Fish Game Algorithms

Fish Game Algorithms

Fish table gambling is on the rise thanks to the level of entertainment it offers, as well as the numerous winning opportunities you can take advantage of. Fish table games operate on a pretty simple basis – all of the symbols within the game are assigned with the help of a Random Number Generator (RNG).

The RNG also determines how often certain symbols appear, what it takes to blow them up, and even the pattern of the movements they make. Since a computer algorithm determines all of its features, you can be completely certain that there is no human involvement and, thus, no outside influence on fairness.

What Are the Algorithms Used in Fish Games?

Having your own set of algorithms for how you approach this game can make the difference between being successful and having a subpar gaming session. These algorithms all affect the gameplay and your potential outcomes, so you should always keep them in mind when playing online.

Pay Attention to the Bullets

Each fish symbol, depending on its size and value, can take a certain number of hits before you eliminate it successfully. So, pay attention to how many times a specific fish has been hit, especially if you’re playing with others. For example, if you need to hit a specific fish 5 times for it to disappear, and your fellow players have already hit it 3 times, you can make two quick shots and get the win.

Shoot When the Fish Appears

The safest way to ensure that you get a fish successfully is to target it as soon as it swims into your screen. The sooner you start firing at it, the more time you will have to hit it and make sure it explodes. That being said, I learned pretty quickly to avoid the symbols that float near the screen limits since they are more likely to disappear.

Aim at Clutters of Fish

This approach is simply a game of numbers – if you aim your fish table game canon at a larger group of fish, regardless of their individual value, you are more likely to get a hit. So, you shouldn’t be dissuaded if the clutter consists of multiple small-value fish because hitting multiple small-value symbols is often better than hitting one big-value symbol.

Don’t Go for Distant or Hidden Fish

With the way your canon is set up within the game, as well as the built-in gameplay of these fish table titles, certain parts of the screen are distant and inaccessible. No matter how enticing a fish is, you should avoid trying to hit it from a distance, as that increases your chance of missing. Additionally, you should avoid hunting for symbols that are hidden behind other symbols or game objects.

Use the Big Hit Wisely

Depending on the game, I encountered a variety of so-called big hit shots, including fire and ice canons and double-hit canons. This shot costs at least double the amount of your standard bet, but it also enables you to eliminate most fish on your screen with it. Make sure that you aim this hit wisely before firing because it’s much more expensive.

Do Fish Table Games Use RNG?

Fish table games, like all other casino games online, rely on a random number generator (RNG) to provide their outcomes. This is how both software providers and casino operators ensure that you have access to fair games that give you regular opportunities to win.

The RNG doesn’t just provide the outcomes for the game, but it also ensures that there is a fair amount of equality spread around the symbols that appear. That way, you don’t get just small-value or just big-value fish, but a fair mix. Furthermore, the RNG system determines the pattern in which the fish swim on your screen.

Are Fish Table Games Fair?

Fish table games are just as fair as any other casino game since they operate on the same randomized system of outcomes. Of course, fish table games are primarily a game of luck, but there is a level of skill and knowledge that you need to be successful that very few other games of luck require.

While there is no return-to-player (RTP) percentage that applies to all fish table games across the board, in my experience, this number varies from 94% to 98%. When you consider that, as well as the fact that casino games with an RTP of 95% are automatically considered player-friendly, you will see that fish shooting games are fair.

Fish Games vs. Traditional Casino Games

Although fish table games belong to the general category of online casino games, they are far from what you may associate with online gambling. Fish table games are much more dynamic and immersive, and the outcomes you get when playing fish games depend on your skill more than the outcomes in any other casino game.

If you play traditional casino games like slots or table games like blackjack and roulette, your involvement is fairly minimal. You place the wager and spin the reels, and the game or the live croupier does the rest as you sit back and wait for the outcome.

Fish table games require you to fire a cannon at the fish you wish to eliminate for a win, so the outcome relies primarily on your aim and decision-making.

Tips & Tricks for Winning at Fish Games Online

Based on my experience playing fish table games online, I was able to create a guide consisting of the tips and tricks for winning at fish games I found most helpful. Keep reading and discover how to improve your odds of winning at fish games online.


The auto-lock feature is available within every fish table game I have encountered and it is one of the most helpful tools I got to use. With it, you get to click on the fish or other symbol you want to target and then just worry about shooting it instead of worrying about aiming and shooting. With the auto-lock feature, you will always hit the target you have in mind.

That being said when you use the auto-lock feature, you should still pay close attention to the game since the aim will move to another identical fish when you eliminate your target.


Auto-fire goes hand-in-hand with the auto-lock feature, however, you should be more careful about this option since it can strain your budget quickly. This tool enables you to turn the canon on and let it fire until you decide to stop it. If you activate this feature, you will just need to worry about aiming the canon.

Of course, by turning the auto-fire option on, you expose your betting budget to potentially taking a big hit if you fail to target and eliminate fish successfully. That is why you should only activate it when you’re completely certain of your aiming abilities.

Go for the Small Fish

It may seem counterproductive at first, but aiming for the small fish that have lower value can give you a lot more success in the long run. These small fish are easier to eliminate since they require 3 hits at most, meaning that you will spend a much smaller amount of your betting budget than you would with a big fish.

Moreover, you can get more small-value targets in the same time frame you would need to eliminate one big-value target. So, instead of spending 20-30 hits on a big fish with a value of 40x that you might not even eliminate, you can spend 15 hits on 5 smaller fish with a value of 10x, making the bets more effective.

Take Advantage of the Different Bullets

Though this doesn’t apply to all fish table games I’ve gotten to play online, most of them do have different bullets that you can set the cannon to. So, you can choose to shoot with the basic bullet, which usually has a value of around $0.10, or you can choose other options like the double-bullet and ice bullet.

The double bullet gives you two hits with one click, meaning you can eliminate your target in half the time, but it doubles your wager. On the other hand, the ice bullet is usually available at specific intervals, and you can use it to freeze the fish that it hits on its trajectory.

Can You Game Fish Game Algorithms?

The more fish table games gain in popularity, the more people appear online, claiming that they have a program or a way for you to cheat these games and win. Do not fall for these stories because there is no substance for them. There is no way for you to cheat games with RNG-based results, especially not on sites with built-in safety measures.

The only way you could potentially game the algorithms is to study the gameplay closely, count how many bullets you need per fish, and even track the fish’s movement. Beyond that, there is no way for you to circumvent the rules of the game and get away as a winner.

Even if you do find a way to use an illicit program to cheat on fish table games, you expose yourself to a potential temporary or permanent ban on that casino site.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Playing Fish Games

Though not every fish table game is the same, there are certain mistakes you can avoid making for a better chance of winning. The methods to avoid mistakes include:

  • Not ignoring the small fish
  • Avoid targeting only the special bonus symbols
  • Think the potential targets through before firing a special bullet
  • Rely on teamwork in a multiplayer game to help you take down big fish

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