Fishing Kingdom Game

Fishing Kingdom Game

Made by NetGame Entertainment, the Fishing Kingdom isn’t like your ordinary casino slot game – it’s a fish game. It represents a more interactive online game because players need to shoot down prizes instead of spinning the reels like in a typical online slot. With an RTP of 96.02%, it’s close to an average slot game which makes it a medium volatility.

One of the features allows the multiplayer mode that has four slots, one of which you choose before you start playing. Weapon rounds have different colors for each player, so you can easily distinguish your rounds from others. Besides the base game, where each type of fish has its own prize, there are special features, including a Pick’em Bonus, Bonus Wheel, Super Laser, and Free Shot Cannon.

Fishing Kingdom Game Overview

Fishing Kingdom Gameplay

Fishing Kingdom is an ocean-themed fish game with 16 different types of symbols (mostly fish) that can give you from 2x up to 600x for the Big Boss while the max-win is 5,000x that can be triggered from special features.

The menu is similar to any other slot with sound settings, paytable, cash/coin settings, and fullscreen mode. At the start, you’ll be able to choose a table with or without players or quick play. The coin value will depend on the casino, and for the ones with the best options, you’ll be able to set the value from 0.01 up to 10.00 coins.

Take a look at two Fishing Kingdom paytables, the first one depicting small fish rewards and the second one big fish rewards.

Prize descriptionOrange fish/blue finBluefish/pink tailBlue/yellow fishOrange/white clownfishPink fishYellow fishBlue/orange fish
Prize paytable2x3x4x5x6x8x10x
Prize descriptionLanternOrangesLotus FlowerPufferfishPurple RayHammerhead SharkGreen RayBlue Shark
Prize paytable15x20x30x40x50x100x150x200x

The fish called Big Boss is a big catch that has a chance to give you 25x, 50x, or 75x on each hit and 600x if you manage to destroy the boss.

Fishing Kingdom Special Features

From time to time, the Fishing Rush feature will appear in the game which is a type of bonus game where fish will swim in a pattern, starting from smaller ones to bigger ones.

Laser shots, free shots, and fishing rush are some of the features you can find in the Fishing Kingdom, but four main ones will gain your interest.

  • Pick’em Bonus – The crown bonus symbol is a classic pick’em bonus where you need to choose out of five available crowns, one of which is worth 2,500x. The rest of the crowns reward you with 50x, 100x, 250x, and 1,000x.
  • Bonus Wheel – Besides offering a fixed prize that can go up to 5,000x, the bonus wheel awards free spins. The inside wheel will give you either a number of free spins or a certain prize and the outside wheel is a multiplier that goes up to 10x.
  • Super Laser – This shot goes in one direction, and everything in its path will get hit with a value of 100 to 500 of your base shot.
  • Free Shot Cannon – This feature will award you with 100 to 300 free shots.

Gameplay Mechanics & Control

Once you start the game, you can click to shoot or hold your click for rapid shooting. Each shot doesn’t guarantee a win; instead, the chances of winning depend on the type of fish or special symbol.

An important thing to mention about Fishing Kingdom is that you can’t miss all of the targets because your weapon rounds will bounce from the wall until they hit a certain reward. Besides special rewards, there’s also a Laser feature in the bottom-middle of the screen which you can use in the base game, and it will make your weapon shoot only the desired target. The fire rate and cost per round are the same as for the base weapon.

Even if you can’t miss all targets, there is one limitation that you need to care about – the number of rounds on the screen. On top of your weapon, there is a meter that will fill the bar up the more rounds are on the screen. Once the bar is full, you won’t be able to fire until some rounds hit the target and disappear.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Fishing Kingdom

Use the Wall

Although spamming rounds all around is extremely fun, our best tip is to use the walls to your advantage. Fish aren’t going in a certain direction which means that they will overlap with your target. So, once it happens, try to bounce the bullets off the wall in order to hit the target.

Save Bullets

Even if you have to hit a certain target, spamming bullets isn’t always great because some targets will just go out of your sight while you spend unnecessary rounds on them. Try to save your bullets for when you see your target.

Always Focus on Big Boss

The reason why you want to always focus on Big Boss is that chance you have to gain 25x or more per hit. It’s similar to focusing on other targets, while this one can land you 600x as well.

Smaller Targets in Fishing Rush

The fish will travel in a pattern during the rush, which means that you know exactly where they will be. Because the top symbols are in the middle, shooting all smaller fish can give you a good return.

Where to Play Fishing Kingdom

Even if it was released exactly two years ago, there aren’t enough online casinos that have Fishing Kingdom in their offers. However, there are just enough legit sweepstakes casinos that offer Fishing Kingdom to its players, both in demo mode and for SC coins.

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

128,000 Tao Coins on Sign-Up

100,000 Gold Coins on Sign up

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Funrize125,000 TRN Coins
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TaoFortune Caisno88,800 Tao Coins

Can You Play in Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, Fishing Kingdom has a multiplayer option where the maximum number of players is four. You will always appear in the bottom-right of your screen, while the rest of the players will be in the top and bottom corners. As mentioned, the colors of bullets will differ, so you won’t have visual issues while shooting.

Fishing Kingdom Rooms

Are There Fishing Kingdom Competitions?

There aren’t any competitions organized by NetGame, but some casinos can have their own competitions, including games from this provider. If you want to play this game in competition mode, make sure you check out the recommended casinos above and keep an eye on their tournament offers.

Is Fishing Kingdom Available on Mobile?

If you’re looking for a Fishing Kingdom apk download, I’m sorry to disappoint – the fish game itself does not have a downloadable iOS or Android app. Although Fishing Kingdom game apk doesn’t exist, you can still access the game via your mobile browser as it is optimized for mobile use. Hopefully, we’ll get an app in the future to make our on-the-go playing experience more seamless.

Fishing Kingdom Player Reviews

In contrast to most slots, this game doesn’t have you spinning the reels until you hit a big win, which most players seem to like. What stands out the most is choosing your target due to the interactive feeling that does not come with many other online games.

Fishing Kingdom Review

Fishing Kingdom – Is It Worth It?

With realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay, this online fish game offers a true online escape into the deep blue. Diverse fish species, engaging quests, and interactive features create a vibrant community for players looking to explore the multiplayer mode. Fishing Kingdom is not merely a game but an adventure that allows players to unwind, connect, and reel in the joy of a virtual angling experience like no other.

Lots of bonus featuresCan make you shoot through your coins faster
Interactive game with a multiplayer mode
High-tech graphics and audio
Developed by NetGame Entertainment
125,000 TRN Coins on Sign Up