Birthday Bonus

Birthday Bonus

Who doesn’t like a birthday bonus? Especially when it comes in the form of free funds and when it’s part of your sweepstakes casino experience. Yes, that’s right, some casinos offer their players birthday bonuses besides the typical sign-up promos, no deposit bonuses, and daily log-in offers.

In this quick guide, I’ll cover what a sweepstakes casino birthday bonus is and how it works. More importantly, I’ll tell you how and where to get it, the different kinds of birthday bonuses there are, whether you can use them on fish games, and much more. If your birthday is right around the corner, it’s time to learn all this, so keep reading.

What Is a Birthday Bonus?

The name says it all — a birthday bonus is a sweepstake casino bonus the platform gives you on your birthday. Naturally, not all websites award them, and the ones that do will reward you with one on the date you selected as your date of birth during registration. Consequently, you only get them once a year.

The birthday bonus can be almost anything — bonus funds, free sweeps coins, a no deposit bonus, free spins, or something else that’s more personalized. In most cases, the platform will award you something in line with their current promotional lineup. Some will even go so far as to grant you a bigger bonus if your VIP level is high, like in the case of

The few sweep casinos with this kind of bonus will send it to you on your birthday as long as you’ve completed the requirements. These typically include stating your date of birth during registration or completing your profile with the date, having a verified email or phone number, and being an active member of the platform.

How to Use a Birthday Bonus in Sweeps Casinos?

How you can use an online casino birthday bonus depends on what it is. If it’s bonus funds, you’ll be able to use them while gaming. The same is true for sweeps coins, but if you get free spins, you’ll likely have to use them in the predetermined game or games.

It’s vital to check the terms for the bonus once you obtain it so you know how to use it properly. If the bonus comes out of the blue, the site will likely tell you where and how you can use it.

Also, if the bonus is sweeps coins, you likely won’t be able to redeem them until you’ve played through them according to the casino’s wagering requirements.

Where to Claim Birthday Bonuses

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I’ve looked at almost every popular and legit sweepstakes casino on the US market, but I’ve only found one that offers a birthday bonus — Naturally, that doesn’t mean that other legit platforms don’t provide them; they might, but they don’t tend to advertise them.

Players on socials tend to talk about an online casino with birthday bonus, and some have even mentioned that a site or two gave them a birthday bonus in the past, but I haven’t verified this. Some of these sweepstakes casinos have also stopped offering them or have simply given the offers only to specific players.

However, we are here for facts only, and offering a birthday bonus is a fact.

As you can see in the image below, has a personalized birthday bonus you can get only on your birthday. The bonus amount varies depending on your VIP level, and you get a coupon for it on your birthday, which you can use in the next seven days. Birthday Bonuses

You need to verify your email and have a KYC-verified account to get the bonus. You must also have a decent amount of activity or a specific VIP rank. This can only mean that won’t offer the birthday bonus to inactive players and those who play rarely.

Other popular legit sweepstakes casinos like WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins, and TaoFortune have a lot of promotions, including welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, referral systems, daily bonuses, and various social promos, but no mention of birthday offers.

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Alternative Sweepstakes Casinos With Birthday Bonuses

Unfortunately, birthday bonuses are not rare within sketchy sweepstakes casinos you can find everywhere online.

Sites like these that offer a good number of fish games often have birthday bonuses of various kinds, but my team and I don’t recommend you take advantage of them. That’s because these dodgy sites have a lot of negative reviews online, lack licensing information, have undisclosed owners, and, most of all, have problems with redemptions.

Sites like these include River Monster, Ultra Monster, Replay, and Flamingo7. These and other casinos are part of more known platforms of dubious quality, like BitBetWin and Bitplay. Both offer a 50% deposit bonus for your birthday. These sites operate on the sweepstakes casino cafe model, meaning they group several sweep casinos within their platform. Still, none of them are legitimate and trustworthy enough for me to recommend. It’s best to stay clear of them.

Bitplay Birthday Bonus

Different Birthday Bonuses in Sweeps Casinos

Even though they are rare, birthday bonuses can still come in various shapes and forms. Here’s an overview of the types I’ve come across:

  • Free gold or sweep coins — This is a straightforward bonus where you receive free gold or sweep coins on your birthday. If you get sweep coins, you’ll likely have to play them through before redeeming them for cash.
  • Free spins — Free spins are a popular offer you can get in various ways, and some platforms also offer them through the birthday bonus. You get a specific number of free spins that work in one or more slot games. Whatever you win from them is yours to keep. Some sites offer them as a no deposit bonus, so you’ll have to opt-in or input a bonus code, while others require a deposit.
  • Coin package discounts — Some casinos will give you a discount on one of their standard gold coin packages on your birthday. This means you’ll get to buy a package for 50% less or a similar discount, which will likely include some free sweep coins, as gold coin packages typically include them as free extras.
  • Deposit match bonuses —  Dodgy sites like BitBetWin often offer deposit match bonuses on your special day. BitBetWin provides a 50% deposit match birthday bonus, and others offer a similar matched percentage. In essence, you need to deposit up to a certain amount and get 50% of it in return. Wagering requirements will likely be attached to the bonus funds.
  • Prize Wheel — Sweepstakes casinos often have a promotion with a prize wheel where you get to spin a wheel filled with various rewards. These typically include coins, cash, free spins, loyalty points, and tournament tickets. Some platforms might offer a free spin on the wheel for your birthday. 

Can You Use Birthday Bonuses on Fish Games?

This depends entirely on the bonus you’re given, but in most cases, you can use your birthday bonus on fish games. Note that free spins inherently don’t work on fish games, but free gold or sweep coins and coin package discounts do. Naturally, the platform will give clear restrictions within the birthday bonus terms if you can’t use the bonus coins on their fish games.

How to Make the Most Out of Birthday Bonuses

If the bonus is in the form of sweep coins, use them in a way that will last longer. Play more rewarding games that you’ve first tested with gold coins, and play with lower bets. However, if the bonus funds are time-sensitive, use them before the clock ticks.

In the case of free spins, use them all in the allotted time to get the most out.

On the other hand, if you know the bonus is bigger if your VIP level is higher, like in the case of, try to level up as much as possible before your birthday arrives.

Also, if birthday bonuses are really important to you, you can create accounts on sweepstakes casinos that have them a few days or weeks before the day. That way, you won’t have to wait long to see these promos in action.

It all depends on what works for you and the type of bonus you’ve received. However, I want to emphasize that you should avoid sketchy sites like the ones we’ve mentioned, even if they have more lucrative birthday bonuses than legitimate ones. It simply isn’t worth the hassle and risk these platforms pose.

Can You Win Real Money with Birthday Bonuses?

Directly, no, but indirectly yes. If they award sweep coins or let you obtain them, you can later redeem them for real money. Keep in mind that this depends on the birthday bonus online casino. If you get free spins, you can’t win real money, as they’ll most likely work with gold coins only. With most others, you’ll almost certainly get the chance to win real money.

Birthday Bonuses – Yay or Nay?

I’d say birthday bonuses are a big yay as long as you get them on legit sweepstakes casinos like Otherwise, they are not worth the hassle, no matter how rewarding they are.

On legit sites, they are typically great as they are generally free, so even if they are small, they’ll give you the boost you need. Plus, you’ll still get to play quality games and claim other bonuses later down the line. And let’s not forget that it feels good when the platform rewards you with a present on your special day.

Often completely freeRare on legit platforms
Often personalizedAvailable once a year only
More rewarding for high VIP-level playersMight not work on fish games
Typically come with easier or no wagering requirements
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