What Are Fish Games?

What Are Fish Games?

Fish table games are the newest sensation taking over the online casino world – they are arcade games that enable you to shoot fish and other symbols for fun or to win real money prizes. While this type of game is still relatively new to the market, they have a long successful history in the arcade world, so several top-notch online gambling sites include it in their libraries.

Brief Overview of Fish Games

Fish table games rely on the newest, most cutting-edge technology available, but you can find their origin in arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s. The principle of these games is quite straightforward – you get to control a canon or a different type of weapon that has an aim, which you can use to target the fish you want to eliminate.

Unlike other online casino games, fish table games are much more hands-on, which means that your level of success depends primarily on you, not a stroke of luck. To eliminate a fish, you need to fire at it with precision, although different symbols require a different number of successful hits.

The involved and immersive experience they provide you with is a major reason why these titles are so popular among players. That being said, some titles by disreputable software providers tend to have skewed outcomes, so you aren’t able to eliminate a fish with the required number of hits, or the high-value fish appear less often. That is why you should be wary of the games you play and the platforms you play them on.

Basic Concept of Fish Games

Fish shooting games are online casino arcade games that allow you to aim and fire at the various symbols so that you can earn credit/points, which you can then redeem for rewards. Though each online fish table game is unique, with different designs and mechanics, you can expect to find some common features, such as the game setting.

There is a reason these games are called fish games – most of them are set underwater, where your primary objective is to hunt the symbols, which are fish and other sea creatures. The animated fish that you have to go after can vary in size, design, color, and, most importantly – value, so you should always familiarize yourself with the paytable.

Gameplay Mechanics

Before you dive into the underwater world of fish shooting games, you should know exactly how the gameplay operates. To start with, you will be asked to choose a so-called room or level on which you want to play that actually determines the minimum and maximum betting limits you will have.

Once you choose your level, you get control of the canon, as well as all of the accompanying features, such as auto-lock, auto-fire, and bet adjustment buttons. All of the buttons for these features are well-marked, so you can easily access them, regardless of whether you’re playing on desktop or mobile.

To earn points and redeem them for rewards, you need to start eliminating the fish and other symbols floating across your screen but to do that, you need to know what you’re fishing for. That is why each fish table game has a detailed paytable where you will find the value of each individual symbol.

One of the most thrilling aspects of the fish shooting gameplay is the fact that you only have a limited time to eliminate a fish since all of them are constantly on the move. So, you have to plan your attack right and make sure you don’t miss, which adds more pressure and excitement.

To accomplish this task, you can rely on the canon and its variations that provide you with different bullet firing patterns, ice rays, and even a shot that bounces around the screen. You can also upgrade the canon the more success you get, so your weapon will become even more effective.

Types of Fish Games

Fish games are so entertaining in part because they are so diverse, which means you can always find a type that suits you. Here are the different types of fish shooting games you can play.

The classic fish shooter game is the oldest arcade version of the game. You play it in person on an arcade machine, where you have a joystick that allows you to control your aim and fire at the fish swimming across the arcade screen.

On the other hand, the multiplayer fish tables are much more popular among arcade players, since they allow up to 8 players to compete at one time. The principle is the same as the classic fish shooter game – each player gets his own joystick and he can work with the other players or compete against them.

Online fish games are a much more accessible version of the arcade fish table games. This is a digital iteration of fish table games optimized for your desktop and mobile devices. You can control the cannon with your computer mouse or with your finger if you’re playing on a touch-screen device.

While all fish table games, by their nature, require you to control the aim and fire with skill and quickness, there are certain titles that stand out as more strategic. You might have to time the exact moment you fire a freeze ray so that you get more time to eliminate a fish. Moreover, if you play a multiplayer fish table game, you have to always strategize about which fish to target and which to avoid.

Popular Fish Game Titles

Here are some of the most popular fish game titles:

  • Golden Dragon
  • Fish Catch
  • Emily’s Treasure
  • Fishing God
  • Mermaid Hunter
  • Dragon King Fish
  • King Octopus
  • Space Cowboy
  • Fishing War
  • Lucky Catch

Appeal and Popularity of Fish Games

Fish games are dynamic, entertaining games that rely on colorful graphics and high-definition animations to create an immersive gaming experience for you. Although it may seem superficial, playing a game that is pleasant on the eyes and uses warm and bright colors can be an important part of a positive experience.

The dynamic animations are directly connected to the engaging gameplay that these games are widely known for. To play a fish shooting game successfully, you will need a balanced mix of skill and quick reaction times, along with a well-developed strategy based on the fish movement, along with a dash of luck.

Most online casino games tend to be solitary, but that’s not the case with fish table games. By their nature, they are designed to host multiple players – typically up to 8 in one virtual room. So, you not only get to engage in friendly competition with your fellow players, but you also get to interact with them through the chat feature.

Last but not least, the rewards are an important part of any game and competition, and fish shooting games enable you to play for virtual prizes as well as real money. You can use the virtual prizes to upgrade your cannon and shooting equipment, whereas you can withdraw your real money prizes through your preferred method.

Are Fish Games Legal to Play in the US?

Online gambling is still a very disputed subject in the US, with only a handful of states that have legalized online casinos that allow real money betting. That being said, sweepstakes casinos are legal and regulated in 49 states, except for Washington, so you can play fish shooting games on these sites legally.

Of course, sweepstakes casinos don’t allow you to bet with real money but rather with virtual currencies that you can purchase and claim for free. That being said, you can use the Sweeps Coins currencies to play for real money prizes, you just can’t purchase them.

Of course, each individual state has the right to regulate fish table games, sweepstakes casinos, and online gambling in general as it chooses. This varied legal status that fish shooting games have means that you will need to double-check whether you are allowed to play them and claim the real money prizes in the state of your residence.

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Fish table games have their origin in arcade table games, and you can still experience this version of them, whether you choose to play alone or with other players in person. That being said, online fish table games are the true force when it comes to this type of arcade game since they are much more accessible and offer many different playing options.

More and more online sweepstakes casinos are adding fish table games to their game repertoires, and so are real-money casinos. Though you won’t find hundreds of different fish shooting games, the titles that you can play are entertaining, rewarding, and of course, immersive.

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