Mermaid Hunter Fish Game

Mermaid Hunter Fish Game

The Mermaid Hunter fish table game is one of the newest additions to the quickly-developing world of online fish table games at sweepstakes casinos. This is a game with fairly simplistic gameplay, in which your aim is to hunt fish or other sea creatures until they blow up or disappear from the screen.

Various symbols are floating across your screen at any given time, including a mermaid, a ship captain, a piggy bank, and a variety of other sea creatures. Thanks to features such as aim lock and auto shoot, you can easily hit winning streaks and get a huge cash reward, even if it is your first time playing. To learn all about this fish table mermaid fantasy game and how to ace it, keep reading.

Mermaid Hunter Game Overview

As soon as I accessed the Mermaid Hunter game at Fortune Coins Casino, I got the option to choose between the Bronze room, which had the lowest bet range, the Silver room, which offered a medium betting range, and finally, the Gold room – marked by a Mermaid, which had the highest bet range from 1 Fortune Coin to 10 Fortune Coins.

Mermaid Hunter Tier Levels

I opted for the Gold room since I like taking chances, though there is nothing wrong with starting with smaller bets, at least until you have a good grasp of this mermaid fantasy game. Nevertheless, I went through the pay table which contains all of the information about all the fish and their point values, so that I could familiarize myself with my prey.

With that done, I activated and deactivated the auto shoot and aim lock features which helped me make sure they were responsive within a second of clicking on them. From there, I dove into hunting for numerous other exotic sea creature options.

While the Mermaid and the Ship Captain were particularly enticing, both taking up major portions of the game screen, I focused my attention on the smaller prey. All in all, this is a fairly easy game for new fish table game players and seasoned vets alike, thanks to its accessible design and easy marks.

Mermaid Hunter Gameplay Mechanics

To start with, your cannon aim, which boasts a bright green color, making it easy to distinguish it from the numerous creatures, helps you hit the exact symbol you have your eye on. You just need to hover your arrow over it and click – once it starts glowing red, you have it in your crosshairs.

The second element is the bet amount bar, where you can increase or decrease the amount you want to bet on that particular fishing attempt. On your right side, you will find the Aim Lock and Unlock button, which helped me immensely in my own adventure, as well as the Auto button, which triggers constant automatic firing, if you activate it.

Under that, you can access the Paytable, where you can look up each symbol and find the best creatures to hunt. Thanks to these features, the gameplay is incredibly straightforward since it just requires you to aim the cannon and shoot.

Hunting Techniques and Strategies

Fish table games are an incredibly entertaining hobby to have, but even if you’re playing just for fun, you can always find ways to improve your winning odds. First and foremost, you should take full advantage of the aim lock and auto-shoot features, as they make sure that you don’t miss the fish you have an eye on.

In addition, you should learn as many of the symbols as you can before starting the game, especially the creatures that cause chain reactions. Look for symbols such as the piggy bank with a 50x multiplier, the bomb fish, which causes ranged explosions, and the electric eel, which electrocutes multiple other fish across the screen.

Unlockable Weapons and Power-Ups

To start with, the electric eel is a slow-swimming weapon that you can trigger by firing at it until it explodes. Once it does, it will also explode around half of the other fish on the screen with it and earn credits. The bomb crab is another useful weapon floating on your screen, and instead of hitting random creatures, this bomb takes out all of the symbols floating closest to it.

Additionally, the seahorse looks fairly innocent, but it is incredibly lethal. Once you lock in on a seahorse and manage to make it explode, you will cause all of the other identical sea horses to do the same. The piggy bank took me a while to make it explode and activate the golden feature, but when I did, it rewarded me with a 40x multiplier.

While I didn’t manage to hit any of the five treasure chests, the multipliers they offer are always worth trying for.

Boss Battles and Challenges

Every once in a while, the game automatically changes the background, and you get about 10 seconds to prepare before schools of fish start floating up your screen. Unlike in the regular gameplay, the creatures don’t swim freely but rather in a set line, which makes it easier to hit them.

Though in this challenge, you will encounter mostly low-paying fish, every 2 minutes or so, a big prize, be it a sea captain, a mermaid, or special mermaids with tridents, will cross your screen diagonally or straight up. I was lucky enough to get a piggy bank hit just before a mermaid swam into my screen, which made it freeze and allowed me to fire until it exploded.

Is There a Mermaid Hunter Multiplayer Mode?

Most definitely! If you enjoy the social aspect of online casino games, then Mermaid Hunter is the right choice for you, as it allows up to 4 players at one time. You can connect with your friends, or you can simply join a game and meet new people at your favorite sweepstakes casino.

The multiplayer mode ups the stakes in this fish table game since all of you will be fighting for the same prizes, so you’re competing against the gameplay and your fellow players. You have to make a fish explode before it leaves your screen, and you also have to do it before someone else does.

Where to Play Mermaid Hunter?

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Though fish table games are relatively new to the world of online casino gambling, certain sweepstakes venues have already added Mermaid Hunter to their repertoires.

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Can You Play Mermaid Hunter on Mobile?

You most definitely can play Mermaid Hunter on mobile phones, even if the sweepstakes casino you join doesn’t have a dedicated app. The gameplay will be in landscape mode, which makes it easier for you to click on the swimming fish as well as activate and deactivate the game features and win big. This is a fully mobile-optimized title by KA Gaming, so you just need to access it via your preferred mobile browser and enjoy.

Strategies and Tips for Winning in Mermaid Hunter

Based on my own experience, I developed a few tips that can help you win in Mermaid Hunter while keeping the entire experience fun.

Consistency is Key

First and foremost, hitting many low-paying fish regularly is much better than hitting one high-paying creature rarely since your wins tend to pile up with consistency. That is why you should try to aim for the slower fish that give you a great chance to get a win, as opposed to aiming for the big jackpot reward.

Stick to Your Budget

Your budget, even if you are playing with free coins, is a great way to keep an eye on your betting habit and to make sure you are always in control. The best way for me is to pick an amount of sweeps coins or free-play coins I’m willing to bet and stick to it without exceptions. When you hit the maximum limit, it’s time for a break.

Keep an Eye on Your Bullets

You have a finite number of bullets, depending on how many credits you are playing with. Though it’s easy to get drawn into this colorful underwater world, you should always know exactly how many bullets you have so that you can plan your hunting decisions accordingly. You don’t want to aim for a big catch when you have 2-3 bullets left.

Quit at the Right Moment

Knowing when to stop is one of the most useful skills you can have when playing fish table games at sweepstakes casinos online. When you are on a winning streak, and you are seeing more and more big-catch creatures that are moving quickly, that’s a good moment to take a step back. You’ll get to keep your winnings, and you’ll get to leave feeling like a winner.

Player Ratings and Reviews of Mermaid Hunter Fish Game

Even though Mermaid Hunter is still a somewhat new fish game at online social casinos, many players consider it to be one of the best options in its category. The general consensus is that not only is it endlessly entertaining, with nearly 20 symbols for you to hit, but it has an incredibly simple gameplay mechanism that makes it accessible to all players. According to US players online, the rules of the game are fairly easy to understand, and you can always rely on built-in features like auto shoot and target lock aim to help your reaction time. Though the graphics could use some improvement, this is a quality, immersive game.

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