Fish Table Games: How to Play

How To Play Fish Tables

Fish table games offer an arcade-style experience featuring simple yet immersive gameplay. What makes them especially exciting is that they require some level of skill, unlike most casino games that rely entirely on luck. This means that if you take time to learn the appropriate strategies, you can hone your skills and significantly improve your winning chances.

In this article, we’ll delve into the rules governing fish tables, explore winning strategies, and provide recommendations on the best fish games to try, along with where to find them.

How to Play Fish Table Games

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The question of how to play fish tables frequently arises among many players. Here’s all you need to know about shooting fish for money online:

Basic Rules and Objectives

Fish table online games only have a few rules, making them easy to grasp, even for newbies. Your primary objective is straightforward: shoot and kill as many fish as you can with direct hits, keeping in mind that fish killed by stray bullets will not count towards your total win.

In a fish table game, your bullet strength depends on your bet size. So, the higher your bet size, the more firepower your bullet brings. Certain fish tables online throw in the option to purchase weapons. The costlier weapons selections contribute to your bet with added benefits like multipliers, sharpened target accuracy, or heightened lethality.

Each fish species has a specific multiplier associated with it. When you successfully shoot and kill one, the fish game rewards you with a payout based on this multiplier. The size of the fish matters; bigger fish often boast larger multipliers, with some going up to a jaw-dropping 2,500x your initial stake. However, the bigger the fish, the trickier it is to take down.

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Choosing Your Weapon and Strategy

Not all online fish table games offer the option to select your weapon. When playing a variant that does offer this option, choosing the right weapon is vital to ensuring frequent wins. This is because the strength of your weapon can be a huge determining factor in your hit rate and your likelihood of shooting big fish. Some fish games even provide weapons that increase your win multipliers, turning even small fish hits into a higher reward.

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The right weapon selection for you largely depends on the strategy you plan to employ. If your game plan is to secure big wins by targeting bigger fish, you will need a weapon that packs a powerful punch and some big bullets, too.

On the other hand, if your choice strategy is shooting many small fish instead of targeting a few big ones, the strength of your weapon is not as paramount. However, it’s crucial to have a dexterous and precise weapon, especially if you intend to use tricks like the mustache strategy or ballpoint shooting.

Catching Fish and Accumulating Points

To rack up points without spending too much to buy bullets, I’d advise playing with the cheapest bullets when you can. While it might be tempting to just open fire and see what happens, it is best to target individual fishes, pelting the same fish or group of fishes with more bullets until they succumb.

Another thing I like to do when playing fish table games with bonus features like time stops or freeze bombs is to focus on shooting the characters with those features as soon as they float into view, as they can seriously bolster my points and draw in huge multipliers.

Are There Any Special Features?  

Absolutely. Modern fish shooting games boast a myriad of special features, some of which include:

  1. Auto Fire/Attack: Considered a standard feature in modern games such as Fish Catch, Emily’s Treasure, and King Octopus, this functionality shoots the canon continuously, with gamers only having to change the direction of the aim.
  2. Lock Target: Need to catch a specific fish? This feature allows you to select your target fish on the screen and sit back as the cannon automatically fires relentlessly at it, tilting to follow its movement. I find it particularly great for targeting hidden fish.
  3. Freeze Bomb: Games, like KA Fish Hunter, that possess this feature will have a freeze bomb character that activates once you capture it. When activated, it freezes all characters on the screen, allowing for better targeting.
  4. Bonus Wheel: A bonus wheel with high payout potential drifts across the screen with all the fish. If you catch it, you get to spin the wheel.
  5. Big Bosses: Found in fish game titles like Candy Heroes and Thunder Fishing, Big Boss characters are bigger fish that are very hard to catch, but when caught, they award huge multipliers worth up to 400x your stake.
  6. Chain Wins: When you kill a fish with the chain win feature attached to it, it sets off a chain reaction, killing a certain number of fish of the same species.
  7. Fish Bombs: Fish bombs are fish or bomb characters that deal numerous hits to all surrounding fish when killed.

What Are the Types of Fish Table Games?

Since they are designed for simplicity, fish table games lack the extensive variety in other gaming categories. They predominantly fall into two categories:

Traditional Land-Based Games

By design, these tables look a lot like arcade games, featuring multiple seats and stations for players, coupled with a generous widescreen. Much like a typical fish table game online, these land-based games require you to place bets by buying bullets or weaponry. Notable examples, such as Arcade Fishing, Ocean King, and Fire Kirin, continue to thrive in a few brick-and-mortar casinos today, offering an immersive gaming experience for those seeking fish tables nearby.

Online Fish Games

Online fish games closely resemble their physical counterparts, with extra fun elements like freeze bombs, random multiplier drops, bonus weapons, and special characters. Animated by software developers such as Net Gaming and KA Gaming and ran by RNG fish table algorithms, these games aim to be immersive and captivating, often featuring high maximum win multipliers.

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Popular Fish Table Games

🎣Fish Table Game⭐Best Features
Golden Dragon– 30+ fish varieties
– Low volatility
– Freeze bomb
Cai Shen Dao– Free drill weapon with immense power
– Auto fire feature
– Lock target feature
KA Fish Hunter– Chain win
– 200x maximum win
– 21 fish varieties
Fishing Kingdom– Big boss symbol worth 600x your stake
– Bonus wheel
– Two types of weapons to choose from
Space Cowboy– Unique graphics theme
– Time Stop pauses all targets on screen
– Chain win
Mermaid Hunter– Free fish bomb
– Piggy bank symbol freezes all the fish on the screen
– Lock target feature
Crab King– Delightful mini-game bonus round
– Two boss characters
– Three bonus precision weapons
Candy Heroes– Multiple different bonus rounds
– Maximum win of 2,000x your stake
– Free bonus weapons like boomerangs and sparks
Three Headed Dragon– Freeze feature
– The multiplier values of smaller fishes oscillates
– Powerful default laser weapon
Thunder Fishing– Boost feature, which increases hit rate
– Maximum win of 2,500x your stake
– Bonus wheel and up to six other bonus features
Emily’s Treasure– Huge jackpot
– Auto attack feature
– Energy shot doubles the prize-winning for each fish
King Octopus– Explosion bonus feature
– Extremely powerful bonus drill weapon
– Chain wins bonus

Strategies for Maximizing Winnings

Since fish table game cheats are illegal and mostly inefficient, the most effective strategies our experts recommend to maximize your winning chances when playing fish table games include:

  1. Choose the right fish game at an appropriate online casino: Register at one of the best casinos recommended here and select a fish table gambling game with features that appeal to you. If possible, try out games in demo mode to get an idea of how they work and how many bullets it takes to catch each type of fish.
  2. Be familiar with the paytable: Take a moment to explore the paytable, understanding the multipliers associated with each character. This knowledge lends you a strategic advantage and allows you to effectively use your bets on the big fish likely to win you more money.
  3. Mustache strategy: This trick involves focusing your aim on small fish, rotating the gun barrel through small angles, and consistently shooting from alternating sides. It may not be the ideal way to catch sharks and other big fishes, but it helps ensure you don’t lose more money than you bet.
  4. Ballpoint shooting: With this trick, you shoot at an empty wall opposite the fish and let the bullet bounce back, then take a direct shot at the fish. It uses twice the normal amount of bullets per fish but assures a heightened accuracy.
  5. Shoot fish upon entry: One challenge that makes it difficult to play fish table games with other gamers around the world is that valuable fish often move too fast. To counteract this, observe when new characters tend to enter the fish table and promptly target them as they debut.
  6. Go for the head: Directly targeting the fish’s head minimizes misses. This tactic is especially important for killing smaller fish.
Fish Game Paytable

The same strategies apply when playing fish table games on mobile and for app-specific games, like Lucky Fishing. You don’t have to learn new strategies or spend time adjusting your playing style, regardless of where you play.

Pros & Cons of Playing Fish Table Games

Immersive visualsNot available in many online casinos
Unique and interactive game structureFew options to choose from
High RTP
High potential for big wins
Skill-based gameplay


  • How do fish table games work?
    In fish table games, the main goal is to shoot fish as they appear on the screen. You can place your bets by buying bullets, and you get rewarded for every successful kill.
  • How do you win big on fish table game online?
    To win big on a fish table gambling game, you’ll have to either kill a big fish or many small fish. Most players achieve this by combining effective strategies like mustache tactics and ballpoint shooting with adequate weapons and bullets.
  • Can I play fish tables online for real money?
    Yes. You can win real money by playing fish table games online.
  • Where do you play fish tables?
    You can play fish table game titles in online casinos like Fortune Coins, Funrize, and TaoFortune.
  • Which fish tables are the best?

    A good fish table game online comes with various bonus features while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Fish Catch, Emily’s Treasure, Fishing Kingdom, Thunder Fishing, Candy Heroes, and Crab King are a few of the best fish table gambling games available in online casinos.

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