Kirin Strike

Kirin Strike Fish Game

Dive into the immersive world of exhilarating skill-based fishing games with Kirin Strike, which combines the thrill of traditional fishing with the excitement of arcade shooters and casino gaming. Take control of a cannon and use your credits to transform them into powerful bullets to catch all kinds of fish that will rack up your account balance.

The colorful atmosphere will captivate you within seconds, but be careful, as things can get quite chaotic once the big fish enter the screen, especially the sought-out mermaids and, of course, the holy creature Kirin, which will give you a massive cash-out if you manage to catch it!

Kirin Strike Overview

Every fish catch game has a particular creature sought out by players, and in the case of Kirin Strike, as the name suggests, Kirin is the mythical creature in question. While you rarely see this fish during your gameplay, there are many other exciting fish to shoot and catch with your cannon.

The game looks and feels like an old-school arcade shooter, as many things are happening on the screen, even if you are not contributing to the chaos by shooting bullets. From the gameplay perspective, it uses a lot of generic fish catch games, but it does add some original flavor to the genre by including special fish and power-ups.

How to Play Kirin Strike?

If you played a different fish catch game in the past, then you will quickly familiarize yourself with Kirin Strike. Once you enter the game, you must choose the spot on the screen where you want to station your cannon.

Then, all you have to do is use your mouse to aim with the cannon, and clicking will shoot bullets. The more balance you put into a bullet, the more damage it is going to deal, and the payout is going to be higher. Bigger bullets also serve as a multiplier.

When your bullet hits a fish, it will deal a certain amount of damage, which you will see based on the health of each fish. Once you deplete the health bar completely, you will be awarded the bounty for the fish, which will add to your balance as a reward. Sometimes, your bullets can “critically strike,” which will either instantly catch the fish or award you a small reward if the fish is bigger.

It is worth noting that if you go for bigger bullets, you will not have to worry about hitting smaller fish, as they will just go through them, which is not the case for all fish catch games.

Gameplay Controls and Mechanics

Once you position yourself, you can tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot bullets in a straight line from your cannon. To change the size of your bullets, click on the “-” or “+” icons next to your cannon. The size also changes the amount you are betting, so be careful with big bullets.

There are two ways to shoot your cannon in Kirin Strike: manual and auto.

  • With manual shooting, you have complete control of what your cannon is going to shoot, and you can freely aim at any fish. If you use the smallest bullets, your bullets will always collide with the first target hit unless you use the “Lock” feature.

Lock Feature

Lockis located on the right side of the screen, allowing you to use any type of bullet to bypass all the fish except the one you are interested in. While having lock, the game will auto-aim at the last fish you click on until it is caught. This feature is the most useful, and we do not recommend playing without it turned on.

Auto Feature

Autois another mechanic available in Kirin Strike, and we recommend never turning it on because you will lose all of your balance. This feature turns on automatically to fire at fish you have selected, which is not the optimal strategy at all, as it turns a skill-based game into a gambling one. There might be some use if you want to automatically shoot at the big fish while you are not away from the game, but this strategy will probably not work out in your favor if there are no other players around.

Types of Fish and Their Characteristics

Kirin Strike follows the generic formula of having different kinds of fish that are progressive in power. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the fish is, the more damage it will take, but it will also give bigger rewards.

The two fish that are worth pointing out are the mermaid and Kirin, as they have the most significant rewards, so last-hitting them with a big multiplier bullet is what you should aim for.

Power-Ups and Special Abilities

This game has all kinds of power-ups, making it different from others. The rare type of power-ups are based on a timer, so if you sit doing nothing long enough, you will get it occasionally. The more common type is a power-up awarded for catching a specific type of fish, which usually gives all players in the lobby the power-up. This, again, makes the patient-waiting strategy highly efficient. From our understanding, power-ups do have some kind of internal cooldown, and the internal cooldowns are different for each power-up.

How to Unlock New Levels and Challenges

While the game does offer new levels and challenges come only in the form of catching big fish, there is no specific way to unlock them, at least not from what we noticed while playing the game.

Things will happen either at random or when you defeat a certain amount of fish, which differs on each level. The best way to discover the mechanics is to play for fun and see when the levels progress.

Can You Play Kirin Strike in Multiplayer Mode?

Since Kirin Strike is played online, multiplayer is essentially unavoidable. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as you can work with other players to catch bigger fish since doing so on your own is sometimes impossible, especially for the holy Kirin, as its health bar is simply too big for a single player to take out, and from our experience, he is immune to critical strikes that will kill him instantly, even with power-ups.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer experience might be hard to achieve due to the game’s popularity, so it will most often feel like a single-player experience. If there are no other players, try your luck on the smaller fish or wait for the automated power-ups.

Where to Play Kirin Strike

Kirin Strike is not available to play online at any casino. Instead, you will have to download the game separately, or you might access it through some third-party apps, which we do not recommend.

If you want to play fish catch games online, check out some of the legitimate casinos like NoLimitCasino or Fortune Coins, as they have an extensive collection of fish catch games you can explore and try your luck in.

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Can You Win Real Money Playing Kirin Strike?

Yes, you can win real money playing Kirin Strike if you choose to do so. The default way to play the game is in the for-fun mode, so you will have to switch to real stakes before you actually enter the screen where you shoot the fish, as you cannot switch from fun to real money during gameplay.

Pros & Cons of Playing Kirin Strike

Colorful graphicsMultiplayer is hard to achieve
Lots of fish to catchSome fish have too much health
Different power-ups and levelsThe game can lag on certain devices

Kirin Strike – Our Verdict

Kirin Strike Grand

We’ll be honest: our experience with Kirin Strike has not been that fantastic. The biggest issue with the game was running it in the first place, as getting our hands on it was troublesome. If the game was not download only, but was available at multiple legitimate casinos, we would probably enjoy it more.

Probably because of the reasons above, during our testing, we could not find any other players playing the game, so we could not experience it to its full potential. Because certain power-ups and big rewards are locked behind fish that require too much damage or balance that will put you deep into negative gains if you try to get them all by yourself, the game quickly went from an enjoyable to a frustrating experience.

Another thing we noticed during our testing is that on certain mobile devices when there are too many fish and bullets on the screen, the game is not fully playable due to stuttering. This can create issues such as losing out on big fish due to them leaving the screen or other players picking them off while you are unable to act.

While this game might get picked up by some legitimate casinos in the future, where the service and the feel of the game might improve if it has a bigger player base and easier accessibility, at its current state, it is not something that is worth the effort of checking out. There are better options out there.

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