Emily’s Treasure Fish Game

Emily’s Treasure Fish Game

Emily’s Treasure is an arcade-style shooting game designed to get you to embark on an underwater journey. The goal of the game is to capture as many fish as you can and make a profit for every monster you manage to get with your cannons.

The game is packed with fish of all sizes and has several features you can trigger — some of them even trigger automatically throughout the game. On top of that, Emily’s Treasure has four jackpots you can trigger at any time, so the potential to strike big is always lurking behind every corner.

Join us for a quick look at Emily’s Treasure fish game — we’ll go over the basic rules, mechanics, and game features and even give you a few pointers on how to make the most out of your time playing Emily’s Treasure fish game.

Emily’s Treasure Game Overview

Emily’s Treasure fish game is great for beginners and experienced casino players alike. Even though the game is rather easy to learn, it requires a bit of skill and knowledge to master, making the gameplay both fun and exciting.

Emily's Treasure Gameplay

Like most modern-day online casino games, Emily’s Treasure comes with great visuals, exciting animations, and unique sound effects. It has sea plants surrounding the main area where all the different fish and sea creatures swim, so the entire user interface is rather clean and easy to navigate.

Even though the game has both solo and multiplayer modes, we definitely had more fun playing Emily’s Treasure with other players — you can catch fish a lot more easily that way, especially the big fish.

🎣Emily’s Treasure Fish Game Overview
🧑‍💻ProviderFortune Coins
🐟Common Fish20
🐠Boss FishNone
FeaturesFire Dragon, Energy Shot, All at Once, Group of Fishes
🔢Max. Multiplier120x
🎁Max. PrizeN/A*
💵Min. BetN/A*
💰Max. BetN/A*
🤑JackpotMini, Super, Grand, Fortune

*Keep in mind that the minimum and maximum bet, as well as the maximum stake payout, depends from one casino to another. Therefore, make sure to always check the game’s paytable and the casino’s maximum win policy before you start playing fish table games.

Gameplay Mechanics

The goal of Emily’s Treasure, or any other fish game, for that matter, is to capture as many fish as you can. You can catch fish by using a cannon gun to shoot fish. The more you shoot at a fish, the more likely you are to capture it, and if you do, you’ll get coins as a reward.

However, keep in mind that the fish may swim away before you manage to capture it, in which case you won’t get any reward. To make things even more difficult, fish don’t have a health bar you can see, so you’ll have to rely on your experience and knowledge and estimate how likely you are to catch a fish.

Another thing to note is that shooting your cannons costs gold coins — you get to decide how much you want to spend with each shot. Even though it costs more, upgrading your cannons makes your ammo do more damage and makes capturing big fish a lot easier, making it a good investment for hunting large sea creatures.

Emily's Treasure Menu

Of course, make sure you are not wasting the good ammo on smaller fish. Even though you’ll capture them a lot more easily, you won’t really end up making a profit since the cost of ammo will outweigh the reward.

Overall, that’s the basics — catch fish using your cannons, avoid wasting ammo on the fish you cannot catch, and use appropriate ammo for appropriate fish.

Features and Challenges

Apart from all the basic mechanics that make fish games fun and exciting, Emily’s Treasure fish game has many other features and challenges that make the gameplay even more dynamic and that much more rewarding.

The game comes with several unique features, which you can trigger by capturing special fish. For example, the Fire Dragon feature will destroy all fish on the screen and reward you for each one. On the other hand, the All at Once feature will capture all the fish of the same species as the fish inside the symbol, while the Group of Fishes will capture a group of fish.

Emily's Treasure Paytable Menu

Emily’s Treasure fish game also has an Energy Shot special feature. However, this one is triggered randomly during the game. The Energy Shot feature lasts for a short duration and doubles your reward for any fish you capture while the feature is active.

In addition to all the features, the casino you decide to play fish table games at may have special challenges for fish games. If you complete the challenge or a task, you may get additional gold coins, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for special missions and take advantage of the challenges when you play fish games.

Collecting Treasures and Power-Ups

Apart from special features, Emily’s Treasure doesn’t really have any additional bonuses and power-ups you can trigger. However, the game does have two settings that can make your gameplay a tad easier.

The auto-attack option allows you to automatically fire your cannon in the direction of your mouse cursor. Instead of having to click, the auto-attack feature will fire your cannons at a steady pace, allowing you to focus on the fish on the screen. You can disable or enable the auto-attack option whenever you want.

The lock attack option allows you to lock your cannons on a specific fish on the screen. The lock attack will ignore all other fish species and shoot only at the fish you select. As is the case with the auto-attack, you can enable and disable the lock attack option at all times.

How Much Can You Win Playing Emily’s Treasure?

Emily’s Treasure fish game has 20 common fish, and each fish comes with a multiplier. The multipliers range from 2x up to 120x. Whenever you capture a fish, you will get coins that amount to Fish Multiplier x Ammo Value.

Bigger fish will net you more gold coins but are also harder to capture. To help you out, we’ve included a paytable with all the different species you can capture in Emily’s Treasure.

Emily's Treasure Paytable

In addition to gold coins, you can also win real money playing Emily’s Treasure. Sweepstakes casinos allow you to freely swap between the gold coins mode and sweepstakes coins mode. Once you have enough sweepstakes coins, you can win cash prizes by redeeming your sweepstakes coins for real money prizes.

At most sweepstakes casinos, 1 Sweepstakes Coin is equivalent to $1, so winning 50 Sweepstakes Coins from fish shooting games will net you $50 — make sure to get a head start and claim all the bonuses the casino has to offer before you play Emily’s Treasure.

Where to Play Emily’s Treasure?

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Emily’s Treasure is one of the more popular fish table games, and the game is exclusive to Fortune Coins Casino. Apart from Emily’s Treasure, Fortune Coins offers even more fish table games and allows you to win real money by exchanging Fortune Coins for cash prizes.

Aside from the first no deposit bonus, the casino also has a first purchase bonus and a ton of other bonuses and promotions.

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Is There a Multiplayer Mode in Emily’s Treasure?

Emily’s Treasure has a multiplayer mode, and up to 4 players can play the game simultaneously. Sweepstakes casinos that offer fish table games usually have a dozen or so lobbies where players can gather and play together.

Fortune Coins Fish Game Rooms

Each lobby has 4 seats, and before you join the game, you’ll be able to see how many players are already inside the lobby, so you can decide whether you want to join them or play solo — you won’t be able to reserve any seats, though, so other players will still be able to join you.

Can You Play Emily’s Treasure on Mobile?

Emily’s Treasure is fully optimized to run on any device, and you won’t have any difficulties playing the game on your mobile device. Whether you’re playing on your smartphone, tablet device, or PC, the principle’s the same.

Of course, keep in mind that it may be a tad more difficult to aim and be precise if you’re playing on a device with a smaller screen.

Strategies and Tips for Winning in Emily’s Treasure

Our team of experts have prepared a few tips and tricks for newcomers to fish table games that you can use to win gold coins and even make a profit playing Emily’s Treasure.

Save Ammo

As we mentioned earlier, ammo costs money in fish table games, and the less ammo you spend to capture a fish, the better. Instead of going all out, you should try to be precise and use cheap ammo to hunt smaller fish and save the big guns for deep sea creatures.

Hunt Bonus Fish

Most fish table games have special fish, and you should hunt them whenever you are certain you can capture one. These fish trigger various features and can help you catch multiple fish at a time and make a hefty profit.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re worried about getting started, you should know that casinos like Fortune Coins Casino allow you to swap freely between the gold coins mode and premium mode. You can practice and learn the ropes using gold coins and then simply switch back to using Fortune Coins when you are ready to play for real.

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Be Careful With Settings

We mentioned earlier that Emily’s Treasure has auto-attack and lock-attack features. Even though these two can be extremely helpful and make the gameplay significantly easier, having more options doesn’t necessarily mean more coins.

Emily's Treasure Mode

These settings don’t exactly consider your bet size and may shoot at anything that is easy prey. Before you know it, you may run out of coins, so make sure to be mindful of how you use them.

My Review of Emily’s Treasure Fish Game

Fish table games require just the perfect amount of luck and skill, which sets them apart from slot games and other games you may find in online casinos. Because of that, I always have fun testing fish games and trying to outwit one another.

When it comes to Emily’s Treasure fish game, in particular, the game is one of the better online fish games I had the chance to play. It has polished graphics, great gameplay, and a ton of fish you can hunt.

I was a bit disappointed to see the game has no big boss monster fish. However, even though I would like to see more special fish and unique features, I can safely say that Emily’s Treasure is right up our alley — I had a blast playing it, and I’m positive you will too!

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