Fish Chopper Game

Fish Chopper Game

Fish Chopper is a pretty exciting multiplayer shooting game with over 20 characters. It offers a maximum win worth 300x your wager and various power-ups and bonus features to ensure you have a good time. Being a skill-based game, certain techniques can improve your winning chances, and we have included them in this review.

Unfortunately, Fish Chopper is not available on any legitimate online casino. So, if you want to play the game, you would have to visit shady platforms like Fire Kirin and River Monster. Nonetheless, this Fish Chopper review tells you all you need to know about the game to make an informed decision, from its objectives to characters and available power-ups.

Overview of the Fish Chopper Game

Fish Chopper is an arcade-style shooting game set underwater, and all you have to do is fire a gun at the different fishes swimming across your screen. There is no information about who made it, but I noticed its software is available for sale on Alibaba, so it is probably from a Chinese developer.

The game’s graphics are decent but nothing spectacular. Its soundtrack is similar to that of older physical fish arcade games, evoking a feeling of nostalgia. Overall, the gameplay is not bad, although I’d be wary of playing the game since there is no information about its developer, and I could not find any proof that it has been tested for fairness by independent testing agencies.

Game Rules and Objectives

Like all fish shooter games, the objective in Fish Chopper is simply to kill as many characters as possible by direct hits, as stray shots do not count. The game has 20+ fish species, and each one has a specific multiplier value that determines your reward for killing it.

The betting limit in Fish Chopper ranges between 0.01 – 5 Coins, with 0.01 being the default. Your bet size determines the strength of your bullet, so the higher your wager, the more lethal your bullet will be. This is especially important when you want to take down fish species with high multiplier values like the long yellow fish, which delivers a whopping 300x your bet for killing it. Unsurprisingly, the more valuable fish characters are generally difficult to kill and typically require more firepower than the less valuable ones.

Fish Chopper Techniques and Strategies

While slots and most casino games rely entirely on luck, Fish Chopper is a game of skill. This means that with the right techniques, you can become a proficient fish hunter, raking in significant wins whenever you play. Here are some of our expert-recommended Fish Chopper strategies:

  1. Set and stick to a gaming budget: Before you start playing any fish game, set a budget to prevent overspending. A gaming budget not only keeps you in control but also helps you choose strategies that will deliver the best results without hurting your pocket.
  2. Select targets wisely: Being a multiplayer game, you won’t be the only one firing shots at the targets on the screen. Avoid fishes already under heavy fire from other players to prevent wasting bullets if the points go to another player. Also, prioritize fish that have just entered the screen to provide ample time for elimination before they swim out of view.
  3. Apply the mustache strategy or ballpoint shooting: These strategies involve maneuvering your cannon to kill targets. The mustache strategy is bullet-conserving and requires you to rotate your cannon through small angles while firing at one fish at a time. Ballpoint shooting focuses on hitting a single target by bouncing a bullet off a wall opposite the fish and firing a second shot directly at it, increasing your chances of killing it.
  4. Target Clusters: Killing off fish clusters takes fewer bullets than it would if you were to target the fish individually. The proximity allows one bullet to take down multiple fish at once while leaving behind an infected spot that continues to kill more targets without requiring you to shoot more bullets.

Types of Fish in the Game

Fish Chopper has over 20 fishes with multiplier values ranging from 2x to 300x. The two-headed penguin and large goldfish are unique characters in that their values come in a range. The 2-headed penguin is worth 100x – 300x, while the large goldfish awards you 40 – 200x your wager. There are also special characters like Three-of-a-kind, Four-of-a-kind, and Mica that grant you the reward of killing multiple fish at once. Below is a table detailing the fish species in the game and their respective multiplier values:

🐟Fish Species❌Multiplier Values
Yellow Slug2x
Banded Leporinus2x
Blue striped Grunt3x
Purple Stripe Dottyback5x
Koi Fish6x
Yellow Spiky Fish7x
Blue Tang8x
Black and White Heniochus12x
Purple Fish15x
Blue Tail Guppy18x
Blue Needlefish20x
Blue Flatfish25x
Golden Fish with Flat Hook40x
Large Goldfish40x – 200x
Long Yellow Fish300x
2-headed Penguin100x – 300x
Three-of-a-kindSum of the 3 fish
Four-of-a-kindSum of the 4 fish
MicaMultiplier value of a random fish

Power-Ups and Bonuses

Fish Chopper has a few power-ups and bonuses that enhance the gameplay and help you exterminate more fish with fewer bullets. They include:


  1. Laser Weapon: This weapon significantly improves your shot power, making it easier to kill even the more valuable fish characters with precision.
  2. Lock Target: As its name implies, Lock Target fixes your gun on a particular fish so you can continue firing direct shots at it as it crosses the screen. This tool is especially useful in taking down some elusive fish species like the bluetail guppy.
  3. Auto Fire: With Auto Fire, you do not have to continuously click on your gun to fire bullets; the power-up does all the work for you. Choose your preferred bet size, click the “Auto” symbol at the right corner of the page, and you are good to go.

Bonus Characters

  1. Fish King: Killing the Fish King immobilizes all the fish of the same kind on the screen, giving you free rein to swiftly eliminate them and claim the rewards.
  2. Loyalty Hall: Loyalty Hall freezes all the fish on the screen for 15 seconds, so it’s easier to kill them.
  3. Fly Wheel: When you hit the Fly Wheel, it triggers a wide-range blast, which annihilates all nearby fish in one go.

4. Water Margin: Hitting the Water Margin summons the furious dragon that spits flames and obliterates all the fish species in its fiery path.

5. Warrior Li Kui: The Warrior slaughters fish on your behalf when he appears on your screen. But the best part of this bonus is that the points he carries increase spontaneously until a fish knocks him down.

Is There a Multiplayer Option for Fish Chopper?

Yes, Fish Chopper is inherently a multiplayer game that can host up to 4 players. The game has 4 cannons, and at the beginning of every session, you will see an arrow pointing at the cannon that belongs to you. At the bottom of your cannon are buttons that allow you to adjust the size of your wager.

The remaining 3 cannons are operated by other players, all aiming to hit the same fish on the screen as you. This is why coordination and precision are crucial in fish shooter games, as you need to land the most direct hits on a target to claim the reward.

Are There Any Unlockable Levels and Achievements?

In Fish Chopper, the gameplay is straightforward without any unlockable levels or achievements. What you see is what you get, and the sole objective of the game is to eliminate fish characters to earn points. In the place of unlockable levels, Fish Chopper offers power-ups and bonuses, which you can strategically use to accomplish the goal of killing as many fish as possible.

Where to Play Fish Chopper

As I mentioned in the introduction, Fish Chopper is not available on legit sites, which, honestly, makes us question its fairness. During my research for this review, I only found the game on Fire Kirin Casino and River Monster, both of which operate as offshore casinos with highly questionable reputations.

They are available in all US states, including those that currently prohibit online gaming, demonstrating a worrisome reluctance to comply with regulatory authorities. Moreover, they offer meager bonuses, lack adequate customer support, and are notorious for withholding players’ rightful winnings without justification.

If you want to take the risk and register on these platforms, you have to contact agents via Facebook since there is no direct registration link on both casinos. While legit sites like Funrize and NoLimitCoins offer no deposit bonuses to help you kickstart your fish gaming adventure without spending a dime, River Monster and Fire Kirin do not offer sign up bonuses. After creating an account, you have to deposit by sending money to an agent’s Cash App account and hope that you won’t be defrauded. 

What Players Think of Fish Chopper

Unfortunately, I could not find any player reviews of Fish Chopper. This scarcity of feedback is likely due to the game’s absence from most gaming sites, and the 2 casinos that offer it are not trustworthy.  As a result, players may be hesitant to engage with the game or share their experiences.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Chopper

Over 20 fish charactersUnavailable on legit online casinos
Exciting power-ups and bonus charactersNo unlockable levels
No certifications from third-party testing agencies

Alternatives to Fish Chopper

If you’re a lover of fish games like Fish Chopper, there are many more titles for you to explore. Here is a summary of some popular fish games you can try:

Thunder Fishing

Thunder Fishing has lots of special features and 3 big bosses, one of which can deliver an astonishing 2,500x payout. Developed by NetGame, the title boasts vivid graphics and an immersive soundtrack that makes the underwater adventure all the more exhilarating.

Its special features are also unique, with about 4 of them dealing hundreds of hits to help you eliminate many fish. The Wheel and Game Machine features award multipliers ranging from 5x to 2,400x, while the Fishing Rush feature causes fish to swim in groups, facilitating easy elimination by clustering them together.

This exceptional game is available on reputable platforms like NoLimitCoins, Tao Fortune, and Funrize Casino.

128,000 Tao Coins on Sign-Up

100,000 Gold Coins on Sign up

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

Space Cowboy

In Space Cowboy, you do not shoot at fish characters. Instead, this game takes you to outer space, where the goal is to annihilate aliens and rogue spaceships. Unlike most multiplayer fish titles that allow up to 4 players, Space Cowboy only accommodates 2. The game starts with you selecting a game room, each offering different betting limits so players with varying budgets can comfortably enjoy the game.

The highest-paying character on Space Cowboy is the fiery red spider, which pays 300x your bet. Additionally, you can leverage bonus features, such as Time Stop, Laser Weapon, and Chain Wins, to improve your gameplay. Time Stop freezes all the targets on your screen and awards a 20x multiplier. Laser Weapon boosts shot focus and lethality while also granting a 35x multiplier. Activating Chain Wins triggers a chain reaction that kills several characters.

You can find Space Cowboy at Fortune Coins Casino.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

Ocean King

If you have been playing fish games for a while, you have probably heard of Ocean King. It is one of the decade’s most popular arcade games, which started as a physical game with a table board before transitioning online.

One of the key features of Ocean King is its arsenal of three interchangeable guns, each boasting different strengths that players can utilize to maximize their rewards. It also features 7 power-ups, including Drill Crab, Super Bomb Crab, Chain Thunder, Vortex Fish, Thunder Dragon, and Laser Crab, all designed to help players catch more fish without expending bullets. The last feature, Roulette Crab, unlocks a spin-the-wheel bonus game that offers a chance to win thousands of coins.

360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins