Golden Dragon Fish Game

Golden Dragon Fish Game

The underwater world of the Golden Dragon game transforms players into skilled fishers tasked with capturing crabs and whales to score points and win real money. However, there is more to this game than shooting cannonballs to capture fish.

This article is the perfect guide if you want to learn more about the Golden Dragon fish game. We’ll break down the gameplay mechanics, rules, objectives, special abilities, and modes. We’ll also discuss where you can play this game and reveal tested strategies to increase your chances of winning real money, so read on!

Golden Dragon Fish Game Overview

The Golden Dragon fish game is an arcade-style fish shooting game that transports players to an underwater environment where the aim is to accumulate points by capturing different fish varieties.

The exact developer of the Golden Dragon fish game software remains undisclosed. However, the underlying Chinese themes might suggest Asian roots. And of top of that, the game boasts vibrant graphics with colorful fish and a constantly changing landscape.

The core gameplay of the Golden Dragon game involves players firing cannonballs at fish moving at various speeds. The aim of the game is to earn points by capturing fish. You can spend a minimum of 1 cent to fire the cannon.

Golden Dragon Gameplay

Generally, the higher your bet, the more you win by capturing a fish. Accumulated points can be converted to cash, with an exchange rate of 1 point to 1 cent.

The Golden Dragon platform has several other fish game tables, including the Dinosaur Party, Circus, Zombie Awaken, Fortune Kings, and Aladdin Adventure.

Golden Dragon Lobby

Each table has its unique layout, fish population, special abilities, power-ups, and difficulty level. However, gameplay mechanics remain constant, regardless of which fish game table you play on.

Game Rules & Objectives

The objective of the Golden Dragon game is straightforward – players accumulate as many points as possible by capturing fish with skillful and precise shooting. Points are awarded based on the value of each fish captured, with Ocean King Fish being the most valuable.

The Golden Dragon game rules require players to start by placing a bet. Players are also limited to a certain number of cannonballs, depending on how high their bets are. Generally, the higher a bet is, the more cannonballs are available to shoot.

Once a cannon is chosen, players must aim and shoot at fish to score points. When a cannonball hits a fish, it will be captured, and its point equivalent will be added to a player’s balance.

Types of Fish and Their Values

Fish in the Golden Dragon game are categorized as Normal Fish and Ocean King. Below, we will describe each type of fish and how many points you can typically get by catching them.

  1. Normal Fish: these are the most abundant in the Golden Dragon game, and they are worth points that range in value, depending on fish level. Examples include the Octopus, Sea Turtle, and Devilfish, worth 10, 15, and 20 points, respectively. With 100 points, Golden Whales are the most valuable Normal Fish in the game.
  2. Ocean King: this is a group of rare and valuable fish that are challenging to capture but offer significant points when captured. The Phoenix and Dragon King are the two Ocean King fish in the game, worth 1,000 and 2,100 points, respectively.

Apart from the two categories described above, the Golden Dragon game has special Feature Fish that offer unique abilities and effects when caught. Below are the two main types of Feature Fish that can be found in the game:

  1. Feature Fish 1: Common examples of Feature Fish found in the game include the Hammer Crab, Superbomb Crab, Drill Crab, Vortex, and Wheel Crab. These fish have the power to trigger power-ups like bombs and also provide multipliers.
  2. Feature Fish 2: Fire Storm and Thunder Dragon comprise the second Feature Fish category. Catching the Fire Storm triggers a time-limited free game, while the Thunder Dragon provides players with a point multiplier.

Power-Ups and Special Weapons

Power-ups and special weapons are enhancements that you can use to gain a temporary advantage for catching valuable fish while playing the Golden Dragon game. These enhancements can be purchased with points or obtained by capturing certain fish. Below, we have highlighted some of the best enhancements in the Golden Dragon game:

  • Speed: Temporarily increases the firing rate of a cannon and helps capture large numbers of fish.
  • Freeze: Stuns all the fish on the screen briefly, making them easier to catch.
  • Lock-on: Temporarily fixes the cannon’s aim on a specific fish and ensures the shot will hit the target.
  • Summons: Create a random surge of fish of a particular type, increasing a player’s chances of catching multiple fish.
  • Legend of the Phoenix: This weapon is activated by capturing the phoenix. When activated, it summons numerous phoenix that swoops across the screen and captures all fish in their path to provide players with a generous bonus.
  • Dragon Power: This is the most powerful weapon in the game, with the widest attack range. This power-up helps achieve significant scores within a short period, costing five times the original bet amount.

Strategies for Winning Golden Dragon Fish Game

Here are some strategies you can implement to make the most of your Golden Dragon fish gaming experience:

  • Focus your cannonballs on high and medium-value fish like Golden Whales, Killer Whales, and Sharks. Doing this increases your chances of accumulating more points.
  • Be patient and aim carefully so you don’t waste your cannonballs.
  • Use power-ups wisely and for specific purposes. For instance, lasers are helpful when going after rare fish, while a multi-shot helps you catch several fish.
  • Bonus rounds typically offer increased rewards, and you can use power-ups to accumulate more points during this session.
  • Extras – Learn all of the extra hints, tips and cheats for the Golden Dragon Game,

Are There Multiplayer Options and Tournaments?

The Golden Dragon fish game offers multiplayer options that allow players to cooperate and compete against each other to earn more points.

Golden Dragon multiplayer options include the cooperative mode that allows you to team up to catch fish and earn more points. You can also compete against other players in the versus mode of the Golden Dragon fish game to see who catches the most fish and earns the highest score. Don’t mistake Golden Dragon with Blue Dragon, which is a casino and game online fish combination.

Where to Play Golden Dragon?

You can only play the Golden Dragon fish game by accessing the website, either from a desktop or with your mobile device. The Golden Dragon fish table game isn’t available on legit online casinos or sweepstakes that we typically recommend.

Golden Dragon Login

Before you can play Golden Dragon on, you must sign up for an account on the GoldenDragons website. There is no free play available for the Golden Dragon, and you must deposit funds to compete for real money prizes.

Alternatively, you can join the Golden Dragon game by contacting legitimate Facebook groups. These groups assist with opening an account and topping up your game account.

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Can You Play Golden Dragon Fish Game on Mobile?

Unlike the Fire Kirin online fish game, there is no dedicated Golden Dragon fish game apk, both on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. However, you can access the website from a mobile device to play this fishing game on the go.

The mobile version of the Golden Dragon game is optimized and designed to function like the desktop version or a potential Golden Dragon app. The graphics for the mobile version of the Golden Dragon game run smoothly, and you can also enjoy the power-ups and special weapons present on the desktop game.

Golden Dragon User Experiences

There is little mention of the Golden Dragon fish game online. However, comments under a Reddit post titled: ‘Golden Dragon online fish game’ suggest that Golden Dragon might not be a suitable choice for everyone.

Golden Dragon Review

Reviews from several Facebook posts also reveal that players are finding it difficult to create accounts to play Golden Dragon and top up their balance for real money play.

However, not that there will always be unhappy users who did not get what they wanted when choosing to play online fish table games for real money.

Golden Dragon Fish Game – Is it Worth It?

The Golden Dragon game is fun and challenging for lovers of fishing games. However, you should refrain from playing this game for real money due to the absence of a verified online presence and payment method.

We like that the Golden Dragon can be played with friends, and the various power-ups add a unique twist to the gameplay. However, for a secure fish gaming experience, we recommend playing on reputable sweepstakes like Fortune Coins, Funrize, TaoFortune, and NoLimitCoins. These verified operators offer immersive fish gaming experiences and generous amounts of free sweepstakes coins to ensure you can play for as long as you want.

Players can use several power-ups and special weapons to increase their chances of winningNot available to play on online sweepstakes and casinos
Different variety of fish to catchDifficult to sign up to play the game
Multiple device compatibilityDepositing to play for real money is a hassle
Vibrant and captivating graphicsAbsence of multiple payment gateways


  • What is Golden Dragon fish game?
    The Golden Dragon fish game is an arcade fishing game where players shoot cannonballs to capture fish and accumulate points that can be redeemed for real money prizes.
  • How do you get the golden dragon?
    You can get a Golden Dragon in this fish table game by making an in-game purchase or completing tasks in a challenging competition.
  • Where to play Golden Dragon?
    Golden Dragon fish games can only be played on website. This fish table game isn’t available to play on online sweepstakes.
  • How much XP does it take to level up golden dragon?

    The amount of XP needed to level up Golden Dragon varies, depending on your current level and the level you’re trying to attain. Generally, players need 500XP to attain level 2 and 9,500XP to attain level 20.

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