Thunder Fishing Fish Game

Thunder Fishing Fish Game

Thunder Fishing is a medium-volatility fish game that’ll take you on an adventure to the ocean floor and reward you heftily for every fish you manage to catch. The game allows up to 4 players to play the game simultaneously and comes packed with special fish and bonus features.

Of course, that’s just scratching the surface — we’ll cover all the fish you can catch in the game, both common and special, bonus features, and even show you where to play Thunder Fishing. And if you’re new to the party, we even made sure to include a few tips and tricks for new players to help you catch all the big ones and make off like a bandit.

Thunder Fishing Game Overview

Thunder Fishing is a perfect blend of luck and skill, and it is ideal for both novices and seasoned casino game players.

The game is characterized by stunning visuals and superb and crisp animations. On top of that, Thunder Fishing has all the features you expect to find in a premium fish game, all of which are highly rewarding.

Thunder Fishing Game

Perhaps the best aspect of Thunder Fishing is that we didn’t have any trouble triggering the bonus features, despite playing solo — it’ll be even easier to trigger all the bonus features and capture large fish with a fully stacked lobby.

🎣Thunder Fishing Overview
🐟Common Fish16 Different Fish
🐠Boss FishBuffalo, Zeus, Thor
FeaturesLava Strike, Guardian Fish, Deep-Sea Bomb, Game Machine, Wheel, Piercing Drill, Super Laser, Monster Hunt, Fishing Rush
💰Max. Multiplier*2,500x
💰Max. Prize*250,000
💵Min. Bet*1
💰Max Bet*100
🤑JackpotRed, Silver, Gold, Diamond

*Keep in mind that some sweepstakes casinos may adjust the payouts and that the amount you can win may depend on the casino’s terms and conditions. Similarly, casinos may adjust the minimum and maximum bet you can wager, so make sure to always check the game’s paytable before you start playing.

Fishing Techniques and Strategies in Thunder Fishing

The goal of fish games is to capture as much fish as you can. After all, the more fish you capture, the more profit you can make. To capture the fish, players have to use cannons, and each cannon shot costs a specific amount of coins.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

The more powerful your cannons, the easier it is to capture fish, especially the large ones. However, it also means that you’re spending more coins with each shot. If you fail to capture the fish before it swims away, you will have wasted all the coins you invested in trying to capture it.

So, to maximize the profit, you should use the least coins possible to capture the fish, which means using small guns for the small fry, and large cannons for giant fish, special fish, and bosses.

What Are the Different Fish Species in Thunder Fishing?

Most fish games have a large variety of fish, and Thunder Fishing is no different. The game features

  • Common fish
  • Fish that trigger features
  • Boss monsters

Common fish are, well, the most common type. Whenever you capture one, you simply get a payout based on the size of the fish you capture. There are a total of 12 common fish in Thunder Fishing, with the rewards ranging from 2x for the smallest ones up to 120x for capturing the largest sharks.

Thunder Fishing also has 4 special fish: the helmet, the eagle, the temple, and the buffalo, all of which offer random rewards. For example, the helmet can net you between 10x and 50x your coin value, while the buffalo may get you anywhere between 100x and 200x.

Thunder Fishing Species

Thunder Fishing also has 3 massive boss monsters, all of which offer a different number of coins and trigger a special feature once captured.

How to Unlock New Features in Thunder Fishing?

Thunder Fishing has plenty of features and events. Some of the features and events are unlocked automatically as the game progresses while others you may have to purchase using either gold coins or sweepstakes coins.

For example, the Monster Hunt event triggers randomly, and the size and award of each fish increase during the event. On the other hand, the Fishing Rush event makes all the fish swim in groups.

Similarly, some features are unlocked by capturing special fish that trigger a variety of features when captured. You can trigger Lava Strike, Guardian Fish, or the Deep Sea Bomb features, all of which deal various amounts of damage.

Power-Ups and Boosters

In addition to all the bonus features, Thunder Fishing has numerous power-ups and boosters that can help you catch fish. For example, you can upgrade your guns with the Piercing Drill that bounces off the walls or a Super Laser that melts everything in its path.

The game also has a few bonus features you can trigger whenever — the aim feature will automatically target fish for you. It is a great choice for novice players, but once you get the hang of the game, you’ll be a lot more efficient without it.

Additionally, you can toggle the Boost Feature that changes your weapon and doubles its power while also doubling the cost of coins it takes to fire.

Competing in Tournaments and Challenges

The best way to play Thunder Fishing is to play the game when there’s a tournament active or when you need to complete a challenge.

Sweepstakes casino sites often have tournaments where the more you play and the more you spend, the higher you climb on the leaderboard. Once the event ends, the casino rewards the higher-ranked players, and it is an excellent way to wind hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

At the same time, some sweepstakes casinos have daily or weekly challenges. Whenever you complete the challenge, the casino will award you bonus gold coins or sweepstakes coins. So if you’re all about efficiency, you can make the most out of your time by simply playing the game during an active tournament or when you have a challenge or two ready.

Can You Play Thunder Fishing in Multiplayer Mode?

Thunder Fishing allows up to 4 players to enjoy the game simultaneously, so yes, you can play Thunder Fishing in multiplayer mode. Of course, if you prefer, and if you want to make sure all the fish are yours to capture, you can always find an empty room and play solo.

Keep in mind that not all the rewards are shared equally among all the participating players. In other words, you can either play together with your friends and have fun or you can compete against other players and try to snatch their fish right before they capture it.

It’s all fun and games in the end, so make sure you’re having a blast regardless of the way you decide to play.

Rewards and Prizes in Thunder Fishing Fish Game

The minimum you can wager in Thunder Fishing is 1 Gold Coin per shot, while the maximum is 100 Gold Coins per shot. However, as we mentioned earlier, the actual numbers may vary from one sweepstakes casino to another, so always check the paytable before you begin playing.

Speaking of paytable, Thunder Fishing has multiple fish you can catch, and each fish has its own value.

Thunder Fishing also has boss monsters and plenty of other special fish you can capture to trigger various features.

You can play Thunder Fishing using both gold coins and sweepstakes coins. You can even win real money playing Thunder Fishing by redeeming sweepstakes coins for real cash prizes.

Thunder Fishing also has boss monsters and plenty of other special fish you can capture to trigger various features.

You can play Thunder Fishing using both gold coins and sweepstakes coins. You can even win real money playing Thunder Fishing by redeeming sweepstakes coins for real cash prizes.

Where to Play Thunder Fishing?

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Thunder Fishing is extremely popular, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find a sweepstakes casino that has it in its game library. As long as the casino offers fish games, chances are the casino will have Thunder Fishing in its collection.

To make it even easier, we’ve included a small list of reputable and trustworthy online casinos where you can start playing Thunder Fishing right away.

🎰Casino✍️Sign Up Bonus⭐Best Features
Funrize125,000 TRN CoinsTop Daily Bonus, Great Interface, Ongoing Promotions
NoLimitCoins Casino100,000 GC + 1 SCWide Range of Promos, Mobile-Friendly, Daily Tournaments
TaoFortune88,800 Tao CoinsTaoFortune Quests, Low Redemption Limit, 24/7 Customer Support

Tips for Catching Rare and Legendary Fish in Thunder Fishing

If you’re new to fishing games or you’re simply looking for a way to win extra coins, we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks that you might find helpful.

Shoot Smart

As we mentioned earlier, bullets cost money. Instead of washing your ammo, make sure that you use your cheap guns for the small fish and the big ones for the bosses. Similarly, shoot only at the fish you know you can capture; otherwise, you’re just wasting coins.

Upgrade Your Guns

If you have enough coins on your balance, you should make sure to get the bigger guns. You’ll spend more, but you’ll also be able to make a lot more coins and do it a lot faster. Provided you’re using your new toys to hunt large fish.

Capture Bonus Fish

Bonus and special fish can be extremely helpful for capturing fish, especially the big ones. In Thunder Fishing, a lot of special fish do damage to all the fish in the area or across the entire screen, so capturing them will save you a lot of ammo trying to capture every other fish.

They are extremely helpful when hunting bosses, especially the fish that temporarily upgrade your guns.

Be a Team Player

Sometimes it takes more than just one person to take down a giant monster fish. If you see the other players are focusing fire on a large fish, you should try to contribute and hope you get the last hit on the fish to ensure the profits go your way.

Use Power-Ups

Power-ups are a great way to temporarily increase your firing power and make capturing large fish significantly easier. However, timing is everything, so don’t waste your power-ups and use them only when you’re certain you can snatch a large fish.

Our Review of Thunder Fishing Fish Game

Overall, we had a blast playing Thunder Fishing. We tested the game for several hours and ended the session with significantly more coins than we had started by sticking to the same tips and tricks we included in the article.

In other words, if you’re a fan of fish games, then you should most definitely give Thunder Fishing a go. The game’s extremely easy to pick up and has a ton of rewarding features that activate throughout the game, making gameplay dynamic and entertaining.

Just make sure to bring a few friends!

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