Fish Catch Slot Game

Fish Catch Slot

If you are looking for a break from the regular games of chance, such as slots, then the Fish Catch slot game might be the point of interest you are looking for. The Fish Catch slot game is quite a relaxing experience, and instead of leaving everything to chance, it is all about skill, which is why this is also referred to as a skill game in the casino world.

However, while this all sounds nice and dandy, there are some catches not only with this game but with this type of game in general, which you will have the opportunity to read about through the review.

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Fish Catch Game Overview

When it comes to Fish Catch, if you play any skill-based games in a casino referred to as fishing games, then you have probably already played Fish Catch, as it does not have anything new and unique to put a twist on the genre.

The premise of the game is straightforward. You are controlling a cannon that shoots bullets, and the bigger fish you catch by shooting them, the bigger prize you will get. Getting into the game is quick and easy, and there are various wager options to go for as soon as you start the game.

Once you select your wager, you will start seeing fish on the screen. The visuals are clean and colorful, and the whimsical music playing in the background adds to the experience.

Fish Catch Slot Gameplay

While the visual presentation is fantastic, things begin to fall apart once the game’s mechanics and gameplay take the players’ attention. During our playtests, we mostly played alone, and playing a fish game without other players is an abysmal experience, as you are bound to lose money no matter how well you play.

As each bullet you shoot and land costs money, the core problem is that fish tend to have more health than the prize they give. For example, it might take five bullets that cost $2.50 to shoot down a fish that rewards you $7.50, which is a $5 loss.

Of course, there are chances for you to get lucky and catch a fish before the health depletes completely, which is where the “slots-like” feeling comes in. So, in theory, if you are lucky with instant kills on the fish, you will win a lot but don’t get your hopes up.

One frustrating thing we experienced with this fishing game is that sometimes the health bar will not deplete completely, even if only a sliver remains. This caused us to sink loads of bullets into the fish, losing a lot of money.

Now, when it comes to playing in multiplayer, the experience is entirely different, as you can plan out your shots. Last hit the big fish that everyone is chugging their bullets into, adding another strategy layer. While it is probably frustrating to those who sink bullets into a big fish only to lose it, you are having fun if you get away with a big prize.

Last but not least, there is a random event where you will get a wheel that you can spin for some multipliers. As this comes randomly, it is worth shooting a bullet here and there so you are not removed for inactivity and farming the Mermaid’s Luck feature for extra winnings.

We will go into more detail and strategies about the game later on, but the most significant takeaways about Fish Catch can be found in the table below.

🎣Fish Catch Game
Shoot fish to winThe bigger fish you kill, the bigger the prizes.
Wager more to deal big damageBigger wagers, aka. cannons deal more damage, so it is good to use them for last-hitting big fish
Avoid singleplayerThe game is designed for multiple people, and you will lose more than you win if you play by yourself
Strategy is essentialWhat makes Fish Catch fun is that you can plan your shots and win big instead of leaving everything to chance

How to Play Fish Catch Slot Game?

As soon as you start the game, the first screen you see will allow you to select the wager amount, going from $0.01 to $2.50 for the smallest bullets. These wagers can be increased by 10x once you start playing by choosing a bigger cannon on the bottom right of the screen.

Fish Catch Slot Paytable

The game’s goal is to shoot fish, and you can do that by clicking or tapping on the screen. Each time a bullet hits a fish, the fish will lose some health, or if you are lucky, you will catch it even if the health bar is not depleted.

On the top right of the screen, you can reposition yourself to a different area, which is useful when scouting for big fish like the Mermaid, which gives 1000x your minimum bet.

On the left, three buttons can be found:

  • The first one is the auto-aim button, which allows your cannon to keep shooting at a single fish you click on, making bullets pass through other ones.
  • The second button is auto fish, allowing the game to play by shooting only the fish you desire.
  • The third one is the most useful, as it will show the rewards of each fish without you having to hover over them.

The last interaction you should know about is the Mermaid’s Fortune, as you have to click on it to spin the wheel and get some rewards (you can also wait 5 seconds for an auto-spin).

Types of Fish and Their Value in Fish Catch

🎣Fish Catch Game Paytable
Bigeye fish1.20x
Bomb fish1.30x
Thorn fish1.50x
Skeleton fish1.80x
Snorkel fish2.00x
Small fish3.00x
Antenna fish4.00x
Colorful fish5.00x
Golden fish8.00x
Stripe fish15.00x
Jungle fish20.00x
Golden Shark100.00x
Tiger Shark300.00x
Purple Shark500.000x

Special Features and Power-Ups

The only special feature in Fish Catch is Mermaid’s Luck. This is a randomly occurring event where you can spin a wheel of fortune that awards you a multiplier of your bet when the wheel spawned. Because of this, it is good to have a big cannon equipped, as you will receive the biggest payout from the wheel.

Fish Catch Slot Wheel Bonus

Are There Bonus Rounds and Jackpots in Fish Catch?

There are no bonus rounds or jackpots in Fish Catch. The only bonuses available are the Mermaid’s Luck, a randomly occurring wheel that gives you a bonus based on your current bet, and the end-round bonus, which rewards the player with the most winnings throughout the round.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode in Fish Catch?

The cannons found on the bottom right of the screen are multipliers you can work with. The first one is your default bet that you select on the first screen of the game, and you can multiply your bet 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x by choosing a bigger cannon from left to right.

Fish Catch Slot Multipliers

Where to Play Fish Catch?

If you want to play Fish Catch, there are two reliable casino options for playing this game. It’s possible that more platforms will introduce this game in the future.


There are various bonuses at AussiePlay, but no sign-up bonus. While the casino seems shady, if you want to play Fish Catch, this is one of the two places to do so.


The second option for Fish Catch that is worth checking out is SlotsEmpire. This is a casino where you can play hundreds of other slot games, and while they do not offer a no deposit bonus, the welcome bonus on your first deposit can be huge, as it goes up to $7,500.

Can You Play Fish Catch on Mobile?

You can play Fish Catch on a mobile device, but as the screens are smaller than a monitor, there are better ways to do it due to all the clutter within the game.

The two platforms we mentioned earlier, AussiePlay and SlotsEmpire, offer an app you can use to play Fish Catch and other games on their platform, but you can also just access everything through a browser.

Best Strategies for Winning Fish Catch

Since Fish Catch is a skill game, we will share some of the best strategies that will help you walk away with big wins.

The Last Hits Are Big

While the core idea of the game is to spam shots into the fish, the best strategy is to let other people do most of the work for you, as you have better odds of catching the fish by hitting it when its health bar is almost empty.

Use the Biggest Cannon

Using the biggest cannon that deals more damage does cost more money, but since it does more damage and rewards you with bigger wins, it is worth using it more than the smaller ones. The big cannon will also contribute to the multiplier of the Mermaid’s Luck, as it rewards players for their current bet (and the biggest cannon is the biggest bet).

Avoid Shooting the Biggest Fish

From our experience, the big and extremely rare fish are just bait to take away your money. They are almost impossible to shoot unless all players focus on one.

Never Play Alone!

Playing alone is a good way to lose your deposit, so try to find a table with at least two players and increase your chances of winning that way.

Player Ratings and Reviews of Fish Catch Fish Game

We searched everywhere for genuine user reviews for Fish Catch Fish Game, but finding one was impossible. The only reviews we found are ones that more or less preach the same thing about the game, which is how to play and what the available payouts are, without any genuine opinions.

With this in mind, the star ratings we found on multiple platforms usually tend to be positive, around four stars or 80%, depending on the rating system. We do not understand why this is the case, as the game seems to be quite glitchy from our experience, as we mentioned in our review.

Fish Catch Slot Review

The only people who seem to agree with our view on this game are those you can find in YouTube comments, as they say that it is an easy way to lose money, which is true, especially if you play alone. In conclusion, you are better off checking out some other fish games at Fortune Coins, Funrize, or NoLimitCoins Casino, as they are fairer and more active.

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