers, can be highly effective.
  • Avoid burst fire — Instead of indiscriminate shooting, aim deliberately. Focused shots, especially targeting the head of the fish with unique features, improve your chances of catching larger fish.

Player Ratings and Reviews of Crab King 2 Fish Game

Players usually put Crab King 2 fish arcade game among those games worth your while. The random jackpot attracts the most attention, together with several characters that bring about random bonuses and multipliers. Many players share my opinion of the visuals, which are significantly improved compared to the original Crab King

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