Lustrous Ocean

Lustrous Ocean

Lustrous Ocean is a fish catch game that spices up the genre by introducing new mechanics not often found in other fish games, but it still needs some work. It uses a stage-progression system and abilities that players can use to their advantage to catch big fish and leave with a big payout.

There are over 40 types of fish to catch, three different power-ups, and seven different stages, making this one of the biggest fish catch games regarding the amount of content. However, while Lustrous Ocean looks fantastic at first sight, it does come with many flaws.

Lustrous Ocean Overview

Like any fish catch game, Lustrous Ocean begins by giving the player a choice of stakes they want to play. While the options look visually different on the main screen, they all play out the same way and have different multipliers in-game.

Lustrous Ocean is fresh of breath air when it comes to interface design, as it includes more than just the standard buttons, and it does not have any hidden interactions like some skill games do.

While the menu is excellent, the beautiful visuals with crisp animation and vibrant colors will attract any player. The game will feel like you are playing an arcade shooter, and the only thing that might need an upgrade is the music, as it does not match the action.

The game feels like a modern twist on the fish catch genre, but there is room for improvement. As we dive deeper into the review, we will discuss all the good and the bad that the game offers.

How to Play Lustrous Ocean?

Getting the hang of Lustrous Ocean is quite simple, as there are only so many controls that you need to remember. After you select a level (denominator), you will be assigned a random cannon spot in the room, which you can change by clicking on other empty slots.

To shoot, you must use either your mouse or your keyboard. Using the mouse is much better as it allows better precision since utilizing the arrow keys on the keyboard moves the cannon very slowly, and the distance it moves is fixed. Using the keyboard for shortcuts is suggested, as you might lose time clicking the lock on, automatic fire, or changing your multiplier with a mouse.

You will see a lot of fish on the screen, and you can shoot from your cannon by clicking or holding the left mouse button or pressing space. All the fish have hidden random health bars, and you can catch them with only a few shots if you are lucky or by depleting their invisible health bar (which is not the optimal way to earn winnings).

To learn more about how to play Lustrous Ocean, it is best to consult the game’s information by clicking the “?” symbol on the screen and reading our section on game mechanics.

Lustrous Ocean Game Mechanics

There are several vital mechanics that you should know about while playing Lustrous Ocean:

  • Lock on mode – By clicking the lock on mode icon or pressing shift on the keyboard, your cannon will automatically fire on the fish you click on until it leaves the screen. While locked on, your bullets will ignore all other fish except the one you are locked on.
  • Automatic fire –  When enabled by clicking on the icon or pressing ctrl, the next time you fire a shot in a certain direction, your cannon will keep firing until you click again. This feature is not useful, as it will burn your balance quickly.
  • Multiplier selection – By clicking on the “-” and “+” next to your cannon or pressing Z and X, you can increase the multiplier of your shots. Higher multipliers cannot hit smaller fish, but smaller shots can hit all fish.
  • Abilities – There are three different abilities that you can activate by clicking on them. They will be discussed later on in the power-up section.
  • Stage progression – To progress a stage, players will have to catch a specific amount of fish or meet a total fish multiplier of fish caught by all players in the same room.

Different Fish Types in Lustrous Ocean

This game has three types of fish: regular fish, bosses, and treasure fish.

Regular Fish

As suggested by name, these are fish that you will commonly see during your gameplay. There are 39 different regular fish, and they come in different shapes and sizes, as well as multipliers for your bets (shots). The multipliers are x2, x3, x5, x8, x10, x12, x15, x20, x30, x50, x80, x100, x150, x200, x300, x500, and x680.

While there is much fish to keep track of, the good thing is that bigger fish with the same model but a different color will award you the same multiplier. For example, the three 680x fish are all octopuses with crowns but in blue, purple, and orange colors.


Lustrous Ocean has three bosses: a mermaid, a siren, and a hydra. All of them work in the same way; they are just different models, and for catching a boss fish, the multiplier is x800, so make sure to have your eye out for these. Bosses are also the only fish that have a health bar, and they always take one damage per shot no matter the multiplier.


The easiest way to access a treasure fish is to use the summon ability, as you can choose which fish to summon in your current stage. There are three treasure fish: horned goldfish, turtle with a spiked shell, and the golden armored crab. They all have different multipliers, and they are random between two numbers:

  • Goldfish – 20-100x
  • Turtle – 100-500x
  • Crab – 500-1,000x

Can You Play Lustrous Ocean in Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, you can play Lustrous Ocean in multiplayer mode. You should play it in multiplayer, as it is the most efficient way to take out big fish and progress through the levels. Playing alone can be challenging since all players contribute to the stage progression by catching fish. Try to play when more people are online to take full advantage of the multiplayer experience.

Where to Play Lustrous Ocean?

If you want to play Lustrous Ocean for fun, you can find it on various websites, including Simple Play, that have developed this game. Unfortunately, if you are looking forward to playing forward to playing for real money, you will be disappointed as no legit sweeps sites offer it. Hopefully, this will change in the future, but until then, you can check out Funrize and TaoFortune for games like Candy Heroes, Fishing Kingdom, and Ice & Fire Fishing in these legit casinos.

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Can You Win Real Money Playing Lustrous Ocean?

You can win real money if you play the game at casinos that offer the full version of the game and not just the demo version, which is available for fun only.

Are There Lustrous Ocean Tournaments?

From the research we gathered, we can see no tournaments for Lustrous Ocean. However, due to the game’s design, organizing tournaments for this game would be exciting and probably work out great.

What Are the Upgrades and Power-Ups in Lustrous Ocean?

While there are no upgrades and power-ups per se in Lustrous Ocean, some mechanics serve as such. The first is Gem Power, and the second is the free bullet table.

Gem Power

As you enter the game, you can access three different abilities: freeze, summon, and machine gun. These abilities will fill up every time you catch a fish, and the game will automatically increase the energy of each game as you play the game.

Once the meters are full, you can choose which ability to use, but think carefully, as you can only use one ability at a time. Here is a quick overview of each ability:

  • Freeze – Freeze all fish on the screen. This is useful for taking out big fish before leaving the screen.
  • Summon – Summon any fish available in the current stage in the middle of the screen. Take it out fast before it leaves forever.
  • Machine Gun – Probably the best ability, as it will increase the rate of fire of your cannon significantly. You will still be limited to having 20 bullets on the screen at the time, so make sure to hit the bullets when using the machine gun.

Free Bullet Table

Throughout the game, you will be awarded free bullets with different multipliers. It is possible to get 8, 15, 20, and 30 free bullets, and you have to use these free bullets before using your standard ones. Some free bullets have randomly assigned multipliers, which can be 2x, 3x, and 5x, which can quickly rack you big rewards.

Pros & Cons of Playing Lustrous Ocean

Great visualsMultiplayer-focused but lacking players
Lots of interesting mechanicsFish have no visible health bars
It feels modern compared to most fish catch gamesFish leave the screen permanently

Lustrous Ocean – Our Verdict

Judging Lustrous Ocean is difficult, as we did not get the whole experience during our playtesting. While we know that there are seven different stages of the game, we only got to experience two of them since there were not enough players in the game to progress through the stages; mind you, this was in for fun mode, where players would not save their shots as much.

There are some exciting additions, as we loved the ability system. This can help create some strategy when killing big fish, and if you are looking to work with other players, the summon ability is good on treasure fish with hefty payouts. Still, the biggest issue is that only boss fish have a health bar, which is rare, making this more of a game of luck than a game of skill.

With that in mind, we suggest checking out Lustrous Ocean if you want to try something new in the genre, but if you want to explore fish games that are known to be good, checking out ones at Fortune Coins or NoLimitCoins Casino is a good choice.

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