Hook Up! Fishing Wars

Hook Up! Fishing Wars

This mix of fish arcade, casino, and shooting will make you seriously consider ditching KA Fish Hunter, Fish Catch, and Fishing Kingdom. It’s that good! With the vibrant game interface, mechanics, hefty bonus chests, and dozens of free shots, this underwater game made by Mascot Gaming is a must-play.

With 95.5% RTP and a top win of 555x the total bet in the bonus rounds, I now know why I got hooked on it. Can you guess which game I’m talking about?

Hook Up! Fishing Wars Overview

Hook Up! Fishing Wars is a relatively new game, sprouting to life in June 2023, starting a new era for Mascot Gaming’s fish action games. It’s designed to cater to both casino enthusiasts and arcade lovers, blending elements of shooting games with the arcade excitement, creating a unique gaming experience that’s hard to miss​​.

You’ll quickly fall in love with the Mascot team’s effort to make the game available across a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and the web, ensuring accessibility whether you’re at home relaxing or on the move during the Monday rush.

What really puts Hook Up! Fishing Wars in a league of its own, are the innovative casino mechanics combined with status-quo fish arcade gameplay. First trying it out, it was a bit complex to get a hold of all the bonus features, symbol rewards, and game payouts. But don’t worry, you’ll get up to speed on how the whole game behaves very quickly.

Hook Up Bonus Game

The moment you enter the game, you receive 10,000 free coins. Note, that’s only if you play a Demo on Mascot Gaming’s website. In the game, there are two options you opt for:

  1. Go shooting with your normy cannon, where every shot costs 0.01 coin. It’s good for knocking down smaller fish, but for bigger ones, you’re just wasting coins.
  2. Opt for a fancy double cannon, but the bet increases – every shot is 0.1~0.5 coins. But I believe the sum is justified. Comparing it to the single-shot canon, it’s well worth the price!

The highest prizes come from shooting the Blue and Green Boss, with the epic win of 150~555x the amount of your initial bet. But keep in mind, the Green Boss is a tough one to catch, and usually, a swarm of purple and red stingrays will get in your way.

Expert Tip: As your gameplay progresses, the initial betting amount increases. The more free coins you get, the initial bet amount goes from 0.01 to 0.05 for regular cannon and 0.1 to 0.5 for double cannon.

🐠Hook Up! Fishing Wars
🏛️Game PublisherMascot Gaming
📅Release DateJune, 2023
🟢Bet Range0.01~0.5 coins
💰Max Win555x total betting amount
🎁In-Game BonusSpecial bonus symbols
🌐Demo Sitehttps://mascot.games/hook-up-fishing-wars
Restricted StatesDepends on the partnered casino
🐡Similar GamesKA Fish Hunter, Golden Dragon, Emily’s Treasure

How to Play Hook Up! Fishing Wars?

Like with any fish game out there, getting the gist of it from the get-go is a bit challenging. But that’s a blessing in disguise – once you get it, going from beginner to God level needs just a couple of days. That’s how fast you’ll level up in Hook Up! Fishing Wars.

What Mascot Gaming did a great job of is giving you a chance to switch between different types of cannons and The Eye feature that lets you see what amount of coins each fish carries as it swims away. So, don’t forget to use these features to win big at Hook Up! Fishing Wars. Plus, did I mention there’s a special bonus symbol – Extra Cannon? It grants you free extra shots that bounce off the screen, so when it appears, make sure to shoot it first!

Different Fish Types in Hook Up! Fishing Wars

Overall, there are 17 different styles of your average Joe fish. Each of them has a different coin payout. In Hook Up! Fishing Wars info section, every fish payout is precisely documented, so you know exactly what to aim for and how many coins each fish carries. But that’s not all! Other special fish types carry larger coin payouts and bigger bonuses. The ones you have to keep in mind are:

  1. Small Crab – It prolongs your Bonus game by adding more time. Every time you shoot one, you get 5 seconds on your time + 1 free coin.
  2. Small Turtle – The moment you shoot them, they fire free shots in a random direction. The great thing about it is that the shots bounce off the screen and to the next target, so nothing gets wasted!
  3. Big Turtle – Same as a small turtle, but it carries more free and powerful shots. Plus, it’s way bigger, and it’s quite hard not to miss it out.
  4. Jellyfish – Puts every fish on the screen at the moment into ice-time.
  5. Blue Chest – You can’t catch it like the regular fish and Red Chest, but as long as you keep shooting it, free coins will pour like it’s raining cats and dogs.
  6. Red Chest – The moment you shoot it, you get free coins, but also the chest transforms into several coin bags with a rundown timer.
  7. Special Turtle – Think of it as pressing the explode button for smaller fish on the screen!
  8. Cannon – The moment you score the Cannon, you get about 20 free single cannon shots.
  9. Green Boss – Gives a random big win between 150x~333x, the total bet amount. It only makes its stand in the main game.
  10. Blue Boss – This one gives the biggest bonuses – between 200x and 555x. It only appears in the Bonus game, and it has tendencies to trick you when you shoot it.

Game Mechanics in Hook Up! Fishing Wars

The core of Hook Up! Fishing Wars is the same as every other sweepstake fish game out there. But there’s a slight twist – Mascot Gaming introduced a bonus game that pays off substantial rewards, even x555 than within your regular gameplay.

Also, Hook Up! Fishing Wars doesn’t waste your single shot. Every shot bounces off the edge of the screen, so in the end, it shoots your catch! It’s a great feature you’ll get to appreciate as you get better at your fish gameplay.

Strategies for Winning in Hook Up! Fishing Wars

There are better ways of just aiming for the smaller fish and being wise about your ammo to win big in Hook Up! Fishing Wars.

Here are some of the Hook Up! Fishing Wars strategies I discovered that worked like a charm:

  1. Shoot as many crabs as you can and forget the rest of the fish. The more crabs you shoot, the longer the Bonus game lasts, and that’s where the big bonuses hide!
  2. Try to shoot as many turtles as you can, big or small. Those double and triple free shots will come quite handy when you aim for the Blue Boss.
  3. Don’t be afraid to frequently change between cannons. Double for bigger fish, single cannon for the normal fish.
  4. Try to shoot down Crabs, Jellyfish, and Blue chests when they appear. That way, you’ll make the game mechanics work for you.
  5. Activate the Eye feature to see which fish carries what amount of coins. It’ll save you a ton of ammo and bets!

Can You Play in Multiplayer Mode in Hook Up! Fishing Wars?

Unfortunately, no. Hook Up! Fishing Wars doesn’t have that multiplayer option. It would be such a great feature for Mascot Gaming to include.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Hook Up! Fishing Wars?

Yes, you can, but it’s worth mentioning that factor depends on the type of casino Mascot Gaming has partnered with. But don’t worry, most sweepstake casinos that offer Hook Up! Fishing Wars have a well-established redemption system for winning real cash prizes.

Where to Play Hook Up! Fishing Wars?

Before plunging yourself into a fish game rabbit hole, I always advise you to first put on your kiddy wheels and practice without wasting all your sweepstake coins. That’s how you’ll get familiar with game mechanics, discover your own strategies, and better polish your sweepstake fishing skills. Luckily, you can play a Hook Up! Fishing Wars for free as a demo straight on Mascot Gaming’s website.

But if you want to reel in all those sweet coins and withdraw them for real cash prizes, you can find Hook Up! Fishing Wars on these sweepstake casinos:

  • 777 Crypto
  • Owl games
  • Spinaro
  • BetFury
  • NinBet

These aren’t casinos that we would typically promote, though. If you’re looking for a legit Hook Up! Fishing Wars alternative, there are plenty of them on sweepstake casinos like Funrize, Tao Fortune, NoLimitCoins Casino, and Fortune Coins that guarantee safe play. So make sure to use our sign-up links to get the heftiest of sign-up bonuses, huge amounts of free coins, and the best in-game deals!

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Expert Tip: Since Mascot Gaming has partnered with Fortune Coins, be on the lookout for Hook Up! Fishing Wars in their game library.

Pros & Cons of Playing Hook Up! Fishing Wars

Two bosses with huge winningsNo multiplayer interface
Well-documented info sectionBit complex to understand at first
Frequent in-game special bonusesUnavailable different themes and adventures
Smooth game interfaceFixed cannon position
Great device compatibility
Substantial wins within the Bonus game

Hook Up! Fishing Wars – Our Verdict

Great game mechanics, smooth gameplay without lag, and nice compatibility with different platforms and devices. A bit complex to understand at first hand and to get a hold of all fish types. But once you figure it out, mastering it and winning hefty prizes becomes a breeze. It’ll make you feel like you’ve been playing Hook Up! Fishing Wars for years, but actually, it has only been a couple of days.

Thanks to those features, Hook Up! Fishing Wars game absolutely deserves to have a place in any player’s top 5 sweepstake fishing games. I know, it did in my!

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins