Crab King Fish Game

Crab King Fish Game

Crab King has interactive gameplay featuring a thrilling underwater adventure with vibrant graphics and a variety of fish species, including a super golden shark as well as a golden crab king. The “sweetest deal” is opening the golden crab treasure box, which might make you feel like a real underwater captain of the fish tables.

Before you download Crab King, let’s get through the boss characters and main features of this game, where fish and crabs swim around. Our skilled team of players will explain the meaning of various characters, including Laser Crab and King Crab, granting you an underwater saga crowned with a win.

Crab King Fish Game Overview

Crab King is an online game that operates on a US-based online sweepstakes system. I recommend playing the demo version of the Crab King game first, so you can easily understand the gameplay and the logic behind the appearance of each creature in this underwater land of thrills and rainbow fishes.

The game has a 3D design where fishes swim around the entire screen, much like that notoriously famous screensaver from back in the day. The game itself is an arcade-style fish shooting game where players aim, shoot, and earn game points by hunting 23 fish species that have different values.

But each fish species also has a different speed, so logically, some are almost impossible to shoot but unlock lucrative points, as well as different bonuses based on your skill set. These can be turned into real money and transferred to the player’s bank account in no time!

What I love about this game is the fact you can track your progress at any time, because points and point progress are transparently portrayed on your screen. This adds up to solving the value of each of the different fishes and crabs!

Unlike a classical fishing trip, in Crab King, you’d be fishing using a fish gun that blasts bullets and even bombs! However, you should be mindful of your ammo because it’s limited, so it’s of major essence to focus and release bullets at the correct moment instead of wasting your single barrel.

The game also features inanimate objects like coconuts and bananas that add up your numerical score, making the entire game a strategic endeavor for both experienced and less crafty players.

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Rules and Objectives of the Game

The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. The gameplay unfolds underwater amidst vividly animated fish, where players must shoot at their targets using the gun and the shot button located at the center of their screen.

There are 10 slots and many different special characters, but the objective is clear – shoot as many fish and crabs, and get a high score. Since bullets and ammo are only available through purchase, you’d like to spare your ammo to shoot as many different and bonus crab varieties as possible rather than wasting it on small fish.

There’s also the auto fire function which can be accessed after clicking the shot button rapidly for three seconds, but make sure to use it wisely (preferably at the end, when bonus creatures unveil).

For special crabs, like the Treasure Box Crab, the player can receive from 20x to 500x the normal bonus. However, it is not easy for players to catch it, especially if they lack the skill.

Scoring and Points System

Crab King Gameplay

I already mentioned there are 23 different fishes featured in this shooting game. However, there are also different creatures that are valued differently, and I’ll list some of them here.

  • Lightning Jellyfish – Shooting these creatures can be very lucrative, maximizing your bet up to 200x its initial value.
  • Super Golden Shark – The assassin of these creatures gets an increased reward chance.
  • Bomb Shark – Shooting the bomb shark will cast an explosion that will automatically kill other creatures in the radius, instantly increasing your numerical score.
  • Laser Crab – Players get to shoot with a laser gun which is faster and has increased chances for wins.
  • Drill Crab – Instead of point multipliers, this character provides players with the chance to shoot awesome missiles, different than the standard bullets and ammo.
  • Missile Crab – Shooting this crab king is a chance to multiply the score up to 5x, making it one of the all-time favorite characters.
  • Golden Crab King – For all players, Golden Crab King provides a specific percentage-based bonus.
  • Lobster (A.K.A. the Boss Character) – Killing the lobster creates a massive massacre on screen, which targets every creature currently visible on your screen, thus, resulting in the most amazing chances for bonuses and instant points.

The game also features a Full-Screen Bomb with 10 counts, capable of wiping out all creatures with a tornado and exploding bomb, substantially boosting bonuses. Each captured fish contributes to the player’s points and winnings, with bets ranging from 10 to 1000 credits.

There’s also a special “Happy Time” mode that activates after you collect 5 medals, have killed Treasure Box Crab, AND shoot a lightning jellyfish. This mode ends after 30-60 seconds, returning medals to have a numerical score returned.

Are There Variations to the Game?

Crab King 2

Yes, Crab King has a new and upgraded edition of the game, which is the sequel – Crab King II. This fish game features upgraded graphics and visual effects, a better responsive design, and some new special characters.

For those who like to get a grip of the game before actually putting their money at stake, there’s a free demo version of the Crab King game, that can be easily downloaded. However, you can’t win actual prizes here, and all the points would be just a measure of how good your skills are.

Can You Play Crab King Fish Game in Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, if you’re opting to play Crab King at some sweepstake casino, you’ll have the chance to play it in multiplayer mode. This mode allows you to place real bets, play along with other players, and win major prizes if you win a multiplayer round!

This option isn’t available in the demo version of the game. Thus, I’d surely recommend it for sociable players and those who are skilled enough to bet on their skill set.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Crab King Fish Game

Crab King Weapons

Shooting fish and crabs isn’t enough to win awesome rewards while playing Crab King. The game depends on the player’s skill set and reflexes but also the knowledge of the game itself.

Here are some simple tips to play and win Crab King.

Master Your Hunting Skills

Crab King is a game that heavily relies on skills. To improve your chances of winning, invest time in refining your hunting techniques. This means practicing your aim, timing, and understanding the behavior of different fish species within the game.

Learn and Practice with the Demo

Before diving into real-money gameplay, take advantage of the demo mode. It’s a risk-free way to familiarize yourself with the game’s symbols, payouts, features, and bonus rounds. This knowledge will give you an edge when you decide to bet with real currency.

Start out Small

When you’re starting out, opt for low-rank tables with minimal investments. This allows you to practice your manipulation techniques without risking a bunch of money. As you gain confidence and experience, you can gradually move up to higher ranks.

Hunt for High-Payout Creatures

Keep an eye out for special creatures that offer exceptionally high payouts, sometimes even thousands of times your initial bet. These creatures often appear towards the end of the game, so don’t go “all in with the auto fire function.

Can You Play Crab King Fish on Mobile?

Yes, you can but not on dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps. Instead, Crab King Fish is available to download as an .apk file. You can find it on numerous shady fish game operator sites and download it from there or simply google the game name and start the download. Make sure you’re protected completely, as these files tend to be malicious at times.

Are There Any Cheats & Hacks for Crab King Fish?

According to my player experience and expertise, aside from not wasting your ammo on small fish and awaiting the big crabs and jellyfish to start shooting – there are no official cheats out there. Crab King, like any other fish game, is a game of skills, so it’s hard to try and cheat your way to a big win. And, on top of that, the point is to have fun while shooting, not chase wins.

Crab King Fish Game – Is It Worth It?

Crab King isn’t just an artistic and colorful marvel – it’s a chance to earn some amazing prices and win some real money. That depends on whether you’ll be playing the game or just its free demo version that doesn’t use real money bets and doesn’t offer real money prices in return.

Boasting a plethora of different creatures that unlock different price potentials, the Crab King Fish game is definitely worth exploring. However, you won’t find this fish game on legit and trustworthy sweepstakes casino sites, but on shady sweepstake-alike platforms, like River Monster. We advise caution when it comes to joining such sites, and better yet stick with the downloadable .apk version.

Various multipliers, bonuses, and add-on featuresNot available worldwide
Adjustable bets, suitable for each pocketNo mobile app
Free demo version
3D design and HD resolution
360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins