King Octopus Fish Game

King Octopus Fish Game

Coming straight from the pond of KA Gaming, King Octopus is one of the most popular fish games available in online casinos. The game sets itself apart by virtue of its best-in-class shooting mechanics, as well as the thoughtful selection of gameplay options on display.

King Octopus is a great choice for both fish game first-timers and underwater veterans alike; the former is for its comprehensive level progression, while seasoned fish shooters will appreciate the unique features. Dive with us to discover why the game enjoys such high status and, most importantly, how best to tackle the five Underwater Kings for those sick 68x – 368x rewards.

King Octopus Gameplay

King Octopus Game Overview

Like its blue water siblings, King Octopus is a skill-based fish game where you shoot all kinds of underwater wildlife in exchange for payouts. There are three bet levels doubling down as bet sizes, and each will change how you approach the game.

The game is also its own cattle of fish. What was a welcome surprise – at least to me – was the assortment of underwater objects like pirate ships and treasure chests floating on the screen. These are not just for show but play a vital role in providing bonuses and unique features.

Speaking of special features, King Octopus comes with four bonus types, each capable of turning the tide in your favor:

  • Jellyfish Sprites
  • Frieze Treasure Box
  • Drill Weapon
  • Gunpowder Barrel

My favorite has to be the last one – a massive blast destroying everything that swims, floats, or reels in its radius. Though I wouldn’t smirk to take advantage of the Drill Weapon, either.

Speaking of presentation, the game is a visual eye candy. Not the Ocean Monsters level per se, but the fish swim and the coins fly your way in a manner that seems just about right. Although I did get stuck on an occasional whale that just seemed to love the taste of my gun – only a minor quibble.

Speaking of whales, the variety of creatures in King Octopus is commendable. Besides all the low-rent 2x and 3x sea vermin, you’ll happily shoot whales, mermaids, golden sharks, and an offshoot gruffy pirate. The game can be played on a PC or mobile phone problem-free

🎣King Octopus
🧑‍💻DeveloperKA Gaming
🤝Multiplayer✅Yes, up to 4 players
🎁Bonus FeaturesJellyfish Sprites; Frieze Treasure Box; Drill Weapon; Gunpowder Barrel
💰Win RangeFrom 2x to 368x
🎰Available atFortune Coins

King Octopus Gameplay Mechanics

After choosing one of three available betting levels, the game throws you straight into the action. And you want that because Kink Octopus has some of the best gameplay mechanics I’ve encountered in sweepstakes fish games.

Your gun is located in the bottom right corner, where you can also up the ante and increase the bets. The fish swim from all four sides and do so in regular patterns, albeit at wildly different angles. This makes adjusting your moves on the fly a bit more impactful. Do I stick with the 50x Golden Shark or go willy-nilly until a better opportunity presents itself? Those types of questions are at the heart of King Octopus’s core gameplay.

There are a couple of gun perks to help you micromanage those decisions. First, the bullets will bounce off of the screen’s edge and help with the coin count. Secondly, you can choose between two shooting modes:

  • Autoplay mode
  • Lock on specific fish

The second one proved way more useful due to my playstyle, which is not necessarily going all guns a-blazing.

What’s the Level Progression in King Octopus?

In King Octopus. Before you even catch the first fish, you’ll be welcomed by the loading screen asking you to select one of the three rooms available. Each of them comes with different bet levels and carries more weight as a result.

⭐Level🐟Character💵Bet Levels
🟤BronzeBaby turtle$0.01 - $0.10
SilverGolden tooth dolphin$0.10 - $1.00
🟡GoldMajesty of a pirate octopus$1.00 – $10.00

Once inside a specific bet bracket, you can change between 6 bet sizes within them. Your gun will change with every two bet size increases, totaling three guns in every betting room.

King Octopus Rooms

What Are the Power-Ups and Bonuses in King Octopus?

We can’t say that King Octopus comes with a deluge of regular power-ups and bonuses like in similar games. There is the usual freeze power and the chain reaction reward. But where the game stands on its own is the two unique bonuses.

  • Jellyfish Sprites: Your usual chain reaction bonus. Shoot the jellies to chain many fish in its path.
  • Frieze Treasure Box: Frieze the screen to shoot the biggest fish around. It comes with random prizes of up to 50x.
  • Drill Weapon (unique): You get one commandingly powerful drill shot that clears everything in its way. Use it wisely.
  • Gunpowder Barrel (unique): A big kaboom that destroys all fish in its radius.

While not big on the number, I found the power-ups and bonuses very useful in King Octopus. Knowing how to use them proved pivotal during my time with the game.

King Octopus Power-up

Is There King Octopus Multiplayer Mode?

There is, indeed. In fact, King Octopus is a sweepstakes fish game that is best enjoyed with a couple of friends. There is an option for up to four players.

The game will be all the better if you try to complement each other rather than randomly shoot everything that’s moving. For example, two players could be on the lookout for bonuses and power-ups while the other two go for the bigger fish. And then gang up when any of the five Underwater Kings show their muzzles.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the aquatic tentacle adventure solo. You absolutely can.

Challenges and Achievements in King Octopus

In King Octopus, most creatures swimming about bring from 2x to 10x payout. These are your regular goldfish and co. The next bracket belongs to 30x to 60x fish, such as smaller whales, swordfish, pirates, and sharks. But the biggest challenge is capturing the five Underwater Kings that appear randomly.

  • Whale (68x – 138x)
  • Mermaid (68x – 138x
  • Octopus (68x – 168x)
  • Pirate Galleon (68x – 268x)
  • King Octopus (68x – 368x)

Capturing King Octopus will net you the highest reward in the game. In the base game, you can go up to 1,000x in total.

King Octopus Multiplayer

Where to Play King Octopus

If you’re looking to play King Octopus in a safe and regulated sweepstake gaming environment, there’s no better place to open an account than Fortune Coins.

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Although other similar sweeps casinos might offer King Octopus in their gaming libraries, your safest bet is to stick with the tried and tested online sweepstake casinos. One wrong move, and you might end up losing a lot more than you planned.

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Tips & Strategies for Winning in King Octopus

Choose the gun and shoot everything that’s moving; how hard can it be?

It’s not, but to win real money prizes faster, you can capitalize on a couple of tips & tricks we’ve picked up while playing the game.

Start the Session With Auto

To get you to a flying start, begin your session with the auto shoot. This will fill the screen with bullets and destroy the hapless fish that pop up first. It should give you the best possible start towards ultimate victory.

Study the Fish Patterns

In King Octopus, fish swim around in regular patterns. Some will trot the entire blue of the screen, while others will just show up and disappear into the great blue. Don’t get too hung up on those who only make passing appearances.

Prioritize Power-Ups and Bonuses

Granted, there are not many bonuses in Kink Octopus. But what is there carries a certain weight. Whenever you see a Jellyfish Sprite or a Drill Weapon power-up – use it. They make your life in the game so much easier and sometimes are your only chance to shoot something big.

Use Smarts in Multiplayer Mode

It’s all fun and games if you just want to pass the time, but if you want to win at King Octopus, you’d better prepare for some strategizing. Split the roles beforehand and make sure to gang up on the two most prize-worthy creatures in the game – the King Octopus and the Pirate Galleon.

Player Ratings and Reviews of King Octopus Fish Game

We tried King Octopus at several different online casinos and had fun throughout. Judging by the ratings, other players seem to agree with the assessment. The game is rated 4.3 to 5 stars on virtually every platform we saw it on.

Reading some of the reviews, we noticed a pattern. Players seem to enjoy the gameplay mechanics and bonuses in King Octopus, with some being less keen on the fish variety. In all, the game is a worthy skills-based pastime that delivers more than it promises.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins