Fish Table Game Cheats

Fish Table Game Cheats

Although going over the traditional route is not everyone’s cup of tea, cheating in casinos is nothing new, and there have been many cases of players trying to cheat casinos out of their money over the years — some individuals and groups were even more than successful at it.

Players who try to cheat aren’t all too picky about what games they will cheat on, as long as the game’s somewhat easy to manipulate and there’s profit to be made. When it comes to fish games, players rely on various fish table game cheats that allow them to obtain an unfair advantage and bypass casino security measures.

But is it illegal? Let’s find out.

Introduction to Fish Table Games

Let’s get one thing straight — we’re not here to show you how to cheat. We advocate for fair gambling on both ends. So instead of helping you get in trouble, our goal is to simply inform you about the most common cheats, show you how casinos prevent cheating, and how to actually make a profit playing fish table games the right way.

Besides, cheating at fish table games or any other casino game is extremely hard to pull off. Not only that, but cheating has serious ramifications and is never worth the risk. Even the players who were successful at it initially ended up in legal trouble, which means it is only a matter of time before it all backfires on you.

You can of course brush up on your shooting skills online. The best way to try this is for free, and you can actually play for free at several online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus to new players. Sign up, grab the bonus and get shooting!

Understanding Fish Table Games

Fish table games are arcade-style casino games. Unlike most casino games that are mainly about luck, fish table games are skill-based, which means your chances to make a profit increase substantially the better you are at the game.

Most fish table games are multiplayer and allow between 4 and 10 players to join in on the fun. Every game features fish that act as paying symbols, and each fish has its predetermined value or a multiplier that it pays once captured.

To capture fish, players use guns mounted on the sides of the screen. Smaller fish are easier to capture, while the larger ones require more effort and ammo to take down. Speaking of which, fish table game cannons come in different betting sizes and cost credits to fire — bigger guns make it easier to capture fish, but they are also a lot more costlier to your budget.

The goal is simple: capture as many fish as you can while using the least amount of ammo so you can make the most profit. However, what makes fish table games fun and challenging is that you get to aim the cannons, and you decide when to shoot and what fish to go after.

The best part about fish table games is all the bonus features they have to offer. Virtually every game is packed with bonus fish that trigger unique features when captured. You can freeze other fish in time temporarily, capture every fish on screen or in an area, get free ammo for a short period, and much more.

Curious to give them a try? Player favorites include fish table games like:

Common Cheats and Hacks

Players are quite innovative when it comes to finding new ways to cheat at casino games or crafting devices used for cheating. In fact, most casino cheats require quite a bit of ingenuity and a deep understanding of the game, how it works, and how the game’s built.

In some cases, casino cheats have to learn how casinos operate, what countermeasures they use, how to avoid them, and much more. In others, however, well, let’s just say it’s all about the brawn and not the brains.

Depending on the method or the device used to cheat, casino cheats can be split into several different categories.

  • Software hacks are third-party apps or software used to manipulate game outcomes. These types of hacks are generally the hardest to pull since you’ll have to circumvent the casino’s security before you can tamper with the game and its mechanics.
  • Exploits are all about taking advantage of the existing game bugs or glitches. Players can sometimes find vulnerabilities in the game, which allows them to abuse the game’s flawed mechanics to their advantage.
  • Cheat codes are specific codes you enter to gain an advantage. By entering a specific cheat code, players can trigger payouts or cause the game to pay out a lot more frequently.
  • Scams are a type of cheat that involves other players. In some cases, players can collude with either other players or casino personnel to gain an advantage over the casino or to tamper with the games’ hardware or software.

Scams also include social engineering and phishing scams that allow casino cheats to gain access to casino employee accounts or player accounts, allowing them to withdraw the funds from your account balance.

Software Hacks

Most software hacks come in the form of software that alters the games’ code, allowing the players to manipulate the RNG, increase symbol value, trigger jackpots, and much more. In some cases, software hacking can even include installing malicious code directly into the game’s system and then controlling the outcome via a third-party app.

In some cases, casino cheats would obtain code for a specific game and then try to reverse engineer it. Then, they would use the data to understand how the game works and use custom scripts to predict the sequence of numbers, allowing them to know exactly when the game is about to pay out.

Unfortunately, software hacking is not as easy as it may sound. Online casinos invest small fortunes into cyber protection and have excellent security designed to thwart any modern-day software cheat attempts.

For starters, all the outcomes in games are determined by the server and do not happen on the client’s side and the game you interact with — even if you manage to somehow change the outcome on your screen, the server will simply use the information and the outcome on its end and your casino account balance won’t change.

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are commonly used in video games by players to unlock secrets, activate hidden powers, gain resources, and more. They allow players to enter a specific code during gameplay and alter the game’s behavior.

In some cases, you will have to send a text message in chat that the system will detect and activate the corresponding cheat. Some cheats even require you to press a specific set of inputs in the correct sequence to trigger the cheat.

In theory, cheat codes in fish table games could do anything that a software hack could. However, there’s one little problem — for a cheat code to work, it has to be programmed into the game beforehand.

Not every video game has cheats and those that exist are only there because video game developers intended so and are mainly available only in single-player mode. With that said, the only way to enter cheat codes would be to enter a malicious code into the game that enables you to use them, which isn’t all too different from software hacking and manipulating the game’s RNG and payouts.

Is it Illegal to Cheat on Fish Table Games?

It goes without saying that casinos aren’t too keen on cheating and players who try to steal from them. If the casino even suspects you of cheating, they are more than likely to automatically ban your account and seize your winnings.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the casinos just go around and ban players to rob them of their winnings. At least not the reputable ones. Licensed and reputable casinos have to conform to a variety of laws and need to have solid ground for closing players’ accounts, or else they’re opening themselves to a million lawsuits.

Still, a casino ban should be the least of your worries, and you could face some serious legal ramifications for cheating. Namely, cheating in casinos is considered a form of fraud or theft in a lot of countries and states in the US. The charges can go anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Depending on the severity, amount stolen, and potentially the method used, the penalties can include monetary fines, restitution, and imprisonment. In cases that involve organized groups or repeated offenders, charges can even include conspiracy and racketeering, further adding to your sentence.

For example, cheating in casinos in Nevada is considered a felony and can result in up to six years in prison and fines up to $10,000.

How Do Casinos Prevent Cheating in Fish Table Games?

Casinos use a variety of different methods to prevent players from cheating at fish table games and cheating in general. Virtually every modern-day and trustworthy casino uses robust cybersecurity measures, such as secure encryption, 2FA, and more.

The first layer of defense is SSL and TLS protocols that casinos use to prevent any unwanted third party from stealing the data you send to and receive from the casino. This can include any sensitive information, such as your personal data, credit card information, transaction details, and more.

Online casinos also use machine learning and AI for behavioral monitoring and to recognize patterns. That way, they can prevent casino cheats from relying on bot programs that, funnily enough, use the same technology.

In addition, casinos often work with reputable software developers who conduct extensive quality assurance of their products. They also employ services of independent testing laboratories that test the games’ fairness and confirm they’re tamper-proof.

Legitimate Strategies and Tips

Instead of taking a chance on casino hacks and cheats and getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you’re much better off beating the casino using legitimate strategies and tips. You might not make as much as you would with “one quick hack,” but we’re positive it is a lot easier than hacking a casino or a casino game. And hey, you won’t even get in trouble for it.

Understand the Game Mechanics

The first rule of thumb is to simply master the basics. By learning the ins and outs of the game, you will easily recognize how to prioritize your targets, when to go after the bonus fish, how much to use per shot, and much more.

The best place to start is the game’s paytable. There, you can find the value of every fish and learn which ones to go after. You can also learn about all the bonus fish and the features they trigger, allowing you to make the most out of every shot.

Manage Your Resources

Every bullet counts (and costs) when playing fish table games. Instead of wasting your ammo shooting recklessly, make sure that you’re using your cannons to go after the fish you can capture.

Remember that you only get paid if you capture the fish — you won’t get any credits back for the fish that swim away, and every bullet you waste on them may get you closer to depleting your bankroll.

Practice Your Aim

Aiming in fish table games does not require an insane amount of skill. However, since fish are continuously on the move, it still takes a little bit of skill and pattern recognition to always hit your target.

To ensure your bullets hit the same target all the time, you should master fish swimming patterns, their speed, and how long it takes your bullet to reach a specific point on the screen. That way, you can shoot just slightly ahead of the fish and make sure you always hit the bullseye.

Just be wary of the other fish swimming around since they can easily soak your shots, making you waste your ammo.


Most cheats you can find today are nothing more than scams made by people who are trying to make a quick buck by selling you a product that does not work. Worst case scenario, you may end up paying for a casino cheat only to install a virus, exposing yourself to identity and credit card theft.

Instead of getting yourself in the world of trouble, you can always try and bet the casino the right way. After all, that’s half the fun, is it not? To help you out, we even prepared a few basic strategies you can use to win playing fish table games — and you can find many more on the web.

And if you don’t like the idea of risking your own money to play fish table games, you don’t even have to since we already have a list of trustworthy and secure sweepstakes casinos where you can win real cash without spending a cent.

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