Fire Kirin Revenge Game

Fire Kirin Revenge Game

Fire Kirin Revenge is one of those fish table games that overpromises the adventures but immensely underdelivers. There’s little to be found about it online, except for a few dodgy sites that might provide access. 

However, the only concrete aspect is that it has the same ultimate boss as its predecessors — the Fire Kirin. In addition, extra unique creatures have been added to make the Firin Kirin Revenge more special and exciting. It also comes with a multiplayer mode from the get-go, allowing 4 to 10 players at a time.

Let’s not forget that some of the game mechanics are completely unique to the Fire Kirin Game, and despite not being verified, there are different game themes that bring different special fish into play.

Overview of the Fire Kirin Revenge Game

Fire Kirin Revenge game is the new, updated version of the famous Fire Kirin fishing game. It’s based on that old-school 3D look that gives the real feel of arcade fish table games. It also, by default comes in the multiplayer mode, giving space for a group of 10 players to jump in at once and score the biggest prize – Double Headed Dragon and Fire Kirin.

Sprouting from the Fire Kirin’s roots, Fire Kirin Revenge has several sister games sharing a similar theme – Ocean King 2, Crab King, Fire Kirin 2, Fire Kirin Plus, etc. Despite sharing such a popular fish game heritage, here’s where it gets shady with the Fire Kirin Revenge game: little is known about its launch year, online sweepstake casinos that provide it, any game licenses, in-game purchases and bonuses.

The only “assumption” we can make about Fire Kirin Revenge is that it shares the same game developer as its original Fire Kirin game – the Guangzhou Changyao Limited. But that info has yet to be verified. That’s not even where the rabbit hole ends, we’ve just scratched the surface!

Game Rules and Objectives

Fire Kirin Revenge shares the same game mechanics, rules, and objectives as the original Fire Kirin game. The main objective of the game is to catch the Fire Kirin. But it’s not quite as straightforward as it looks.

First you have to switch to a more powerful canon, aim for Mermaids and once the Fire Kirin appears on the screen go bonanza with your shots. Until that moment comes, try to save as much ammo as you can and aim for the small-fry fish and Crabs.

Fire Kirin Revenge  Techniques and Strategies

The best thing about the Fire Kirin Revenge game is that almost the same techniques and strategies could be used in the original Fire Kirin game. However, I’ve noticed you can get further in-game if you follow these strategies:

1. Use the Crazy Shark

Forget about the small fry fish, aim for the Crazy Shark. Crazy Shark goes berserk and gives extra bombs that kill the surrounding fish. That way you clean a big chunk of your screen, freeing space to catch the Mermaid.

2. Struggle to Catch the Mermaid

You have to find a workaround so your ammo doesn’t get wasted on nearby fish. When you catch the Mermaid, it sends an immediate hit towards any Dragon and Fire Kirin that appears on the screen at the moment. So use it as an enormous leverage in catching the Dragons and scoring a 200x bonus amount.

3. Combine Electromagnetic and Bomb Grabs

These types of Crabs are a complete novelty in the Fire Kirin game saga and they are only unique to the Fire Kirin Revenge game. Here’s how I’d use them – first shoot the Bomb Crab. It’ll kill all near fishes, then aim I’d immediately catch the Electromagnetic Crab so I have a fighting chance in catching the Golden Dolphin.

4. Shoot for the Drifting Bottles

Occasionally, you’ll notice that glass bottles with specific fish inside will drift over the screen. Try to shoot them the moment you see them! The trick behind this is the moment you shoot the bottle, all of the same kind of fish as the one trapped will be catched. That way you reel in higher bonuses that are on par with catching the Silver Dragon. In most cases, you’ll see either Turtles or Puffer fish being trapped inside those bottles.

Types of Fish in the Game

The Fire Kirin Revenge game shares the same type of normy fish from the original Fire Kiring game. But where the game really comes to shine with its uniqueness are the bosses – 9 of them, the legendary Fire Kirin being the hardest to catch. Every special creature you catch comes with a hefty multiplier bonus, so be careful no to waste your hard-earned ammo on a small fry, so you can go berserk when the moment is right.

It’s worth mentioning there are different kinds of small average-Joe fish for different Firin Kirin Revenge themes. In the more volcanic theme, you’ll see more Clownfish and Bomb Crabs, whereas in the deep sea theme Lanternfish and Mermaids are frequent screen-visitors.

Here’s a quick rundown of all new special creatures in the Fire Kirin Revenge game, coming with a hefty multiplier value:

🐟 Fish Species💰 Multiplier Values
Silver Dragon50x, randomly multiply after hitting
Golden Dragon100x, randomly multiply after hitting
Double Headed Dragon200x, randomly multiply after hitting
Mermaid250x, free to have a one-hit must-hit function, dedicated to killing dragons
Electromagnetic Crab10x, free to have lightning chain function, and randomly give fishes
Bomb CrabAll fish on screen die when caught
Crazy Shark10x, gives a partial bomb to kill nearby fish
Golden Dolphin40~200x, depends how long you’re shooting it
Fire Kirin450x, the main prize

Power-Ups and Bonuses

Compared to the Fire Kirin game, there isn’t much data available about the variety of power-ups and in-game bonuses. The only known and available powerups are the multiplier bonuses you get from catching the special fish or creatures and switching to a more powerful canon. One reason why data on power-ups and other in-game bonuses is kept hush-hush is that this Fire Kirin sequel is mainly aimed at sweepstake establishments and arcade centres.

Is There a Multiplayer Option for Fire Kirin Revenge?

Yes, there is a multiplayer option for the Fire Kirin Revenge fish game. Some Fire Kirin Revenge operators will give you 10, and some 4 multiplayer seats. It boils down to how many controllers you want to add to your deal.

Are There Any Unlockable Levels and Achievements?

Gameplays outhere show that there are different themes, and it’s natural to assume that there are different levels, as well! But keep in mind that this info has yet to be verified due to the Fire Kirin Revenge game’s offline nature.

Watching the gameplay, I noticed there are three different core themes or levels:

  1. Volcanic – Both types of  Crabs and Golden Dragons are more frequent here
  2. Deep Sea – Mermaids and Lanternfish are your most common visitors here
  3. Surface Sea – Fish Bottles and White Dragons keep coming in dozens here

Where to Play Fire Kirin Revenge

The worst thing I hate about the Fire Kirin Revenge game is that it is not available on any online sweepstake casino. Fire Kirin is, but its Revenge version isn’t. I’ve checked Fire Kirin 777 Casino and dug through the Fire Kirin mobile app (which is filled with boring ads, btw), only to realize I’ve come to a dead end.

Despite seeming like the Fire Kirin Revenge is online available for in-person sweepstake establishments, there are quite a few of its providers and distributors. Mainly, on almost every YT video about the Fire Kirin Revenge game, there’s a distributor’s WhatsApp number and contact. The most famous Fire Kirin Revenge distributors I’ve found are RedLuckRewards and Intelligent Games.

Player Reviews of Fire Kirin Revenge

The area where you could see what players think of Fire Kirin Revenge is filled with crickets! TrustPilot and SiteJabber are completely silent about this game. The only sprinkled dash of customer reviews the Gods of the internet sent my way was from Pissed Consumer, and they are not pretty! Many customers complain about the Fire Kirin game and casino and being left holding an empty bag with their money lost.

Since Fire Kirin Revenge is an upgraded version of Fire Kirin, it’s so sad to see that bad reputation continues upwards. So be extremely careful when you find (if you find) a Fire Kirin Revenge offer from a shady casino and distributor.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fire Kirin Revenge

Multiplayer availableNo specific mobile app available
Hefty multiplier valuesNo online sweepstake casino provider
Plug-and-play arcade systemNo RTP data
Impressive 3D graphics on 4K screensExclusively in-house fish arcade
No other in-game bonuses

Alternatives to Fire Kirin Revenge

However, if you’re looking for fish table games that aren’t as suspicious as a $100 bill on the street and which are available online, then you have to try these. These are my top 5 Fire Kirin Revenge alternatives that will captivate you from the get-go.

  1. Emily’s Treasure – Great visuals, exciting game mechanics with animations, and available multiplayer mode.
  2. KA Fish Hunter – KA Gaming’s poster child of fish table games that won’t leave you disappointed.
  3. Candy Heroes – The best beginner-friendly fish table game from NetGame that comes with a multiplayer mode.
  4. Fishing Kingdom – Also from NetGame, but requires more skill and brings you a hefty 5,000x multiplier bonus.
  5. Ice & Fire Fishing – Legendary Dark-Souls-themed fishing game that comes with a multiplayer mode and four unique bosses.

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