How to Win on Golden Dragon Fish Game

How to Win on Golden Dragon Fish Game

There might not be much background information on the Golden Dragon fish game, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve. That’s why our focus on Golden Dragon fish game cheats will shift to tips on winning the Golden Dragon fish game. And since there is hardly any info on the game, just like most online fish table games with red flags, we’ve dug deeper into the shady side of online fish table games. We’ll share our favorite Golden Dragon tips and tricks with you and hopefully help you find the right fish gaming solution for you.

What Are Golden Dragon Cheats?

Golden Dragon is a fish table game that has been trending for a while on the sweeps market, even though the software provider is unknown. You can think of it as a crossover between classic arcade games and real money casino-style games. You don’t get to place classic casino bets here, but every move has a wager. The goal is to catch the Golden Dragon, the biggest fish that comes with the biggest prize.

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Many players think they can try to find Golden Dragon cheats in order to win. The reason behind it is simple – this is more than just a luck-based game. Unlike online casino slots, this Golden Dragon fish game requires some skills, which is where the Golden Dragon sweepstakes cheats come into play.

So, before we get into details about how to win while playing, let’s explain the main elements of this fish table game:

  • The goal is to shoot at fish – the more valuable the fish, the better the payout.
  • You can pick between different armor.
  • You are competing against other real players, not a computer.

If you’d like to know more about this table fish arcade game, check out our comprehensive Golden Dragon review, which provides technical details and explains the gameplay.

Where to Play Golden Dragon?

Golden Dragon Register

Just as Golden Dragon slots cheats, this game is not easy to find. The good news is that you can play it on any kind of device – whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop.

The not-so-good news is that you must create a PlayGB Mobi account, which might take some time. Before you start, you should know that there is no demo mode, meaning you’ll have to use sweeps coins to place the bets.

This is how you can get started:

  1. Search for the Golden Dragon fish game.
  2. Ensure that you’re at the official PlayGD Mobi site.
  3. If you don’t have an account yet, click to create out.
  4. Now, enter your first and last name.
  5. Provide your email and mobile phone.
  6. Upload a state ID or a driver’s license.
  7. There’s also a Message field, where you can let them know any additional details or the reason why you want this account.
  8. Click the button that reads Get FREE PlayGB Mobi account Now.

We aren’t sure how long it will take for the team to get back to you. Some of our reviewers got their accounts within an hour, while others had to wait for way longer. Nevertheless, if you’re keen on utilizing the PlayGD Mobi Golden Dragon cheats while playing this game, and you’ve submitted the account creation request, all you can do is wait.

Golden Dragon Fish Game Cheats

If you’re looking for Golden Dragon online fish table cheats to get guaranteed winnings, I’m afraid your hopes and dreams will die here. Yet, hours and hours of playing allowed our team to come up with Golden Dragon hacks. These are rules and tricks that will help you maximize your gameplay and bring you a step closer to winning.

Practice Your Aim With Smaller Fish

Before you go on the quest for the Golden Dragons, you will want to ensure that you’ll get it right. This is a fish that doesn’t show up often, if at all, so you wouldn’t want to miss it. Not to mention, to get to the exclusive sea creature, you’ll have to accumulate enough points without spending all your budget. As a beginner, you can start slow with a minimum initial bet.

Know Your Arsenal

To have a better aim, you’ll have to upgrade your weapons. You’ll find plenty of arsenal and power-ups, and you’ll be able to try out different combos. Find what’s best for you, and you’re good to go. While searching for the best winning combination, we suggest you don’t spend all your budget on bullets.

Plan Your Targets

As you will see, every fish comes with different points. The smallest fish comes with a multiplier of 2x (think of this as multiplying bets), while the dragon you’re looking for comes with a multiplier of 300x. Now, to get to the big price, you’ll need to kill a lot of small ones. However, shooting just at anything won’t do the trick, either. You’ll run out of bets and bullets sooner than you think.

That’s why we suggest you go for the fish that have multipliers between 20x and 60x. You can find the paytable in the game settings. However, you’ll have to memorize the fish you’re after, as that’s the only way to know what you’ll be targeting.

Use the Power Ups

If you’re like most of our team, you’ll want to save up the power-ups for when the “right time” comes. We’re here to tell you – we tried it (multiple times), and it didn’t really pay out. That’s why we suggest you don’t keep the bombs and lasers out of the game until you don’t have anything to play it. Use the special features, and you might score way bigger than you’d expect.

Track the Bonus Objectives

The game graphics can be immersive and if you’re playing long enough, all you’ll be seeing are targets. The trick is to keep an eye out for the random bonus symbols, as they will get you rewards as well. Complete the bonus objectives by collecting scatters, hidden treasures, and special elements to upgrade your arsenal and extend your gameplay.

Time Your Sessions

Fishing at the ocean depths is really thrilling, but it can also get exhausting after a while. As with any online game, it is best to play while it’s fun. As this is a real money game, we advise you to time your sessions, take frequent breaks, and never overspend. It’s best to set up a budget and stick with it.

Can You Play Golden Dragon on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Golden Dragon on mobile. Players won’t find Android or iOS native apps, but the platform is optimized for all screen sizes. You can follow our registration guide regardless of your device or operating system.

Simply open your preferred mobile browser and look for the game. Our team tested the fish game on Safari and Google Chrome, and we encountered no problems. The only thing you’ll need is a stable internet connection.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Golden Dragon?

Golden Dragon Gameplay

Yes, winning real money while playing the Golden Dragon fish game is possible. After you finish playing, your total winnings are transferred to your bonus balance on the PlayGD Mobi site. You can then choose whether you want to continue playing the game with the funds, play another game, or ask for real money redemption.

There isn’t any information on the minimum redemption allowed, but most players have reported that you can win a maximum of $500, after which the game resets.

Game Alternatives to Golden Dragon

If you’d like to try out other fish table games, we suggest playing:

  • Fishing Kingdom: A NetGame release with a 96.02% RTP and four bonus features. The maximum win is 5,000x your bet. You can find it at Funrize Casino.
  • Emily’s Treasure: A medium variance fish table game with four jackpots, Emily’s Treasure is a hit fish game you can play at Fortune Coins Casino.
  • Fish Catch: A real money casino game just like any other, but we recommend you play it in Multiplier mode for a better outcome.

These options might be better than continuously searching for Golden Dragon fish game cheats, as you’ll get all the games’ info on legit sweepstakes sites.

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