Three-Headed Dragon Fish Game

Three-Headed Dragon Fish Game

If you want to embark on a thrilling free, fun journey beneath the waves or earn some real cash prizes while playing, Three-Headed Dragon is the fish table game you should try.

This recent addition to the world of fish table games mixes skills and strategy, making it a feast for the eyes with the splashing color and high-quality graphics it offers.

If you like to play fish table games for free and have a keen eye for spotting sweepstakes casinos that offer great payout deals, you’ll kick it off with this game pretty easily. Like other popular fish table games, you aim to shoot as many big fish as possible with your cannon. But your true luck is to spot the Three-Headed Dragon on screen in this Asian-themed fish game. Keep reading to discover why.

Three Headed Dragon Game

Three-Headed Dragon Game Overview

The first moment you launch the Three-Headed Dragon fish game, you’re transported into an underwater realm, but you also get that extra touch of an Asian feel. As a fan of fish games, what really gets me going is the underwater scenery and the strong, vivid colors of the sea creatures that swim around. And in this game, they’re exquisite, as well as the attention to detail crowned with striking clarity and elements of the Asian culture.

One of the best things about this game is that you can play it directly through a sweepstakes casino website.

Once you choose the room, you enter the underwater world, and the sea creatures start swimming around, you need to focus before you start shooting because each shot is worth your money – literally!

🐟Three Headed Dragon
🐠TypeFish Table Game
🤠ThemeFish / Asia
🧑‍💻Game DeveloperKA Games
📅Year of Release2022
💯RTP94% – 96%

Gameplay Mechanics

Now that you have entered a room based on your betting references, you’re transported to the actual setting of the underwater game.

There are smaller and bigger fish and sea creatures swimming, each with different speeds, as well as different durability against your cannons and fishing nets (yes, you’re not fishing with a hook in this game). If you’ve played some popular fish table games, like Thunder Fishing or Crab King, you’ll instantly recognize the cannon in the middle of the screen. The bullets that are fired bounce off from the edges of the screen until they hit a target, and you can also choose different cannons that fire different bullets.

On the right, you have a bunch of other options:

  • Lock (aim) button – Used to “lock” a specific target on the screen and shoot it consecutively.
  • Auto shoot button – You can turn this on if you’re able to face the burden of betting more money than your usual shooting game, or just auto shoot in free-play mode.
  • Paytable button – Looks like the “i”-information sign, is your Bible in this underwater kingdom.

I recommend getting to know the sea creatures to own this game, so glance through the types of fish and what points they can earn you in return by opening the Paytable.

Three Headed Dragon Paytable

Fish Species in Three-Headed Dragon Fish Game

The fish in Three-Headed Dragon are categorized into two groups: large and small fish. Big fish can offer payouts ranging from 50x to 300x, while small fish have payouts between 2x and 30x. Players must strategize, considering the type of fish and the number of bullets required to destroy them, as bigger fish need more ammo​​​​, but bring more lucrative rewards.

Here is some more specific information on the creatures you may counterfeit in Three-Headed Dragon.

🐟Small Fish🐠Big Fish❌Multipliers⭐Specials
2xSwordsfish30x - 150xPink Crab20x and kill multiple fish
3xGreen Dot Shark30x - 150xGolden Treasure BoxWin the random prize 50x, freeze all fish on screen
5xBlack Ray50x - 200xLaser Shark20x and a free powerful laser shot
10xThree-Headed Dradon50x - 300x/
15xAll have bonus features, e.g. the Thee-Headed Dragon swipes multiple fish on screen

All wins are multiplied by the total bet during the entirety of the last round. If you do the math, the potential wins can be quite astonishing!

Collectible Items and Power-Ups

In the world of Three-Headed Dragon, understanding the collectible items and power-ups is the first step to winning prizes. As already portrayed in the table above, the game features a diverse range of creatures, each with its own unique value and abilities.

  • Multipliers and Specials: Special creatures like the Pink Crab not only offer a 20x multiplier but can also eliminate multiple fish, amplifying your scoring potential. The Laser Shark is a game-changer with its free powerful laser shot, turning the tide in your favor.
  • The Three-Headed Dragon: This is your jackpot – with multipliers ranging from 50x to 300x and the ability to swipe multiple fish at once, it’s the ultimate target. However, timing is key. Wait for the right moment to strike – precision beats haste.

Though each small and big game offers a certain range of multipliers, the big fish also offer specific power-ups that may vary based on their timing and the ammo type you used to capture them.

Levels and Challenges in Three-Headed Dragon

Before you start playing, you can choose to either play for free, or play for money. In both modes, you must choose a room that ranges according to your betting potential.

Plus, you have the option to choose your bet range from the entry (or you can simply play the game for free). There are three optional rooms where you can enter and play, depending on your betting range:

  • Bronze: $0.01 to $0.10
  • Silver: $0.10 to $1.00
  • Gold: $1:00 to $10.00

Moreover, after you reach certain points, a tidal wave swifts the current background and a different scenery advances on your screen. With each next consecutively played round, you get more and more creatures on screen, so it becomes quite a mess and quite a challenge to hit the acquired target!

Is There a Multiplayer Mode in Three-Headed Dragon?

Yes, if you’re playing for real money, you get the chance to play in multiplayer mode and compete with each other. However, what I also love about this game is the free demo version I can play when I just wanna ease my mind.

Where to Play Three-Headed Dragon?

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Choosing wisely the casino you’ll register an account at to play this game can grant you additional promotions and bonuses. Plus, this will also influence your winning potential, based on your personal banking preferences and daily limits of making deposits or withdrawals.

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Can You Play Three-Headed Dragon on Mobile?

Though there’s no separate mobile app for download, the Three-Headed Dragon fish game is fully optimized for both Android and iOS mobile phones, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Its design adapts well to all screen resolutions, making it ideal for gaming on the go, while their progress will be tracked and saved within their registered casino account.

How Much Can You Win Playing Three-Headed Dragon?

As mentioned, you can choose how much you bet on your entry to the game. The range is anywhere from $0.01 up to $10. And based on the vast multiplier range that’s also available, ranging from 2x to 500x on your bet, there are some pretty big steaks on the line.

For example, if you bet only $5, with some luck and strategy, you can make $1,500 in a single-game spin! The rest is up to the casino’s specific regulations on daily limits of withdrawals and deposits, so you may want to read the T&C of your chosen sweepstakes casino before you start playing.

Tips & Tricks to Win Big in Three-Headed Dragon Fish Game

Winning big in the Three-Headed Dragon fish game requires a blend of strategy, skill, and understanding of the game’s unique features (and a bit of luck, of course). Here are four crucial tips to help you maximize your success, based on my personal experience in playing fish table games.

Know Your Fish

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with each fish species, their payout levels, and the number of bullets needed for a kill. Bigger fish, like those offering 50x to 300x rewards, need more ammo, so plan your shots carefully.

Master the Special Features

Use the game’s special features and boosts in your best interest. The Three-Headed Dragon, for instance, multiplies your bet by 20x and clears multiple fish, offering a significant boost. The freeze feature is also key for targeting high-value fish easily since it freezes all creatures on screen while awarding you with a free and powerful laser shot.

Ammo Management

Play your shots wisely because they really do cost money (unless you play for free). It’s tempting to go after big fish, but they consume more bullets. If you’re playing in multiplayer mode, consider sparing ammo for bigger shots, which are easy to spot because the game announces upcoming big shots on screen.

Choose the Right Room

Select a room that matches your skill level and playing style. Each room has different characteristics and challenges, so pick one that aligns with your strategy and comfort level. Even if you can afford to play with the big league, I recommend starting small and progressing with your expertise and game adaptation.

Three Headed Dragon Room Options

My Review of Three-Headed Dragon Fish Game

To sum it up, Three-Headed Dragon is an excellent choice for newbies and skilled players too. This I’m saying because not every fish game offers a free version with all the bonus features and power-ups like the payable version.

Moreover, this is one of the most recent fish game releases, so you are also looking at amazing graphics and an adaptability mode that’s nothing short of perfect. I personally didn’t experience any glitches while playing this fish game on both my iOS and laptop, so I’m definitely giving this game a 10 out of 10.

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