Thunder Dragon Fish Game

Thunder Dragon Fish Game

Thunder Dragon (Ocean King 2 series) is a fish-hunting casino game that allows up to eight playersto enjoy the game at the same time. Players can use different weapons to play Thunder Dragon and catch as many fish as possible. During the game, the point value of the chosen weapon increases, which allows players to catch more fish at the same time and earn more valuable rewards.

In total, there are 28 fish characters that players can shoot. Some of them are lightning fish, electric fish, clownfish, flying fish, butterfly fish, sea turtles, saw sharks, and others. If you want to find out more about all Thunder Dragon Fish features, we strongly recommend you continue reading the article. We have done in-depth analyses of all game aspects. Let’s go!

What Is Thunder Dragon Fish Game?

Thunder Dragon is a multiplayer fish game that is still not available on many sweepstakes casinos in the USA. It is the latest game from the Ocean King series, upgraded with some amazing features. The biggest change of all is related to the characters – they are all radically different compared to other Ocean King 2 games. At the same time, players will get the chance to enjoy completely new game features.

The purpose of the game is to use the available guns and shoot as many fish as possible. There are three main settings players can choose between – normal, accelerated, and aim for the target. Each game round comes with a certain time frame, which makes things even more interesting.

Some of the main features of the game are Lightning Chain, Vortex Fish, Fast Bombs, Fire Storm, and others. An explanation of each one is provided in the further part of the text.

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How to Play Thunder Dragon Fish?

Thunder Dragon Octopus

Ocean King 2 Thunder Dragon game is actually pretty simple to play. In total, there are 28 fish species, including lionfish, flatfish, spearfish, octopus, and others. Each fish, as you can guess, has a different value. The purpose of the game is to catch more fish = collect more points than the competitors until the last second of the round.

As each gun has three settings, you will get the chance to choose between different weapons, each one with some specific features and advantages.

Is There a Multiplayer Mode?

The Ocean King 2 Thunder Dragon game is actually a multiplayer game. The maximum number of players that can participate in the game is 8. However, it is also available for fewer players than that – two, four, or six. So, if you can’t find an 8-member crew to hunt fish together, you will still manage to enjoy the game!

Top Casinos to Play Online Thunder Dragon Fishing for Real Money

We currently can’t recommend any online casino offering the Thunder Dragon fish game since it is very hard to find any. It is a relatively new game with great features that still hasn’t gotten any popularity in the sweepstakes casino world. Yet, we would like to share a few tips that will help you find the best operators!

Players should take into consideration only those sweepstakes casinos that offer great sign-up bonuses and regular daily promotions. Also, the operator should use the latest data protection technology, which guarantees the complete safety of the users (SSL encryption is a good example). Read carefully the Terms & Conditions page and find out all details about the casino. Everything must be transparent!

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Rules and Strategies for Playing Thunder Dragon Fish Game

Thunder Dragon Ocean King 2

Starting the Thunder Dragon fish-hunting journey does not require any advanced knowledge of this game. There are a couple of steps all players need to take, and they are:

  • Find the Best Casino that Offers Thunder Dragon

The first step is finding a sweepstakes casino where you can enjoy this fish game. Having the opportunity to play this game should not be something that impresses you. Instead, you should focus more on your own safety. Look for online casinos that have good reputations, use the latest data protection technology, and offer the best payment methods. Currently, it is pretty challenging to find suitable options since Thunder Dragon is unavailable on most sweepstakes casinos.

  • Open a Casino Account

The next step is to complete the registration process. Casinos will usually ask for some private data such as first and last name, address, email, and date of birth. In addition, you may need to verify your identity and confirm that you are not an underage user. You can do that by scanning your ID or any other valid document that confirms your identity and age.

  • Claim Bonuses and Enjoy Free Play

Most professional sweepstakes casinos will ensure free coins for all the newcomers registering on their platform. In most cases, users will need to insert a bonus code to get access to a signup promotion. Using available promotions would be wise since they allow you to improve your skills free of charge.   

  • Start Playing the Game and Pick the Weapon

The moment has come to find out how good you are at this game. Players will get the chance to choose between different guns they can use during the game. It would be wise to test a few of them until you find the most suitable one.

What Makes Thunder Dragon Fish Game Stand Out?

One of the features that make Thunder Dragon stand out from the mass of the fish-hunting games is the Lightning Chain. To activate this feature, you need to hit the Lightning Fish species. That includes lionfish, lobsters, octopuses, and others. The activated features will catch fish automatically for a limited time.

Another feature that makes Thunder Dragon different is bonus rounds. These rounds include mini-games during which players can use special weapons and bombs to catch fish. Use bonus rounds to increase your chances of winning against other players!

Based on our experience, these features are not typical for all the fish hunting series. That’s why we consider Thunder Dragon a better option compared to many other fish games on the market.

Thunder Dragon Fish Game Features

Thunder Dragon Gameplay

The upgraded features are the main reason why our team appreciates this game. Many of them you won’t be able to find with fish hunting games. That’s why we would like to analyze and explain them.

  • Lightning Chain: There are 9 fish species that are considered Lightning Fish – octopus, spearfish, lobster, flatfish, lionfish, fugu, butterflyfish, clownfish, and flying fish. Catching one of them will trigger the Lightning chain that will automatically catch fish until the feature expires.
  • Vortex Fish: Another group of fish is considered Vortex Fish (some of them include in both categories), and they are: saw shark, sea turtle, lantern fish, octopus, spearfish, lobster, flatfish, lionfish, fugu, butterfly fish, clown fish and flying fish. Catching one of these species will instantly save all the fish of the same species.
  • Fast Bomb: This is actually a free single-player game (in-game feature). Players will have a limited time to catch fish under easier conditions. It will be enough to press the shoot button and continuously hunt fish on the screen.
  • Fire Storm: Just like a fast bomb, this is a single game that players can enjoy for a limited amount of time. Yet, if you shoot an expected number of fish, the time of the round can be expanded. Pressing the shoot button in quick succession will boost the speed of your shots.
  • Thunder Dragon: This is the main feature of the game. If a player catches the Thunder Dragon, a lot of dragons will appear on the screen, and they will hunt all the fish in the sea. Logically, this brings the biggest number of points.
  • Golden Roulette: This is actually a type of bonus round available in the Thunder Dragon game. A roulette wheel will appear on the screen at some point in the game. Pressing the shoot button will automatically stop the wheel. Bigger numbers will ensure more points.

As you see, Thunder Dragon really has some cool features that are untypical for fish games. That’s why we believe it will be pretty interesting to people inspired by fish table games.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Thunder Dragon

  • Start Small – If you plan to play for real money, we recommend starting with small amounts. It takes time until you make your hand steady, improve your reflexes, and be capable of winning before the timer runs out.
  • All Points Counts – Don’t neglect the fish that bring a small number of points. Press the shoot button every time you have the chance to hunt a fish!
  • Avoid Chasing Hidden Fish – Just like in any fish game, you will see a lot of fish hiding behind rocks. Hunting them will bring additional entertainment, but you may lose bullets and time by doing that.
  • Analyze the speed of each character involved – Each character has a different speed. If you see some of them are too quick for your current set of skills, it would be better not to hunt them at all. That way, you will save bullets and time.

Pros & Cons of Playing Thunder Dragon Fish Game

Available in multiplayer modeCurrently unavailable in most casinos
Interesting gameplay and themeShady operations
Diversity of sealife characters
Unique features
Bonus rounds and mini-games

Conclusion: Thunder Dragon Is a Legit Fish Game

Thunder Dragon game is a newly released game that is still not available on many sweepstakes casino sites. We strongly believe this fish game will gain massive popularity in the near future thanks to its amazing characteristics (just like other games from the Ocean King series). Upgrade features like Golden Roulette, Fire Bomb, and Fire Storm have impressed us a lot because they offer something different compared to other fish games.

The gameplay, themes, and characters make this multiplayer fish game even more entertaining. Users will manage to find it in both demo and real-money mode, which is a great opportunity for beginners to improve their skills. Are you ready to test the game on your own?

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