How to Win on Fire Kirin

How to Win on Fire Kirin

Although Fire Kirin is primarily a fish table game, it also exists as a sweepstakes platform operated by the same parent company. The fish game is inspired by ancient Chinese mythology and combines the allure of arcade-style games with the thrill of winning real money. If you want to know how to win on Fire Kirin, this article shares valuable insights on achieving that.

On the other hand, Fire Kirin Casino is a sweepstakes site with 40+ gaming options, including slots, fish games, bingo, and keno. During our research, we uncovered some facts about this casino that raise serious concerns, and we are also going to discuss them in this review.

Fire Kirin Cheats & Game Explained

The Fire Kirin fish game requires players to shoot and kill different fish species. Being a multiplayer title, up to 4 people can play Fire Kirin at once.

Players are assigned a bullet-loaded cannon at the beginning of each gaming session, which they use to target and shoot the fish. The bullet’s lethality is directly tied to your wager, so the higher the bet size, the more deadly your bullet will be.

The game features several underwater creatures, each with unique multiplier values that determine your reward for killing them. For example, the Anglerfish is worth just 12x your bet, while the titular Fire Kirin delivers a whopping 400x. Naturally, the more valuable species are more difficult to kill and typically require more firepower than their less valuable counterparts.

Fire Kirin Gameplay

Fire Kirin also has various special weapons that add an extra layer of excitement to the mix. They include Missile Attack, Laser Shrimp, Mad Shark, and Laser Cannon. Missile Attack is a deadly weapon that annihilates all the fish on the screen, Laser Shrimp takes out multiple fish with one shot, Mad Shark explodes to destroy nearby targets, and Laser Cannon both increases shot accuracy and boosts bullet firepower.

Fire Kirin Online Games

Players commonly confuse the Fire Kirin fish game with the Fire Kirin online casino. Although both entities have the same parent company (Guangzhou Changyao Electronic Co., Ltd), the fish game is a regular casino title available on various gaming sites, whereas Fire Kirin online casino is an offshore sweepstakes platform with about 40 games in its lobby.

As expected of a sweepstakes casino, Fire Kirin uses virtual currencies instead of real money. While it primarily hosts fish table games, the site also offers other casino titles, including slots, bingo, and keno. Some of the most popular Fire Kirin games on the platform include Phoenix Kingdom, Razing Storm, Buffalo 777, Fruit Party, Keno Ball, Quick Bingo, and Horse Racing Legend.

How to Win on Fire Kirin?

The outcome of most casino games depends entirely on luck, but fish games like Fire Kirin require players to possess some skill and not simply rely on fish game cheats. Although you may need some practice to get accustomed to its gameplay, the presence of the skill element introduces the opportunity to significantly increase your winning chances by applying certain strategies. Here are some advanced tips to help you make the most of your fish gaming experience:

Start with Free Play

Playing Fire Kirin in demo or free play mode helps you acquire a practical understanding of the game, putting you in a better position to win big when you eventually start placing real wagers. It fosters realistic expectations and creates an environment for you to gain the necessary skills to excel at the game without spending a dime.

Go Through the Paytable

The paytable displays the game’s rules and different characters in the game with their corresponding multiplier values. This information helps you identify the most valuable fish species so you know which characters require more firepower. Additionally, the paytable provides instructions on utilizing the game controls and activating special weapons for a more rewarding and immersive experience.

Try Shooting Techniques

Certain shooting techniques like mustache tactics and ballpoint shooting can improve your winning chances when playing the Fire Kirin fish game. Mustache tactics involve firing at your targets from opposite directions by rotating your cannon in a figure-eight motion. With ballpoint shooting, you launch one shot directly at the fish and another at an adjacent wall, creating a bounce-back effect that hits the target. Besides these techniques, you should try as much as possible to aim for the head when shooting. I have noticed that the fish die faster when you hit them repeatedly on their heads.

Target Fish Clusters

Targeting fish clusters helps you eliminate multiple targets with fewer bullets than it’d require if you were to target them individually. This strategy not only optimizes ammunition but also creates an infected spot that can continue killing more fish without you having to fire additional bullets. 

Manage Your Bullets Wisely

The strength of your bullet is directly proportional to how much you bet. So, if you want to kill a fish as valuable as the Fire Kirin, for example, you’ll need to amp up the lethality of your bullets by raising the size of your wager. I’ll advise using cheaper bullets for smaller fish since they do not pay out very much to avoid running at a loss.

Fire Kirin Cheats

While there are Fire Kirin cheats that can help you secure big wins, the strategies outlined in this review can significantly enhance your chances of success when applied correctly. I, however, cannot vouch for the fairness of the Fire Kirin title, as it has not undergone independent third-party testing.

As I said earlier, the company behind the game also established an offshore casino with the same name that appears to violate the US sweepstakes gaming laws. The Fire Kirin Casino flouts the no-purchase necessary requirement by refusing to provide various ways for players to acquire free credits, not even an alternate mode of entry via mail-in bonuses. There have also been many negative reports from previous users detailing delayed payments and unpaid winnings. Additionally, the operator leases its casino software to unverified third-party agents and aggregators like BitPlay and BitBetWin, which are known to host other shady sites like Vegas-X and Orion Starz.

Why subject yourself to all this stress when you can simply sign up on legit sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins, TaoFortune, and Funrize? These platforms offer generous bonuses and boast a richer collection of fish table games to guarantee a fun and thoroughly rewarding experience.

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How to Get Free Money on Fire Kirin?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tangible information about how to get Fire Kirin free money. While other sweepstakes casinos offer various bonuses to give users free credits, Fire Kirin players have to settle for promotions offered via third-party aggregates like BitBetWin.

$20 Fire Kirin Free Credits

If you create a Fire Kirin account through BitBetWin, you will receive a $20 no-deposit bonus to kickstart your gambling adventure.

Fire Kirin Sign Up Bonus

Referral Bonus

Players who sign up via BitBetWin can also claim a $10 referral bonus by having their friends register on the platform using their unique. Once your friend makes a minimum deposit of $20, the operator will award both of you $10 each.

Social Media Giveaways

Another option is to watch out for social media promotions. Although these offers are not very frequent, you may be lucky enough to snag some free credits during a Facebook giveaway.

Can You Play Fire Kirin on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Fire Kirin fish table games on your mobile device by downloading its mobile app. The app is unavailable on the Google Play Store and App Store, so you can only download it as an APK file on the Fire Kirin website.

However, I’d exercise caution when considering this option. Personally, I am very hesitant to download apps from casino operators with uncertain backgrounds like Fire Kirin, as it poses several cyber risks. You are better off sticking with legit social casinos like Funrize, which hosts the most enjoyable fish games and also offer an app for mobile devices.

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Fire Kirin Hack Download

You do not need a Fire Kirin Hack to download the casino app. Although I advise against installing the Fire Kirin app on your mobile device, if you’re curious about the process, here are the steps involved: 

Android App Download

  • Visit the Fire Kirin website and click “Download Fire Kirin App.”
  • You will be directed to a page asking you to choose your phone type. Select “Android.”
  • The app will automatically start downloading on your device. Once the download is complete, enable the “Allow From This Source” option to initiate the installation.
  • Open the app on your device, and you are ready to start playing Fire Kirin fish games.

iOS App Download

  • To play Fire Kirin iPhone, visit the casino website and go to the “Download Fire Kirin App” page.
  • Choose “iPhone” and scan the QR code.
  • Follow the subsequent instructions, ensuring you grant all necessary permissions for the download and installation process.

Is Free Play Fire Kirin Worth It?

The Fire Kirin fish game is quite exciting. It offers a maximum payout worth 400x your wager and special features to boost the overall experience. However, it is crucial to note that the parent company, Guangzhou Changyao Electronic Co., Ltd, is the same entity behind the Fire Kirin gaming site, known for its questionable reputation. The casino platform barely complies with the US sweepstakes regulations and operates a risky business model that requires players to submit personal details to unlicensed third-party agents.

To safeguard both your funds and personal information, consider signing up on reputable sweepstakes platforms like NoLimitCoins, Funrize, or Fortune Coins. These sites not only host fish games of the best quality but also offer multiple bonuses and ensure prompt payout of winnings.

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