Ocean King Fish Game

Ocean King Fish Game

Ocean King is one of the most famous arcade games of the decade. It is renowned among players for its stunning graphics and a plethora of power-ups that guarantee an endlessly entertaining experience.

The game is action-packed, allows you to win up to 100x your wager, and offers power-ups that eliminate multiple targets in one go. If this sounds like your type of game, this article delves into all the crucial details you need to know regarding Ocean King, from its gameplay to effective shooting strategies and the best platforms to find it.

Introduction to Ocean King Online

Ocean King Crab Avengers

Originally crafted by the International Games System (IGS) in Taiwan, Ocean King is an arcade-style shooting game that seamlessly blends video game graphics with the thrill of winning real money. Set against a backdrop of beautifully detailed ocean scenery, this game initially gained traction in China before its English version spread globally, captivating players in the Western world.

Although it was once confined to a physical structure with a big table board, it now has up to 3 online variants, with the third one, Ocean King 3, being the most popular. Like all fish games, it involves shooting various fish species to win cash prizes. What makes it even more thrilling is its multiplayer nature that allows up to four players to enjoy the game simultaneously. Additionally, it has 7 power-ups that not only boost the already exciting gameplay but also amp up your potential payout.

Gameplay and Rules

If you’re familiar with fish shooter games, grasping how Ocean King operates should be a breeze. For the uninitiated, Ocean King is a four-person shooting game set in an undersea world swarming with many different fish varieties. As a player, your primary objective is to shoot and catch as many fish as possible for a chance to win cash rewards. What sets Ocean King apart from other fish shooter games are additional features like entertaining mini-games, different scenes (all set in the ocean), and up to nine kinds of fish.

Ocean King Gameplay

Each fish species comes with an associated multiplier value. The larger the multiplier, the bigger the fish and the more challenging it is to claim. Despite having diverse special characters and mini-games, the core gameplay in Ocean King aligns with traditional arcade shooting games. Here are the key points to remember:

  1. Bet sizes range from 10 to 500 coins, with 10 being the default. Larger bets provide you with more potent bullets for faster fish elimination, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  2. You can adjust your bet size as many times as you want while playing.
  3. In the main game, three interchangeable guns are available: the fish net gun, allowing normal-speed shooting; the lock gun, enabling you to lock onto a specific target and shoot at it until it yields; and the new cumulative super gun, offering a higher shooting speed. You can unlock more weapons like bombs, drills, and lasers by catching special boss fishes.

Types of Fish and Prizes

Ocean King features more than 14 fish species with increasing multiplier values spread out between them. Apart from these, there are also about five special fishes, which do not award multipliers but bring unique benefits like unlocking mini-games or providing a special weapon that can help you tackle hordes of fish. Below, I have provided a rundown of the main types of fish and the different point values.

🐟Fish Species💰Multiplier Values
Flying yellow fish2x
Clown fish3x
Butterfly fish4x
Fugu (pink puffer fish)5x
Yellow Flatfish7x
Lantern Fish12x
Sea turtles15x
Saw Shark18x
Jumbo Fish10x-30x
Killer whale30x-100x
Humpback whale100x

Shooting Techniques and Strategies

Unlike other casino games, Ocean King is a skill-based game, meaning it rewards quick thinking and strategic decision-making rather than relying solely on chance. If you aim to win real money, developing an effective strategy is vital for ensuring consistent wins and minimizing losses. Practice these shooting techniques and tips regularly, and with time you will become an adept fish hunter, raking in profitable fish each time you play.

  • Mustache & Ballpoint Shooting: In the fast-paced world of the Ocean King game, you can win extra points depending on how well you maneuver your gun. Two vital gun maneuvers are mustache and ballpoint shooting. With mustache shooting, you turn your gun through small angles, shooting slowly at one fish at a time. This technique discourages haphazard shooting and conserves bullets. Ballpoint shooting focuses on a single target. You shoot at a wall opposite the fish, allowing the bullet to bounce back on the fish, and then you shoot directly at it, increasing your chances of killing it by hitting it twice at once.
  • Practice with Demo Mode: The best way to get familiar with how this game works is to try it out first without using real money. Practicing first helps you understand each fish variant, their point values, speed, and eccentricities. This knowledge saves time and bullets when you eventually start playing for real money.
  • Choose Your Targets Wisely: Only shoot at fishes you have a good chance of claiming. Avoid shooting at fishes already being shot at by opponents, as you might waste your bullets if the win goes to the other player. It is best not to shoot at a target close to the edge, as you might not catch the fish before it swims off-screen. Shoot fish upon entry, aim for the head, and steer clear of hidden fish, which can be challenging to aim at.
  • Evaluate Before Shooting at Big Fish: Big fish may promise high multiplier values, but they are bullet-costly and challenging to take down. Before going after a kingfish, consider your budget and whether targeting smaller fish might be more profitable.
  • Set a Gaming Budget: Creating a gaming budget is crucial to maintaining control over your spending. Setting a budget before playing also informs your decisions and the strategies that would be most helpful for you to employ.

Power-Ups and Special Weapons

The main factors that distinguish Ocean King from other fish games are its mini-game features, power-ups, and special weapons. These elements inject extra excitement into the gameplay, ensuring an immersive and entertaining experience. The power-ups and added weapons also assist you in scoring points with just a few bullets. The additional features you can encounter in the Ocean King game are:

  1. Super Bomb Crab: True to its name, Super Bomb Crabs unleash a dangerous chain of bomb attacks when caught. This explosion has the potential to catch numerous other fish, leading to significant payouts.
  2. Laser Crab: Catching the Laser Crab wins you a laser beam that you can use to shoot at all the fish in a small area of the fish table.
  3. Drill Crab: The Drill Crab releases sharp mechanical fire drills onto the table, which have a high chance of hitting and killing several fish. As a bonus, the drills self-annihilate after a while, causing an explosion that can take out additional fish.
  4. Roulette Crab: Similar to the other crabs in the Ocean King universe, the Roulette Crab provides a fantastic power-up. Unlike its counterparts, which grant an additional bullet, it unlocks a spin-the-wheel game, offering you a chance to win thousands of coins by simply pressing the shoot button.
  5. Chain Thunder: Also known as Lightning Chain, you can unlock this feature by capturing a lightning fish. Only specific fish, such as clown fish, lionfish, flatfish, lobster, and octopi, can appear as lightning fish. Catching any of these initiates a thunder chain, capturing as many fish as possible until it runs out. Your final points depend on how many fish the chain eliminates.
  6. Vortex Fish: Except for certain special characters (sharks, saw sharks, devil fish, humpback whales, and killer whales), most fish species can appear as vortex fish. When captured, vortex fish create a whirlpool that attracts and eliminates all the same fish species in the vicinity.
  7. Thunder Dragon: The Thunder Dragon is the fish species offering the biggest payout. It unleashes a multitude of dragons on the game table upon capture. These dragons aggressively attack most of the fish on the table, earning you a substantial number of points.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode in Ocean King?

Yes, Ocean King has a multiplayer mode that accommodates up to 4 players. This is unsurprising as the original physical arcade machine lets up to 10 people play at once.

The game features 4 cannons, and at the beginning of the game, you will see an arrow pointing to your designated cannon. The other cannons are manned by other players from all over the world who are also playing the game concurrently.

Best Platforms to Play Ocean King Online

Unfortunately, there are no online casinos in the US offering Ocean King. There used to be a website, oceanking99.net, where players could access the different online variants of the game, but it does not work anymore and now contains links that may pose cybersecurity risks to your device.

If you want to play Ocean King online, your only option is to download mobile apps from companies that lease the software from its developers. These apps are available either on the Google Play Store and App Store or as .apk files, but we cannot vouch for their credibility. Just go to the appropriate store, enter “Ocean King” in the search bar, and the available apps will pop up.

Although Ocean King is unavailable on legit sweepstakes platforms like Fortune Coins, TaoFortune, NoLimitCoins, and Funrize, these sites offer even better fish table games, which boast exceptional graphics, captivating soundtracks, and enticing in-game bonuses.

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Ocean King Online Game Reviews

Many users who downloaded these apps expressed concerns about game rigging, reported instances of not receiving purchased coins, and cited unpaid winnings. Additionally, the game was reported to lack a free-to-play option, violating the no-purchase necessary rule and forcing players to buy coins to compete for cash prizes.

Ocean King Review 1
Ocean King Review 2

Why Play Ocean King Online?

Although Ocean King has some exciting features, such as its bonus games and special weapons, I would not advise you to play the game online as it is only available on unverifiable mobile apps. These platforms blatantly defy the US sweepstakes laws and have a track record of scamming players and stealing their information. However, if you’d still like to stick to your guns, you know where to find Ocean King and enjoy its many player-friendly features.

Games Similar to Ocean King

There are several games similar to Ocean King you can play on trusted sites to avoid unnecessary issues. They include:

Emily’s Treasure

Like Ocean King, Emily’s Treasure is a multiplayer fish game with an underwater arcade theme. It features over 20 fish species, each with different multiplier values ranging from 2x to 120x.

My favorite things about Emily’s Treasure are its unique bonuses and power-ups. Both Ocean King and Emily Treasure share Fire Dragon power-ups. However, while Ocean King’s version only affects nearby fishes, Emily Treasure’s Fire Dragon takes it several notches by destroying all fishes on the screen. There is also an All-at-Once feature that kills all the fish of the same species and an Energy Shot bonus that doubles your winnings for every fish you kill. This game is available for play at Fortune Coins Casino.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

Thunder Fishing

Developed by NetGame, Thunder Fishing also takes players on an underwater adventure with 9 special features and 2 formidable bosses. Although the highest paying character (the Bubbled Buffalo) is only worth about 200x your wager, defeating the Zeus or Thor boss can result in a remarkable 2500x payout. 

As for the special features, 4 of them rapidly deal hundreds of hits to help you kill more fish, while the remaining features enhance winnings within a range of 5x your bet to an impressive 2,400x. You can play this game on Funrize, NoLimitCoins, and Tao Fortune Casino.

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

100,000 Gold Coins on Sign up

128,000 Tao Coins on Sign-Up

KA Fish Hunter

Available on Fortune Coins and Funrize, KA Fish Hunter features 21 sea creatures with multiplier values ranging from 2x to 200x. This exciting game offers 3 bonus features – Chain Win, Freeze Bomb, and Multiplier Bonus.

The Chain Win is activated by hitting a fish with an orange glow and effortlessly clears all fish of the same species. The Freeze Bomb temporarily immobilizes all fish on the screen, so you can fire at them without worrying about them swimming away. Additionally, the Multiplier Bonus has the potential to enhance your payout by up to 7x.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Free ENTRIES

Space Cowboy

Instead of the regular underwater theme, Space Cowboy features an intergalactic setting where players shoot at aliens and spaceships to win prizes. Currently, the title is only available on Fortune Coins, and its highest-paying character, the fiery red spider, pays 300x your bet.

The game’s bonus features include Chain Wins, Time Stop, and Laser Weapon. When activated, the Chain Wins feature triggers a chain reaction that eliminates several characters. Time Stop freezes all the enemies on the screen and applies a 20x multiplier on your winning. Lastly, Laser Weapon boosts your shot power while awarding a 35x multiplier.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins