Raging Ape Fish Game

Raging Ape Fish Game

Raging Ape is a fish table game released in 2020 by Fish Game Kings, a company known for creating visually enchanting fish arcade games, and Raging Ape is no different. It is packed with bosses, combos, and new weapons that will make going for that Ape-Boss a whole lot easier.

Raging Ape offers up to 10 shooting positions and superb 3D graphics that really come into the foreground when you catch the Ape-Boss, and it comes smashing its way across the screen.

In addition to beautifully crafted visuals and top audio, Raging Ape boasts multiple in-game features and a four-level jackpot with the potential to bring hundreds of sweeps coins to your balance. 

Join us as we break down the Raging Ape fish table game to showcase its mechanics, bonuses, weaponry, jackpots, and more.

Raging Ape Fish Game Overview

Raging Ape offers gameplay similar to King Kong’s Rampage and Ape’s Rampage, both titles from Fish Game Kings with a giant ape as the protagonist, tearing down everything in its wake for coins galore.

Like most other games Fish Game Kings offers, Raging Ape can also be configured to host between two and ten players on the screen, paving the way for a proper multiplier affair. The game is set deep into the underwater caves filled with sea turtles, sharks, crabs, and all other marine creatures getting into your crosshairs.

Speaking of crosshairs, players can rely on two in the form of a spider web, making it easier to go for the bigger targets. The main ones in the game are the bosses — Ape, Devil Fish, Thunder Whale, Emperor Crab, and Thunder Dragon, each of which releases a special bonus feature when caught, in addition to the biggest payouts.

For example, Thunder Dragon initiates the Blitz Dragon feature, which applies a special multiplier to all wins you accumulate once that huge, sparkling dragon blasts across the screen.

A four-level jackpot in the game — Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand, adds a layer of excitement to the game and can be linked across different games from Fish Game Kings for an even greater prize purse.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins

Raging Ape Gameplay & Mechanics

The gameplay of Raging Ape fish table game revolves around you shooting at different fish and creatures in order to catch them and win coins. The bigger the fish you shoot down, the better the payout.

Before you start hurling bullets at fish, you need to choose an open position at the table and set your bet size. Each shot you fire will cost a number of gold or sweeps coins, depending on the sweepstakes casino you are playing at. Not all fish can be caught with a single bullet, especially those that yield the biggest prizes, so it’s crucial to mind your bankroll.

Once you’ve chosen the playing position and the size of your bet, you can start shooting. The outcome of the game depends on your aim and skill, which gives you more control than with most other sweepstakes casino games.

Raging Ape Gameplay

What Kind of Weapons Can You Choose?

You can use two types of weapons in Raging Ape: the regular gun and the laser gun. The standard gun fires one bullet at a time, but you can keep your finger on the trigger for rapid fire.

On the other hand, the laser gun comes with a neat setting. Namely, you can toggle between the targets you want the laser to focus on. So, you need only select the Ape Boss, for example, and the laser gun will track it all across the screen and shoot it.

Raging Ape Shooting Weapons

What Are the Levels & Power-Ups?

Raging Ape is teeming with in-game bonuses and power-ups that make all the difference in terms of prizes. First of all, when you catch the Ape Boss, it will try to fight loose, and as he struggles, every one of his smashes will earn you more points.

If you go for the Thunder Whale Boss or the Devil Fish Boss and manage to catch either of them, the boss fish will help you snag all the other fish on the screen and increase your winnings dramatically.

The Vortex Wind is another neat feature that happens randomly during gameplay. A vortex will appear on the screen and suck in all the fish that are within its reach, including some of the bigger prey for larger prizes.

We’ve already mentioned Blitz Dragon, which applies a multiplier in addition to catching all the fish in sight.

Where to Play Raging Ape Fish Game?

Raging Ape is primarily found on shady sweepstakes casinos such as Fire Kirin, Orion Stars, and BitBetWin, which lack transparency when stating the sweepstakes rules, promotions, and other key characteristics of sweepstakes sites.

Strategies for Winning at Raging Ape

The success rate when playing Raging Ape depends on your aim as well as the strategy you employ. Here are some strategies for you to consider and utilize.

Go for the Raging Ape

In my experience playing the game, Raging Ape is not as difficult to catch as are other bosses in other fish table games. There is no set amount of hits that are required to take him down, but with a joint effort from players, particularly through the use of lasers, it is likely that you can take him down and benefit from his smashes.

Raging Ape Live Game

Refrain from Burst Fire

Even though it feels natural that rapid or burst fire will do the trick, that is not always the case. Namely, there are so many targets on the screen, so firing across the screen with no strategy and focus won’t help you catch fish, especially those larger ones. Aim for the head and focus your attention on specific creatures; that is your best chance of catching the fish.

Replenish the Bankroll Through Smaller Fish

Shoot smaller fish to keep a steady influx of wins to your balance, which in turn will give you enough funds to shoot the bosses from time to time.

Hijack the Kills

Even though this is not the friendliest of strategies when it comes to multiplayer arcade games, it pays. When two or more players go for the same fish, their chances increase. If you see a player shooting the boss and you join the fun, it could be your bullet that catches it, even though another player has spent more time shooting it.

Can You Play in Multiplayer Mode?

Raging Ape has a multiplayer mode where between 2 and 10 players can participate in one game. The multiplayer mode is available on most Fish Game Kings releases.

Is Raging Ape Available on Mobile?

All fish table games from Fish Game Kings’ portfolio are available on mobile devices, regardless of their operating systems. The game is played in landscape mode for a more immersive gameplay experience.

Raging Ape Player Reviews

Oddly enough, there are no player reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, or any other forums where fans of sweepstakes fish table game usually voice their opinions. You can find discussions related to the old-school arcade Raging Ape, located at Chuck E. Cheese, which was probably the inspiration for the provider to create the Raging Ape fish table game. Other than that, players are yet to pass judgment on the release.

Raging Ape Reddit Question

Raging Ape – Is It Worth It?

Raging Ape offers a unique take on the fish table game genre with complex boss battles and detailed 3D graphics. There are in-game bonuses, and a multi-level jackpot system, enhancing the traditional arcade-style gameplay. However, its appeal is somewhat diminished by its limited availability on select sweepstakes casinos. Also, the game’s requirement for strategic play and resource management might not suit all players, specifically those who are looking for a more laid-back experience.

Detailed graphics and engaging sound designLimited availability, mostly on less reputable sweepstakes sites.
Unique bosses and weaponsLack of widespread player reviews and community engagement.
Multiplayer mode
360,000 Free Coins + $12 Fortune Coins