Fishing Master Game

Fishing Master Game

Fishing Master online game is one of those titles that throw you straight into the action. There is no drudgery in setting up an account, verifying payment methods, or downloading fishy .apk files and praying they won’t compromise your data. On top of that, it is a pretty good game overall, with excellent graphics and plenty of oceanic creatures to hunt down.

However, not everything is smooth sailing. Fishing Master suffers from several game-breaking swells – particularly if you plan on playing for free.

But before we reach the conclusion on whether you should dive into the blue of Fishing Master, let us unpack the game in some detail.

Overview of the Fishing Master Game

As its title suggests, Fishing Master is a skills-based fish game created by ShenZhen Handmobi Technology, a largely unknown developer with only one game currently on Google Play Store. The game is highly regarded and downloaded by over 100K players.

The reasons behind its popularity are easy to see. Fishing Master sports:

  • Impeccable graphics
  • Well-oiled controls
  • Decent mechanics
  • Great availability

The game is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded easily.

But therein lies one of its weakest points, too. Everyone can try it out, but to unlock all of its game-defining features, you’ll have to pay the entrance price. Welcome bonuses are barely enough to scrape you off the ground, and more powerful weaponry is almost always locked behind a pay tree.

Another problem I found is that some enemies can be bullet sponges, and sinking your ammo into a Golden Whale only to see it carelessly drift off the screen is one of the most frustrating feelings in any fish game.

That said, the game is quite fun. The big fish and the (only) boss battle come regularly enough to provide a sense of urgency, and sticking to your guns and strategizing along the way proved way more consequential than in similar titles. I just wish that more features were available in free play.

Game Rules and Objectives

The rules in Fishing Master are as straightforward as they come: shoot as many fish as cross your screen to pile up as many points as your wallet will allow. That is not to say that there is no complexity here. Far from it; this is a skills-based game, after all. The decisions on what canon to select or what power-up to use will make a difference between winning and stranding on the game’s fish-infested shores.

Fishing Master comes in several playing modes:

  1. Classic Mode
  2. Forge
  3. Arena

Logging in as guests for the first time, only Classic Mode and Arena will be available to you. I’m an old-fashioned kind of player, and classic, to me, is where all the fun is.

At the start, you’ll get a turret and try to down as many small fish as possible. Shooting bigger fish will bring more rewards, allowing you to purchase better gear and shoot even bigger fish. Bet sizes vary from 1x to 5x from the start, and playing around with them goes a long way. Oh, and auto shoot is here, as well, but available for a limited time only.

Nothing we haven’t seen before, but Fishing Master makes the whole cycle extremely fun. If you forgo the illusion of free play, that is.

Fishing Master Techniques and Strategies

Fishing Master isn’t much different from its peers in favoring the cautious approach. We’ve played around with the game’s mechanics to see what approaches and strategies work the best, and here are our findings:

  • Focus on smaller fish first: Even though you’ll see them floating around from the start, don’t get too hung up on the big fish. Skip on anything golden before your cannon gets big enough to take them down.
  • Maximize the power-ups: Power-ups in Fishing Master burn fast and replenish even quicker, so there can’t be any empty period when you’re not using. Combine them for even greater effect. For instance, if you’re hungry for some big fish, you can use the summoning power up, freeze the screen, and let the turret loose.
  • Get creative with bet sizes: The fact that you can adjust bet size on the fly goes a long way. Here’s a practical tip: start with bet size 5 and shoot the small fish, then proceed with 1 and focus on swarms of small and mid-size fish. Only when you get strong enough should you go big.

Types of Fish in the Game

Fishing Master Game

This is where Fishing Master let me down a bit. Unlike some of the genre staples, the game doesn’t have a lot of variety when it comes to special fish and boss fights. Sure, the so-called ‘normal’ fish come in almost every shape, size, and bonus award, but bosses leave a lot to be desired.

Discounting the only boss fight in the game, there are a total of 20 different fish to gun down, each bringing between 2x and 120x in multiplier value. 19 of them are regular, and only one is a designated special fish. That is Bomb Fish, and similar to torpedo power-ups, taking it down will result in a massive explosion that clears the entire screen.

However, the most valuable fish in Fishing Master is the Emperor Whale, and besting it will yield between 200x and 600x and result in one torpedo drop. So, if you see Emperor Whale flapping its scales around, freeze the screen and shoot on sight. Here is the list of all fish in the Fishing Master online game.

🐟Fish Species💰Multiplier Value
Blue Puckerfish15x
Betta Fish26x
Manta Ray30x
Hammerhead Shark50x
Golden Turtleshark80x
Holden Manta Ray100x
Golden Shark120x
Bomb FishExplosion
Emperor Whale200x – 600x + torpedo drop

Power-Ups and Bonuses

Similarly to the lack of boss battles, the variety of power-ups in Fishing Master isn’t one of its plus points. In regular guest play, there are 3 power-ups available from the get-go:

  • Lock-on Target: It allows you to focus your wrath on a specific fish. Beware that the lock-on is time-limited to 10 seconds and above, depending on your current level.
  • Freeze Screen: Freeze the fish for a certain period of time.
  • Summoning: Calls up rare fish randomly on the screen. It’s usually a Golden Shark or a Golden Turtle.

In Fishing Master, pulling the power-up card is worth it as they are quick to burn through and even quicker to recharge. My advice? Loosen your thumbs and use them often.

Additionally, there are also power-ups like 2x fish multiplier available once you reach a certain VIP level. Torpedo is the most frustrating of all. It is as rare as a shark’s legs (you win it by taking down the Emperor Whale) but also so satisfying.

Bonuses and Free Play in Fishing Master

As for bonuses, well, there are quite a few to go through. Here’s what you can expect to receive as a novice:

  • Day 1 – 2x prize
  • Day 2 – 10,000x fishing coupon
  • Day 3 – 200x diamonds
  • Day 4 – 20,000x gold
  • Day 5 – 20x lock card
  • Day 6 – 20x frozen card
  • Day 7 – 1x golden torpedo
  • Day 8 – Taurus lucky 7Days award

On top of that, there is a similar 7-Day Login Prize tree, daily and weekly activities that you can take advantage of, as well as an option to watch 30-second videos for some freebies.

Truth be told, despite sounding overwhelming, I was never really impressed with Fishing Master bonuses. While it all sounds appetizing on paper, in reality, there are so many different currencies and power-up bonuses, and many of them don’t really make that much of a difference.

Most serve only as previews of what you can expect when paying real money.

Is There a Multiplayer Option for Fishing Master?

While solo play is a blast, having friends join the party is much more satisfying. Multiplayer mode in Fishing Master doubles, triples, and even quadruples the fun, as there is an option for up to four players simultaneously.

Multiplayer changes the game, too, with the ability to stomp big fishes right from the word go.

Are There Any Unlockable Levels and Achievements?

Part of Fishing Master’s appeal is the number of unlockables that open up as you play. At the start of the game, you can only join the Classic Mode and Arena, with the Soulstone Temple available with 10K Turret Power. Additionally, there are numerous turrets to take advantage of.

The biggest incentive to play Fishing Master, however, is the VIP scheme that makes the game much more accessible to start.

VIP Tree in Fishing Master

While you can absolutely play Fishing Master with the starter pack, you’ll quickly get bored with the grind and go straight to Fishing Master’s VIP scheme. There are seven VIP levels, and each comes with specific perks and privileges. For instance, VIP level 5 includes:

  • All Level 4 privileges
  • Turret with thunder capabilities
  • 1,200k daily login supplement
  • 30,000 lucky money
  • 25% Goldfish additional points
  • Level to Freeze skill
  • Additional Arena points
  • 80% gold coin bonus
  • Improved Daily pack

During my time with Fishing Master, even getting to the second VIP level proved a grind. But the game becomes so much more fun with the higher stakes, as levels 3 and above will net you additional power-ups that can change the game completely.

Where to Play Fishing Master

One of Fishing Master’s most welcome upticks is the game’s availability. You don’t need to stuff your phone with shady files or provide sensitive data to suspicious providers in order to play. The game is readily available on Google Play Store for all Android users.

To play Fishing Master on your Android device, simply:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Type search Fishing Master (fishing game).
  3. Click Install.
  4. Run the game from your device.

And that’s it. The game will run smoothly, and apart from those annoying 30-second videos, I had zero issues with it.

If we could mark it down for something, it’s the lack of Web or iOS support.

Player Reviews of Fishing Master

Being on Google’s Play Store, Fishing Master is subject to reviews and criticism by players of all dispositions. It is heartening that the game has been downloaded more than 100K times and boasts an average score of 4.3 with 1,6K reviews.

Players praise Fishing Master’s graphic aptitude and overall stability of the game. Most of them agree that the fun factor is its strongest point.

The disheartening bit concerns the money and the game being too hard. Some players have reported that their payments were not registered, while others complained about fish being too hard to gun down. But the majority of reviews actually swing in the positive direction.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fishing Master

Easy to installLack of fish variety
Excellent visualsFree play can be a grind
Overall stability of the gameUninventive power-ups
Fun factorAnnoying 30-second videos
Lack of Web or iOS support

Alternatives to Fishing Master

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

128,000 Tao Coins on Sign-Up

100,000 Gold Coins on Sign up

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

If Fishing Master sounds fun, head to the Google Play Store and try it out for free. But if the game isn’t really in your wheelhouse, or you want something that is a little more free-play-friendly, here are 3 games that do a marginally better job than Fishing Master.

🐟Game⭐Best Features
Fire KirinGreat visuals, constant rewards, best-in-class power-ups
King OctopusGreat boss fights, excellent power-ups, fish variety
Ice & FireNumerous power-ups, 4 bosses, Boost button
360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins