Fortune Fishing Fish Game

Fortune Fishing Fish Game

Tired of the monotony that comes with online slots and table games? Fortune Fishing is a skill and strategy-based fish game that takes you on underwater hunting where shooting cannonballs to capture fish is your ticket to earning rewards and multipliers. Allowing up to 4 players per table, this online multiplayer fish game features over a dozen fish species like clownfish, sharks, and pufferfish.

Not only this, you also get special features like the Rage Card, Freeze Card, and even in-game missions that make playing worthwhile. Although you can’t win real money from playing, Fortune Fishing is free to play, offering players unlimited virtual coins.

Whether you are new to fish gaming or want to learn more about Fortune Fishing, this review will give you a closer look at the game mechanics. I will also suggest alternatives that offer free play with the opportunity of winning real money.

What Is Fortune Fishing Fish Game?

Fortune Fishing Loading Screen

Fortune Fishing is a free-to-play fish game exclusively on the Google Play Store and powered by Gold Storm, a sweepstakes online casino. In this shooting game, players use cannonballs to shoot at various underwater creatures, earning corresponding rewards. The game operates on a sweepstakes model, providing players with in-app coins to enjoy the experience. While optional, players can purchase power-ups, extra features, or upgrade weapons and VIP levels, though these are not mandatory for gameplay.

With three main bet levels and the capacity for up to 4 live players per table, Fortune Fishing offers an engaging multiplayer experience. Beyond this title, the mobile app also provides access to similar fish games like Flame Dragon and Pirate Ship. It’s important to note that Fortune Fishing is exclusively available online, requiring a stable internet connection for uninterrupted gameplay.

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How to Play Fortune Fishing Fish?

Fortune Fishing Fish Game keeps it simple – shoot at fish to reap the rewards. Like any underwater habitat, various fish species can be seen in the game, each offering different rewards and multipliers. Playing Fortune Fishing is a cakewalk. Upon entering the game, you’re prompted to choose from three bet levels. I’ll advise you to select the 900-coin max bet as a beginner. As you get the hang of it, you can increase to higher bet levels for increased rewards and, of course, more risks.

Once you select your bet, you’re automatically placed at a table, usually with 3 or fewer players. I’ve even found myself at an empty table, but it doesn’t stay that way for long – it fills up within minutes.

Fortune Fishing Gameplay

Before shooting, set your preferred bullet value ranging from 100 to 900 virtual coins. While any bullet price can capture fish, higher-priced ones are more potent, especially against high-value targets.

Now, it’s time to aim and shoot by tapping the fish or its general direction. Unlike some fish table games where missed shots mean lost bullets, Fortune Fishing’s cannonballs ricochet, ensuring they hit a fish even if the initial target is missed.

Unfortunately, the autoshoot feature is exclusive to VIP players or those who have purchased an upgrade, but you get a host of different cannons that you can try out.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode?

Like almost any other online fish table game, Fortune Fishing amps the excitement with its multiplayer mode, allowing up to 4 players per table. For all the time I played, finding an empty table has been a rare occurrence. While Fortune Fishing brings together 4 players, some similar titles take it a step further, allowing up to 8 players.

Sure, you might be tempted to go solo, but trust me, this isn’t a game meant to be enjoyed alone. The real fun lies in the shared underwater escapade with fellow players, turning each session into a lively and competitive journey.

Top Casinos to Play Online Fortune Fishing Fishing for Real Money

While fish table games aren’t a common find in online casinos, stumbling upon Fortune Fishing is even rarer. Unfortunately, as of now, this online fish table game isn’t hosted by any online casino.

There was a time when you could download the Fortune Fishing app powered by Gold Storm Casino on the Google Play Store, but sadly, it’s no longer available on the app, although the casino retains the game’s name on the Play Store. Even before its exit, Fortune Fishing operated on a virtual currency system, using coins and gems for gameplay, with the only winnings being more virtual coins to keep the game going.

The catch? You can’t win real money with Fortune Fishing. But fear not; the thrill of fish games with real money wins is still within reach. Funrize offers exciting titles like Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom, promising a visually stunning underwater world and real money rewards.

Alternatively, Fortune Coins boasts over half a dozen fish table games, each with unique themes like Mermaid Hunter. If you aim to reel in some serious cash, check out titles like Emily’s Treasure, which offers both in-game rewards and a jackpot prize exceeding $60,000.

Rules and Strategies for Playing Fortune Fishing Fish Game

When you want to play Fortune Fishing, there are two ways to start on the aquatic adventure post-app download. The first involves signing up, a straightforward process where you input your email and password or conveniently link your Facebook account. There’s the instant play option that assigns you a guest account.

For fish gaming novices, I’d suggest kicking off with instant play. Fortune Fish offers you a free spin on the fortune wheel, potentially rewarding you with up to 1 million virtual coins. Use these coins to test the waters, and once you’ve mastered the game,  you can decide whether to bind your account or create a fresh one.

Fortune Fishing operating on a sweepstakes model eliminates the need for deposits. However, you can purchase power-ups, cannons, coins, or gems to enhance your gameplay. It’s worth noting that players must be at least 18 years old to partake in the fun. While not explicitly stated, following US sweepstakes law, Washington players might miss out on the Fortune Fishing experience.

What Makes Fortune Fishing Fish Game Stand Out?

Fortune Fishing Fish Game graphics may not scream revolutionary, but what grabbed my attention is the extensive array of sea creatures. Sure, the underwater world looks realistic, but Fortune Fishing takes it up a notch, featuring everything from crabs and swordfish to lobsters, octopuses, turtles, angler fish, and sharks. Each creature has unique rewards, speed, and a varying difficulty level to capture, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

What makes Fortune Fishing stand out is its generosity. Despite the seemingly steep coin entry, I’ve never run dry. Daily bonuses and in-game missions, like capturing a specific fish, give you lots of coins. There’s even a lucky draw during gameplay, with a chance to score up to 5,000 coins or valuable power-ups. This ensures you don’t constantly worry about coins, giving you limitless gameplay.

Fortune Fishing Fish Game Features

I already pointed out how extensive the collection of fish species is at Fortune Fishing, but what I haven’t talked about is how rewarding they can be. The aquatic creatures are divided into four categories based on the bounty they offer and the challenges they pose in capturing them.

Starting with the ‘common fish’ they are the rookies of this underwater game, but don’t underestimate them. Their rewards can soar up to 200 times your bullet, especially if you manage to take down a turtle. The “high-bet” fish raises the stakes with a maximum win of up to 250 times your bet. Then, there’s the crown jewel – the Flame Dragon, a boss monster that commands a staggering 1,000x multiplier for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

Fortune Fishing Paytable

Adding a layer of strategy is the “special” category, which is filled with powerups. Capturing the Bomb Crab, Golden Toad, or Drilling Crab doesn’t just enhance the gameplay; it opens the door to capturing more diverse fish creatures. The underwater arsenal also includes a set of cannon special features, each a game-changer in its own right.

  • Rage Card: Activating this increases your bullet speed, and it’s perfect for swift targets like the drill crab or the elusive “Ghanafish.”
  • Lock Card: This feature allows precision targeting for distant or evasive creatures, enhancing accuracy when shooting at far-off targets.
  • Freeze Card: Getting all sea creatures on the screen to freeze creates opportune moments for strategic captures, providing a temporary advantage in the gameplay.
Fortune Fishing Deposit Bonus

Rewards & Prizes in Fortune Fishing

In Fortune Fishing, the game itself is the reward, offering only virtual coins to extend your gaming session. If you’re after actual prizes like money, merchandise, or gift cards, it’s better to try Fortune Coins or NoLimitCoins Casino.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Fortune Fishing

Want to get better at playing Fortune Fishing fish game? Here are some tricks you can use:

Play the Instant Game First

This is a valuable trick I learned a bit too late. Rather than immediately jumping into account creation, use the instant play feature first. This trick allows you to dip your toes into Fortune Fishing’s waters. Get a feel for the game mechanics, understand the dynamics, and only then create your account to play the game like a seasoned pro.

Use the Ricochet to Your Advantage

One key strategy I’ve mastered is leveraging the ricochet feature. In Fortune Fishing, cannonballs don’t simply disappear if they miss their mark – they bounce off your screen. This tactic turns missed shots into opportunities and can allow you to strategically target and capture far-off fish.

Use Powerups for Special and High-Value Fish

Power-ups can turn the tides of your gameplay, especially when aiming for special or high-value fish. Whether activating the Rage Card for swift targets or freezing sea creatures in their tracks with the Freeze Card, using these powerups on otherwise harder-to-catch fish increases your chance of catching them.

Optimize Your Bullet Value

Adjusting your bullet value is a tip I’ve found crucial. While you can capture fish with any bullet price, investing in a more potent shot, especially for high-value targets, maximizes your chances of success. It’s a balance between cost and effectiveness, ensuring you get the most out of each shot in your underwater conquest.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fortune Fishing Fish Game

Free to playNot available to US players
Realistic designsYou can’t win real money from it
Exciting in-game rewardsNot available to iOS players

Final Thoughts

Fortune Fishing offers an engaging and realistic underwater hunting experience, making it an ideal choice for players who crave a hands-on approach to their gameplay. The abundance of fish species and the inclusion of exciting features create an immersive environment that keeps players hooked.

While the game falls short for US players seeking real-money rewards, alternatives like KA Fish Hunter and King Octopus provide a satisfying blend of captivating fish game features and the thrill of winning actual cash. Fortune Fishing may not be the jackpot for everyone, but its vibrant aquatic world and dynamic gameplay make it a worthy choice for those who value an entertaining and visually appealing fish gaming experience.

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