Deepsea Volcamon Game

Deepsea Volcamon Game

Despite offering a maximum point multiplier of 500x, along with several intriguing power-ups and bonus features, Deepsea Volcamon is a lesser-known fish shooting game, and for good reasons. Firstly, I could only access Deepsea Volcamon on shady sweepstakes casinos with a reputation for using rigged software. Additionally, the game has low-resolution graphics that reduce the quality of the playing experience.

Although it is presented as a sweepstakes game, Deepsea Volcamon can only be played with real money. From my perspective, potentially losing money by playing Deepsea Volcamon on shady sites isn’t worth the stress you’ll undergo to access this game. Regardless, I’ve presented my findings about Deepsea Volcamon’s features, power-ups, characters, and rules in this detailed review to help you conclude.

Overview of the Deepsea Volcamon Game

Deepsea Volcamon is an arcade-style shooting game where different fish and sea creatures swim across the screen, each offering different point values. Like most fish shooting games, Deepsea Volcamon is set in a vibrant underwater environment. There is a gun at the bottom left of the screen to shoot at swimming creatures.

Deepsea Volcamon’s interface is basic and clumsy. The game lacks several of the features that are typical of top fish titles. The ‘Species’ icon displayed on the left side of the screen lists the characters and power-ups present in the game. This menu doesn’t describe the functions of each power-up, and I only figured these out while playing the game. The auto-fire and aim lock icons are on the right side of the Deepsea Volcamon game interface.

Deepsea Volcamon isn’t free to play, and I had to deposit on whatever platform I was playing before I could shoot at fish. There is no information regarding the providers of Deepsea Volcamon. However, the game is hosted exclusively by River Monster – a shady sweepstakes casino – and it looks to me to be a product of the casino’s in-house developers.

Game Rules and Objectives

As you would expect from any fish shooting game, Deepsea Volcamon’s main objective is to collect points by aiming and firing a cannon at several floating characters. Only direct shots that hit and kill the game’s characters will score you points.

As I mentioned earlier, shooting in Deepsea Volcamon costs money, with bet values ranging from 0.1 to 10 coins. Generally, the higher your bet value in Deepsea Volcamon, the faster you can kill fish and the more points you get from taking down a sea creature.

Each character in Deepsea Volcamon has an associated multiplier value that determines how many points you get from killing such a creature. I got 10x points for taking down a crab. On the other hand, capturing an Octopus fetched me a 30x points multiplier. It was more difficult for me to capture higher-value fish, as they were faster and needed more bullets to kill.

Deepsea Volcamon Techniques and Strategies

Deepsea Volcamon might look like a simple shooting game on the surface. However, this is a skill-based game requiring several strategies and techniques to help you become a better shooter and, ultimately, score more points. By understanding Deepsea Volcamon point values, fish behavior, and game features, you can become a master of the deep.

Below are some of the strategies that I used to score high on Deepsea Volcamon:

  • Choose your targets wisely: The Giant Sea Turtle might offer the biggest point reward in the game, but shooting at it will take up a considerable amount of your ammo. You can easily accumulate points by aiming at clusters of medium-sized fish or schools of small fish, collecting enough ammo to go after bigger fish.
  • Use ricochets smartly: Deepsea Volcamon’s game mechanic allows shots to bounce off screen walls. With a well-timed ricochet, you can hit multiple targets in a cluster with one shot and take out fish hiding behind stones and plants, allowing you to conserve ammo and earn more points.
  • Use the Lock Feature on High-Value Fish: By using the lock feature to set your cannon on a single high-value target, you are less likely to miss shots. If you use the lock feature on a high-value fish immediately after it appears on your screen, the consistent damage will make it easier to kill such a fish before it swims out of view.
  • Be mindful of the last-hit rule: In Deepsea Volcamon’s multiplayer mode, whoever hits the last shot that kills a fish gets all the points. If your opponent is damaging a high-value fish, let them weaken it but try to land the final shot to secure the points. This way, you conserve ammo while potentially hitting a points jackpot.

Types of Fish in the Game

Deepsea Volcamon has 14 different fish characters, each with its unique point multiplier value. Common characters like Stingray and Crab have lower multipliers of 9x and 10x. On the other hand, rarer fish like the Green Fairy and Blue Dragon have higher multiplier values that come in ranges.

Below is an overview of the various types of fish that are present in Deepsea Volcamon:

🐟Character💰Multiplier Values
Bluefish with yellow head8x
Yellow fish with blue hat12x
Striped black fish with a white head18x
Pink swollen fish20x
Purple spiked fish25x
Pink Octopus30x
Redfish40x to 60x
Bluefish60x to 100x
Green fairy mermaid100x to 150x
Blue Mermaid150x to 300x
Blue Dragon300x to 500x

Power-Ups and Bonuses

Deepsea Volcamon features several power-ups and bonuses, each offering a temporary advantage to help catch fish faster and score more points. The game’s power-ups, which include lasers and bombs, are like what you will get on most fish shooting titles. On the other hand, Deepsea Volcamon bonuses come in the form of special characters that provide extra points or trigger mini-games when captured.


  • Freezing Bomb: When triggered, the freezing bomb stuns and immobilizes creatures within its area of effect, making it easier to capture such fish.
  • Full-Screen Bomb: This power-up instantly takes down common and medium-value fish on the screen. Also, the full-screen bomb may not take down high-value fish immediately, but they will be significantly weakened.
  •  Laser: This power-up grants a temporary upgrade to your cannon, replacing missiles with a deadly laser shot that deals significantly greater damage to fish that are hit.
  • Frenzied Missile: As inferred by its name, the Frenzied Missile enhances firepower, allowing you to launch a rapid succession of missiles and quickly take down multiple fish.


  • Three of a Kind: When you take down three-of-a-kind characters, you receive three times the points of each fish in the combo.
  • Four of a Kind: Like the three-of-a-kind bonus, taking down four-of-a-kind fish will earn you bonus points. However, in this case, you’ll get four times more points instead of three.
  • Deepsea Volcamon: Killing Deepsea Volcamon triggers free play, with a big red button labeled ‘Push’ instantly appearing on your screen. This button is usually available for 20 or 40 seconds, and a player can earn free points by pushing it. The faster you push, the more points you earn from this free-play round.

Is There a Multiplayer Option for Deepsea Volcamon?

Deepsea Volcamon has a multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete against your friends or random players for the ultimate prize. To enter multiplayer mode, I chose the ‘Private Table’ option from the Deepsea Volcamon menu. Doing this allowed me to set up a room to play with my friends. You can also choose ‘Public Table’ if you wish to compete against players you don’t know.

The multiplayer gameplay of Deepsea Volcamon consists of four gun points at all the corners of the screen. Each player gets a gun to shoot at creatures floating on the screen. Interestingly, there is no shared rewards system in Deepsea Volcamon multiplayer mode. Whoever lands the last bullet that kills a fish earns all the points for taking down that specific fish. At the end of a multiplayer session, the player who has scored the most points wins the final reward for the game.

Are There Any Unlockable Levels and Achievements?

I didn’t encounter any unlockable levels or achievements while playing Deepsea Volcamon. All the game’s characters were available to me from the start, and I could instantly use all the power-ups. Although higher rarity fish started showing up on my screen as a game session dragged on, this is based entirely on gameplay and isn’t dependent on unlocking new levels.

Where to Play Deepsea Volcamon?

You can only get Deepsea Volcamon on blacklisted sweepstake casinos, a route that I strongly advise you against taking. I was disappointed to discover that this fish game isn’t available on our reliable partner sites like Fortune Coins or Funrize, renowned for providing quality fish games.

While researching Deepsea Volcamon, I found that I could play the game on shady casino platforms like RiverMonster and Fire Kirin. None of these sites offer free play and I had to deposit to play Deepsea Volcamon. To register on RiverMonster, I had to contact the casino’s agents via Facebook. However, several scammers are posing as agents for these platforms, and the chances of you falling victim to one of them are very high.

Alternatively, I could access RiverMonster and, by extension, Deepsea Volcamon by registering on BitBetWin, an aggregator site that hosts casino software. Signing up with these aggregator sites requires KYC, and I had to submit my government-issued ID to complete registration and play Deepsea Volcamon. I also had to make crypto deposits on these aggregator sites before I could play Deepsea Volcamon – this goes against the norm of online sweepstake sites.

What Players Think of Deepsea Volcamon

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t find any player reviews for Deepsea Volcamon. This is largely due to the game being a less popular fish-shooting title that can only be played on shady sweepstake casinos. I didn’t find anyone talking about the game on popular social media sites like Facebook and X. Similarly, the shady casinos that host Deepsea Volcamon software aren’t reviewed on Trustpilot and similar casino review platforms.

Pros & Cons of Playing Deepsea Volcamon

14 unique charactersGame interface is rowdy and difficult to navigate
Several bonuses and power-upsUnavailable on legit sweepstake casinos
No information about the game provider
Only accessed with real money
No real player reviews

Alternatives to Deepsea Volcamon

If you’re skeptical about playing Deepsea Volcamon on shady casino sites, you can play quality fish games on casino sites like Fortune Coins, Funrize, and TaoFortune. These games are free to play, with considerably better graphics, power-ups, and bonuses.

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Below are some of the top fish gaming alternatives to Deepsea Volcamon that are available at these top social casinos:

  • Fish Hunter: KA Gaming’s Fish Hunter is a 200x max multiplier game that delivers a classic fish shooting experience and is an excellent alternative to Deepsea Volcamon. Available on Fortune Coins Casino, Fish Hunter features power-ups like the power weapon, target lock, and auto fire. You can also use powerful bullets to deal greater damage to 19 different fish species, although this costs more in bets.
  • Ice and Fire Fishing: A vivid combination of classic fish shooting and medieval themes, Ice and Fire is an exceptional skill-based game available on TaoFortune and Funrize casinos. Beyond its captivating theme, Ice and Fire has several unique features, like its magic reel multiplier that can boost your winnings up to 1,500x! The game also has four boss characters, with a 200x to 2,500x reward for each.
  • Candy Heroes: One of the more popular fish shooting games, Candy Heroes features 17 different characters and 48 tables for multiplayer gameplay. This game is developed by NetGame, with unique power-ups like the rainbow spark, honey barrel, and swirling cream, adding a fun twist. Candy Heroes is available on licensed online sweepstakes like Funrize and NoLimitCoins that don’t require you to play with real money.
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