Orion Stars: How to Win Big and Dominate the Game

How to Win on Orion Stars

To win on Orion Stars, like in any casino, you have to win by playing the games they offer on the platform. Among those, you’ll also find community prizes, which invite players to be active in the app and play the games (as being idle in a lobby does not count).

If you are wondering how to win jackpot on Orion Stars, just play the games available, and if you are lucky and you win, a pop-up will appear on your screen that will allow you to claim it. Don’t worry, as it will stay there until you do, and if it does not appear even if you know you’ve won, re-logging should make the pop-up appear.

Orion Stars Cheats & Game Explained

Orion Stars is an online sweepstakes slots and fish games casino. It operates through an app you can download on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. If you wish to play Orion Stars login online play without downloading, then the recent Orion Stars web play is also available, which does come with a lot of advantages such as faster load times and no need to update anything, as it is all done for you.

To register on the platform, you will have to apply for an account instead of registering on your own, which is odd and sets red flags. After you fill in your desired info, customer support will have to approve it (customer support can also refer to a store that offers this software, as it is not operated by a single company).

Orion Stars Devices

Games on Orion Stars are the most interesting part, as they are all in-house. This is great for those who have explored all other sweepstakes casinos that tend to offer the same games, but since there are only 50 of them, do not expect too much exploration.

Since Orion Stars is a sweepstakes platform, anyone who is of age in the state that they live in to gamble in sweepstakes is allowed to do so, but note that Orion Stars is an offshore platform, meaning it’s available in all the states. It uses two different currencies, Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, where the first one is for fun, and the other one is for cash prizes.

🎰Orion Stars
🖥️AccessibilityPC / Mobile – both have a web and app version
💵First Purchase Bonus
🎁No Deposit Bonus
💰Other PromotionsRefer a Friend, Deposit Match, VIP Program, Social Media Giveaways, Daily Bonus Wheel
🟡Currency usedGold Coins / Sweeps Coins
💳Payment OptionsCash App, VISA, Mastercard, American Express
🔞Legal Age18+ / 21+
Restricted StatesNone (offshore)

Orion Stars Hack – Tips & Tricks for Winnings

While there are a few Orion Stars app hack advertisements online, during our research, we discovered that none of them work. Some of the Orion Stars free credits hack options actually did give us free credits in the mobile app, but we were not able to cash out, and while we have not checked the state of our account, it has probably been suspended.

With this in mind, if you want to win at Orion Stars, you are going to have to use your skills or be lucky, depending on the games you play, as an Orion Stars hack will not get you anywhere. Even the Orion Stars free play hack you might find is not worth the trouble, as you can technically free play on Orion Stars, to begin with, at least if you do not want to play for cash prizes. So, do not trust any Orion Stars app hack download, as it may damage your device.

We do not have any tips for slots on the platform, as they are not skill-based games. However, for fish games, we’ve got you covered! Since all fish games share mechanics, you can look at this as a guide to increasing your win rate in all of them, and it will feel like you are getting free credits for Orion Stars fish game even if you are not hacking:

  • Observe other players – Watching other players play can show you the ropes on how you can end up winning
  • Steal the glory – Playing alone is often punishing in fish games. Instead, play only with other players and try to land final hits on fish that give big prizes and walk away with the glory.
  • Choose the right weapon – Different weapons tend to have different firepower, so using the correct one to snipe fish for big cashouts matters most.
  • Power-ups are crucial – If you are playing a fish game with power-ups, you should take advantage of them as much as possible. If the game rewards it to all players, always wait for someone else to activate them so you don’t spend your money for nothing.
Orion Stars Fish Game

Games on Orion Stars

While the platform certainly looks shady, as registering on the platform is a nightmare since you have to send in a request that needs to get approved, one good thing about Orion Stars is the games they have.

There are about 50 games on the platform, most of which are slots, a couple of fish games, keno, and poker. All of the games are in-house, so you will not find them anywhere else, which is why Orion Stars might be worth checking out if you are looking for something fresh.

Fish Games

By far, the most popular games on Orion Stars are fish games. While they are indeed skill-based since they are in-house, we don’t know how fair they really are and if they are truly the best winning game on Orion Stars. Still, they look absolutely stunning visually, and they sound amazing as well.

Orion Stars Fish Games


There are diverse themes for slots, both visually and gameplay-wise. Zombie Apocalypse is themed around zombies; Roman Empire is based on ancient Rome; Pirate is based on pirates, etc., you get the gist of it, as the names are quite straightforward.

Other games

There are some other classic games, such as Super Keno and Royal Poker. These games play exactly as you would expect and are not innovative.

Orion Stars Fish Banner

Orion Stars Fish Game Cheats

There are no Orion Stars fish game cheats that are known to work. So, if you find an Orion Stars hack download advertisement or Orion Stars management system that helps you cheat at the game or anything like that, there is a much higher chance of being a fraud than something that would give you free winnings. After all, why would anyone share something that could generate them free money?

How to Get Free Money on Orion Stars?

Although there are no guarantees, there are a few standard bonuses and promotions you’ll find in most online sweepstakes casinos, including Orion Stars. Those are:

Referral Bonus

The referral system can award you with free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, but we could not find how much you will get for each friend that you refer. You can refer friends through a share button on the platform or by sending them your QR code.

Social Media Giveaways

Orion Stars does a couple of giveaways in the form of contests here and there on their social media platforms like Facebook. Here, you can get discounts or straight-up Gold or Sweeps coins. As we have not won anything ourselves, we do not know if this is legit or how good the rewards are.

Free Spins on New Games

While not directly free money, when there are new games on the platform, users are generally given some free play on such games, mostly on slots. By using these free spins, if you manage to win something, you get to keep those winnings, and you can either redeem them for real money at some point if you meet the withdrawal requirements, or you can keep playing on the platform.

Daily Bonus Wheel

Once per 24 hours, you can claim some entries to play on Orion Stars. Make sure you don’t forget to simply log into your account to claim these free credits.

Orion Stars Hack Download Explained

To download the app, visit the website, and once you click on the download button, you will be offered to play on the web or download. By hitting download, you will download the APK file.

Of course, if you want to download it in an easier way, for Android, you can find the app on the Google Play Store under the name “Orion Stars Fish Game & Slots,” and for iOS, you can scan the QR code at https://orionstarsonline.com/ios-install/ and become one of the Orion Stars winners.

Is Orion Stars Free Play Worth It?

Honestly, Orion Stars is not a bad platform, as it happens to have exclusive games, which are a lot of fun. However, if you want to play Orion Stars online for free, you will need a lot of patience, as all promotions are time-gated in some ways (except referrals), so it is not really worth it.

Next to that, the platform looks a bit shady, so it is best to play on a legitimate sweepstakes platform such as Fortune Coins or Funrize. Not only do they have great promotions that let you play for free, but they also have a much easier registration process and a bigger library of games.

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