How to Win on Ultra Monster – Ultra Monster Cheats

Ultra Monster Cheats

The Ultra Monster game and sweeps casino have been trending online for a while, with many players looking for methods to win on them.

However, this is still a convoluted web of sites, platforms, and games, and my first advice would be to stay clear of it. However, if you insist on learning how to get free money on Ultra Monster, I’ll focus on explaining all the cheats and hacks players are talking about that have helped them win.

There are still legitimate sites like Fortune Coins, Funrize, TaoFortune, and NoLimitCoins, all of which offer a great choice of fish games. All of them are reputable platforms with plenty of fish and other casino-style games in their lineups.

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What Are Ultra Monster Cheats?

Ultra Monster Cheat

Ultra Monster is another of the many sketchy sweepstakes casinos on the US market. Many players are interested in it, but there is barely any information online about it.

From what I’ve gathered, it operates like many other sweepstakes casinos and games (Fire Kirin or Riversweeps, for example) you can find on casino aggregates like Bitplay and Flaming Hot Sweepstakes.

In other words, you can find it on many websites that operate as an “Ultra Monster” casino. It’s thus hard to determine which one is legitimate. More importantly, I can’t say that the original Ultra Monster is an honest social casino you should join.

As if that weren’t enough, the site I believe to be the original,, redirects you to Uptown Aces, which is, in fact, an online casino, not a social one. Meanwhile, there’s still, which seems to be the actual Ultra Monster platform.

The content on all these sites and casino aggregates is extremely limited, so it’s hard to understand what the brand offers. It clearly has both fish and slot games, but it is unclear whether there’s a no deposit bonus or a promo for obtaining Ultra Monster free credits. That leaves players only with the option of buying these credits.

Naturally, you can get digital funds for playing on Ultra Monster by registering through a casino aggregate that hosts Ultra Monster games, but that’s about it.

The brand also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users, which allows players to start playing without registering. However, I don’t advise doing this, as you’d have to download the app to your device, and I can’t say for sure that it’s safe.

If you decide to register on the site, you must choose an account name, password, and referral code. It’s unclear where you can get this code or Agent ID, as the site calls it.

In addition to the registration process, you may be interested in learning how to win on Ultra Monster and maybe looking into cheats to improve your gameplay experience.

🎰Ultra Monster Casino
🎁No deposit bonus❌None
🎲Number of games20+
🎲Available gamesSlots, fish games, keno
☎️Customer supportUnavailable
📱Mobile appAndroid and iOS
💳Payment methodsVisa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, Apple Pay, Bitcoin

How to Get Free Money on Ultra Monster?

Unfortunately, Ultra Monster doesn’t seem to have a standard no deposit bonus like most other sweepstakes casinos. You can only get bonuses through the casino aggregates that host Ultra Monster.

So, how to get free money on Ultra Monster if you can’t use promos? The site offers a unique way of obtaining coins — through items you find in games. You can also collect prizes, which you can exchange for real rewards. However, to play the games, you need coins, and the only way I’ve found for you to get them is by depositing.

That’s why it’s best to stick to casino aggregates that offer no deposit bonus if you really want to experience Ultra Monster, but it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Fish Games on Ultra Monster

Ultra Monster Games

Ultra Monster has several fish games in its library, but most are either unknown or seem to be knockoffs of popular fish-themed releases. More than that, you won’t find any of the more popular fish games you can play on legit sweepstakes platforms, like Golden Dragon, King Octopus, Space Cowboy, and KA Fish Hunter.

Here’s what you’ll get on Ultra Monster:

  • Dragon King
  • Monster Frenzy
  • Golden Legend Plus
  • Reborn of Panda
  • Golden Toad Strike
  • Mermaid Beauty
  • Insect Paradise
  • Flying Squirrels
  • Sponge Bob
  • Crab Avengers

Ultra Monster Fish Game Cheats

Ultra Monster Log In

Some players are always looking for Ultra Monster free credits and cheats to use on fish games. However, I can only tell you that there aren’t any. There’s no method you can use to cheat on a casino-style game.

All fish games, slots, and other sweepstakes casino games use random number generators — algorithms that make every result in the game entirely random. Yes, some less legitimate sites likely tend to tweak these algorithms to work in their favor, but players cannot do that since they don’t have access to the game’s code.

In other words, Ultra Monster fish game cheats don’t exist, just like for all other fish games. The only thing you can do is use proper fish game strategies that might increase your chances of winning, but since these games are largely luck-based, there’s no way of guaranteeing a win.

Are There Any Ultra Monster Hacks?

If you search for an Ultra Monster hack online, you’ll get plenty of results. Each will describe a specific method for hacking the site or the games on Ultra Monster. Some will even claim their sites offer tools for adding free credits or spins to your Ultra Monster account.

Naturally, most of these look like ridiculous claims at the very least or downright scams in the worst-case scenario. So, if someone claims they have an Ultra Monster fish game hack, they are lying. Instead of looking for Ultra Monster hacks, you should focus on using the right strategies for fish games, like these:

  • If the game has different cannons, each will cost a different amount. The more expensive ones make catching bigger fish easier. You’ll need fewer of these shots to catch them, so make sure to use them carefully and avoid using them on smaller fish. If you want to go for smaller ones, use the cheapest cannons.
  • Make every shot count. Shoot only toward the fish, not everywhere on the screen. Every shot that doesn’t hit its mark is like a wasted spin in slots.
  • Check the speed of each fish to determine where to aim. It is prudent to aim in front of a faster fish and right at a slower one.
  • Always go for groups of fish. When they start to overlap in their paths, shoot to capture them all at once.
  • Start shooting when the fish enters the screen, not when it’s midway or close to exiting. You likely won’t make it, and you’ll only waste the coins.

Is Free Play on Ultra Monster Worth It?

No, playing for free on Ultra Monster is definitely not worth it. The site is very sketchy — it has little to no content, many websites, unknown owners, poor user experience, no promotions, and no clear access to customer support.

If that weren’t enough, you can only join with some form of a referral code, and the site doesn’t make it clear how to get one or if a code you find online from a random site should be used.

The only positive thing I’ve found about Ultra Monster is its game library. There are several fish games, slots, and keno releases, some of which might be interesting to play. Plus, the platform lets players earn free credits by collecting items in games, which is a neat option you won’t find on other sites.

However, this is insufficient to dismiss the many cons plaguing Ultra Monster. Due to that, I don’t recommend using paid or free play on Ultra Monster.

It’s best to go for reputable and legit sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins, Funrize, TaoFortune, and NoLimitCoins. They all have a plethora of quality fish games, rewarding no deposit bonuses, lots of promotions, and an overall quality experience most players will appreciate.

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