Fire Kirin Fish Game

Fire Kirin Fish Game

Fish games like Fire Kirin deliver the best of all worlds – a nostalgic arcade theme, mesmerizing animations, exciting bonus features, and a great chance to win real money. The game draws inspiration from Chinese mythology, featuring the Kirin, a fiery creature celebrated as a harbinger of peace and good omens.

Similarly, the Fire Kirin fish title is a modern encounter with fortune, with multipliers worth hundreds of times your stake and various game boosts to deliver an immaculate experience. In this article, we reveal all there is to know about the Fire Kirin fish game, from its best features to helpful strategies for winning.

Fire Kirin Info & Overview

Like other fish table games, the main goal in Fire Kirin is to shoot and kill fish for a reward. Fire Kirin, however, distinguishes itself from other games in its niche by having multiple characters that not only unlock multipliers but also bonus features like special weapons and ammunition.

Before going further, I’d like to quickly clarify that the Fire Kirin fish game is very different from the Fire Kirin Casino. The former is a fish title that can be played in various online casinos, while the latter is a sweepstakes site with a questionable reputation, often associated with other shady sites like River Monster, Orion Stars, and Vegas-X.

🎣Fire Kirin
🧑‍💻Software DeveloperGuangzhou Changyao Limited
🤠ThemeChinese mythology
📱Mobile CompatibilityAndroid and iOS app available
🎁Bonus FeaturesLaser and Missile Attack

How to Play Fire Kirin?

As I said before, the primary objective with Fish Kirin is to shoot and kill as many fish as possible using the bullets provided in the game. The strength of your bullet depends on your bet size, so the higher your wager, the more powerful and disastrous your bullet will be.

Fire Kirin Gameplay

The title features various fish species, including the titular Fire Kirin, sharks, dolphins, and dragons, each with different multiplier values. Note that the most valuable fish species, especially the Fire Kirin itself, require more ammunition to kill.

Once you open the game, you will need to choose between solo play and multiplayer mode. After making your choice, the game commences immediately, and your screen will be filled with fish of different sizes crossing the screen. All that is left is to fire bullets to kill them.

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What Are the Game Controls?

As you enter the fish table, you will see an arrow pointing to which of the four canons is yours. On either side of your weapon are buttons for increasing or reducing your bet size within the given range. Your coins counter, which shows you how many coins you have left, is also located close to your weapon.

There are three additional game controls on one side of the screen, namely the Laser, Lock, and Auto buttons. The Laser is a special weapon that allows you to continuously shoot a lightning ray at a specific fish until it yields or goes off-screen. The Auto button automates your firing process, and the Lock button ‘locks’ your aim on a particular fish, allowing you to maintain your target even as the fish drifts along the screen.

Types of Fish and Their Values

Here are the fish types on Fire Kirin and their multiplier values:

  1. Small blue fish: 2x
  2. Anglerfish: 12x
  3. Turtle: 15x
  4. Clownfish: 30x
  5. Green blowfish: 40x
  6. Blue and yellow fish: 40x
  7. Dolphin: 40x
  8. Great white shark: 150x
  9. Fire Kirin: 400x

Strategies for Maximizing Points

Unlike most casino games that rely entirely on luck, Fire Kirin has a skill element to it. This means that with the right strategies, you can infuse some structure into your gameplay to improve your winning chances and minimize losses.

  1. Understand the gameplay: Start by learning the different fish species, their values, and the approximate number of bullets it takes to catch each fish species. Armed with this information, you can avoid fish that pay out less than they are worth in ammunition and time.
  2. Play for free first: This is especially crucial for newcomers to the Fire Kirin fish game. Playing in the safety of free coins mode helps you get a feel of the game before you start betting with sweeps coins.
  3. Employ power-ups wisely: Power-ups and boosters are a great way to reel cash in without extensive betting. When armed with a power-up, raise your bets and aim for larger fish to maximize your overall payouts.
  4. Monitor your bankroll: Pay close attention to your bankroll, as this helps you see the effectiveness of your strategies in real time. Monitoring your bankroll also helps you avoid betting more than you can afford.

Power-Ups and Special Weapons

Power-ups and special weapons are highly instrumental in securing a big win and maximizing entertainment value in fish table titles like FireKirin. Fire Kirin power-ups include:

  1. Laser Shrimp: This is a unique weapon that you get when you level up. It lets you take down multiple fish in a single shot, saving ammo and creating more payout opportunities.
  2. Missile Attack: To use this weapon, you must pay some extra coins and buy additional bullets. However, it makes up for its cost by allowing you to wipe out multiple small fish in one go.
  3. Mad Shark: This is a bomb-type character that explodes when killed, automatically eliminating all fish in the area of the blast.
  4. Fury Dragon: The fury dragon is one of the first symbols that appear when you begin a new round. Defeating this fish boosts firepower and gives you additional time.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode?

The Fire Kirin fish game originated as an arcade table game for four players and still adheres to that structure. However, today, you now have the flexibility of either playing solo or engaging in multiplayer mode with friends or fellow fish game enthusiasts around the world.

Fire Kirin Multiplayer

Tips for Increasing Winning Odds

If you are wondering how to win on the Fire Kirin fish game, here are some of our expert-verified tips to increase your winning odds:

  1. Shoot at swarms of small fish: When playing fish games, it can be tempting to incessantly shoot at the big fish since they possess the biggest multipliers. However, big fishes like the FireKirin fish are notoriously hard to catch. A more profitable approach is to target swarms of smaller fish, as you are more likely to eliminate multiple fish in one go.
  2. Choose the right weapon: Fire Kirin gives you two main weapon options: a simple cannon or a laser blaster. The cannon is best for shooting small fish or rapidly switching targets. On the other hand, the laser blaster focuses on a single fish, auto-aiming and shooting until the fish is caught or glides off the table.
  3. Choose your bet size wisely: To help make up for your losses, consider increasing your bet size when shooting smaller fish, as they are relatively easy to catch. However, shooting at big fish with a large bet could cause you to lose money too quickly.

Can You Download the Fire Kirin Fish Game

Fire Kirin Banner

Yes, you can download the Fire Kirin fish game app directly onto your mobile device to play it on the go.

If you use an iOS device, a quick search on the App Store will lead you to the app, so you can begin your Fire Kirin fish game download. Similarly, players with an Android phone or tablet can find the FireKirin mobile app available for download on the Google Play Store. Once installed, these apps offer the flexibility to either log into your account or continue playing for free as a guest.

Online Reviews of the Fire Kirin Fish Game

FireKirin delivers a captivating and rewarding experience, blending animated visuals, immersive gameplay, and the opportunity to win real money. Players especially love the power-ups and special weapons, which allow them to unleash missiles and lasers to wipe out entire fish swarms in one go.

The daily wheel feature also adds to the fun by offering additional free coins and various awards for leveling up. The only potential downside is that it might take some time for you to get accustomed to Fire Kirin play online and start accumulating wins. Unlike the straightforward gameplay of slot games, Fire Kirin’s mechanics may present a learning curve for newcomers.

You can also play the updated version of the game dubbed Fire Kirin Revenge.

Differences Between Online and Arcade Versions of the Game

The online version of FireKirin was developed as an alternative to the land-based arcade game, especially for those who could not freely access physical casinos that had this fish table game. As a result, the gameplay, design, and general features of the online and arcade versions are similar, with only a few notable differences.

While the arcade version only has one variant, there are multiple variants of Fire Kirin online, such as Fire Kirin II, Fire Kirin Thunder, Fire Kirin Jackpot, Fire Kirin Plus etc. Another difference is the arcade version requires your physical input throughout the game, with no option for automatic gameplay, while the online variant allows you to set the game to Auto Play and watch as your weapon automatically dispenses bullets in any direction you choose. 

Pros & Cons of Playing Fire Kirin Fish Game

Impressive visuals and immersive gameplayA bit of a learning curve compared to slots
Exciting power-ups and boostersUnclear RTP
Constant rewards for loyal players
Autoplay feature is available
Multiple weapons to choose from

Final Thoughts

Fire Kirin is a great option for lovers of arcade games who are also interested in casino gambling. With multiple bonus features and big multipliers, this game has what it takes to deliver big wins. And if you are a mobile player, you can easily download the app on your device and have access to it anytime, anywhere.

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