Ice & Fire Fishing Game

Ice & Fire Fishing Game

If you’re a player who likes to play fish table games that combine additional elements and items, you’re reading the right review. With Ice and Fire Fishing, you’re up for an underwater experience that combines medieval elements – a wild flame dragon strike, an ancient egg hunt, and the classic catch of various fish while battling for the underwater throne.

Unlock the thrill that brings a bit of both worlds: the underwater kingdom and the mountain Dragon’s breath of breeze, with a single click on your favorite sweepstakes or social casino.

Discover the incredible features, unlock new bosses and levels, and enjoy the opportunity for big wins. Prepared for a monster hunt made of ice and fire? Keep on reading.

Ice & Fire Fishing Info

Ice And Fire Fishing Game

When you fire up the Ice and Fire Fishing game, it’s like being teleported into an otherworldly underwater kingdom. But this is not your ordinary fish-tamed game. Instead, it’s an all-out underwater throne battle, and it hits you the moment the game loads up.

As someone who loves fish games, the first thing that grabs me is the underwater scenery. The colors are so vivid, and the sea creatures are like living art pieces (especially the walking gigantic heroes, like the Frost King). And the scenery is distinctive, adding to the game title. It’s an underwater frozen kingdom hall with thrones (though the scenery changes in different rooms). The detail in this game is incredible, really crisp and clear, and it just pops on the screen.

You can jump right into this aquatic medieval adventure through a sweepstakes casino website. Once you’re in the game, you get to choose the betting type and range from your screen for a personalized experience. And the best part is that your progress is tracked through your casino account profile!

The enhanced user experience is top-notch. The game runs super smooth, with no glitches to ruin the flow. Plus, with a single tap on the three-line icon in the upper right corner, you can tweak the game to your liking. The whole experience is immersive, fun, and just really well put together.

Moreover, accentuating the social aspect of this sweepstakes fish game, there’s a neat feature on the right corner of your screen that includes a smiley face sticker button. Once you click this, you’ll get a few different social interactions (e.g. the dollar face, the smiley face, the angry face), expressing your current emotion and feeling within the game itself and potentially socializing with other players in the game.

🎣Ice and Fire Fishing
🐟TypeFish Table Game
🤠ThemeFish / Medieval Kingdom
🧑‍💻Game DeveloperNet Game
📅Year of Release2021

Gameplay Mechanics

Ice And Fire Gameplay

This game is the school example of a game for rookies. Why? Because if you like to figure out what something means, you have everything explained in detail in the menu.

First off, you choose a game room, and then you enter a different underwater scenery, but the mechanics are quite the same. You will have the option to choose a room where the maximum number of players is 4, and if there are 2 yellow icons in a room, it means that there are two players present already, and you will be the third.

Once you get into a room and start playing, you’ll notice the two main buttons in the bottom center of your screen.

  • Laser – This is the option that switches from main underwater shots to laser. The difference is, when you hit the laser, you don’t need to constantly keep clicking on your mouse, the target is automatically locked too!
  • Boost button – This yellow energizing button will shine with sparkling thunders around it once it’s ready to release a powerful booster you’ve collected through your play and target shooting.

The three lines in the top right corner of your screen are your go-to place for information and adaptations. You can turn off the sounds or enter full-screen mode through this menu. If you like to adapt your bet and coin value, you should open the Settings button. There’s also the option to quit the current room once again, return to your Home screen, and choose another room.

What I love is the Information button, where I can read all about the fish types, heroes, and boosts and what they grant. The information is presented so easily that a first-grade kid could easily understand it, combining images and simple text next to the image.

Types of Fish and Their Patterns

Ice And Fire Game

There are various different sizes, colors, and shapes of fish and underwater animal species that appear in Ice and Fire Fishing. Aside from different game points, they also obtain different multipliers, which can generously level up your potential prize.

Smaller fish have multiplier options ranging from 4x to 25x, while large and rare species can boost up your prize pool to an incredible 250x of its initial value!

There are also three different fish species that can appear in bigger and smaller sizes, granting different bonuses and multipliers (of course, the larger ones are more valuable).

🐟Small Fish🐡Fish Pairs (Small + Big)🐠Big Fish
4x (two types)Small 20x
Big 60x
Clownfish (Nemo)40xPufferfish
6xSmall 30x
Big 80x
Red & Gold Fish
50xPurple Stingray
8xSmall 35x
Big 100x
Blue & Gold Heart-shaped Fish70xGolden Stingray
10x (two types)--130xHammerhead Shark
14x--250xLarge Goldfish
15xNo additional features available
16xNo additional features available
18xNo additional features available
25xNo additional features available

Additionally, there’s a unique multiplier fish that it’s the type of the small fish range, but it has a distinctive feature. This blue-spiked fish appears on screen within a circle of multipliers (2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x). Based on other various factors and current game progress, you will get one of these multipliers when hitting this fish.

Ice And Fire Fishes

Power-Ups and Boosters

Fire and Ice Fishing amazes you with a plethora of nine different boosters that multiply your bet and enable awesome chances for lucrative wins.

⭐Special Feature Name🎁Multiplies / Bonus⚡Boosting Feature
Fishing Rush600x - 1000xRare Dragon heads appear, shoot them to collect the bonus
Rain of Arrows300 - 500 hits bonusRandomly hits game objects on the screen
Ancient Eggs1500xBonus activation, irrelevant from on-screen features
Wild Flame200 - 400 hits bonusBurns all the objects in the hit zone
Dragon’s Breath300 - 400 hits bonusUpgrading weapon which can hit every target in the aimed direction chosen by the player
Celestial Gun150 - 350 hits bonusUpgrading weapons into bomb-throwing device, bombing the selected shot zone, and killing everything in the area
Piercing Drill150 - 250 hits bonusUpgrading weapon to shoot everything in the player’s chosen direction, bouncing off the walls and hitting everything on the way
Phantom Guard75 - 175 hits bonusRandomly attacks objects on the screen
Magic Reels5x - 1500xThe symbol combination of the reels determines the award type

Though the game’s interface is smooth and impeccable, if the game halts, the power-ups and specials are lost, and the bullets and cannons are returned to their original appearance.

Furthermore, the game has 4 different kinds of bosses, which are the hardest objects to kill, but you’re lucky they come announced with a notification on screen!

🐉Boss Name⭐Special Feature
Black Dragon200x reward, additionally invoking a Dragon Strike and 500 – 700 hits bonus
Golden Dragon500x rewards, additionally invoking a Dragon Strike, and 400 – 800 hits bonus
Frost King300x rewards, additionally invoking a Frosty Blizzard that deals 300 – 500 hits bonus
Sir RockUp to 2500x entries; plus, the initial 100x reward will be multiplied on a random factor varying from 2x to 25x

Can You Play Ice & Fire Fishing in Multiplayer Mode?

Ice And Fire Multiplayer

Yes, you can play Ice and Fire Fishing in multiplayer mode, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute game-changer for your gaming experience. When you dive into this mode, you’re playing against the game’s AI, and you’re putting your skills against real people. While you get to socialize and use interactive fish faces while playing, you also stand a better chance to defeat upscaled bosses and big fish too.

What Are the Rewards in Ice & Fire Fishing?

Ice And Fire Fishing Rewards

In Ice & Fire Fishing, the rewards can be earned in the form of sweepstakes coins that you can later redeem for real money or prizes. Also, minding the fact there are dozens of different bonuses and multipliers, you can earn big while playing Ice and Fire Fishing. Naturally, you’ll have to follow the casino’s guidelines for redeeming prizes to meet all the conditions.

Where Can You Play Ice & Fire Fishing?

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Choosing the right casino for Ice & Fire Fishing really matters because the game is the same, but the perks offered are different in every casino! The right spot can hook you up with cool bonuses and promotions, and it also fits your banking needs, like how much you can deposit or withdraw each day. It’s all about finding that sweet spot that matches your gaming style and your wallet.

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Can You Play Ice & Fire Fishing on Mobile?

Yes, you can. Ice & Fire Fishing is designed for versatile gameplay on multiple platforms, including mobile phones and desktop computers (also on your Mac).

The game’s adaptability to different hardware and software, available for iOS and Android,  makes it easy to play it on the go, despite it slacks the app to install on your device.

Techniques & Strategies for Winning in Ice & Fire Fishing

In every game, combining talent, luck, and strategy is the formula for success. Here are some strategies I personally use to get the most out of this fishing table game.

Wait for Bonus and Special Features on Screen

Patience pays off in this game. Keep an eye out for bonus features and special symbols that appear on the screen, as they can significantly increase your winnings. These moments are prime opportunities to score big, so timing your moves.

Familiarize Yourself with the Fish Species

Each fish species in the game has different values and behaviors. So scroll to the Information button on the menu, and read all about them before you start wasting your money-worth shots!

Play in Multiplayer Mode to Kill Big Bosses

Engaging in multiplayer mode can be a key strategy for tackling big bosses like the Frost King or the Golden Dragon. Collaborating with other players allows you to take down these challenging opponents more efficiently, leading to higher rewards. Plus, you’ll get to socialize too!

Use the Boost Button when Rare Features Come on Screen

When rare features or high-value targets appear, utilize the yellow Boost button. This increases your firepower temporarily, giving you a better chance to capitalize on these lucrative opportunities. Train yourself to spot potential opportunities and have a speedy reaction to them too!

My Review of Ice & Fire Fishing

Playing Ice and Fire Fishing is a unique experience for me, mostly due to the blend of classic fish table game features with new and upgraded elements. The entire story behind it, the chance to opt for capturing big bosses and win real prizes only tops my overall need for gaming. I compete, I do not get easily bored by repetitive fish, and I constantly win power-ups I can choose the perfect time to play and win even bigger prizes.

It’s the kind of game that keeps you on your toes, and I’m always eager to see what’s next.

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