VBlink 777 Free Play & Bonuses

VBlink 777 Bonuses

VBlink 777 is another one of those labyrinthian sweepstakes casinos that take a lot to sign up but offer a number of bonuses to make it worth your while. A $5 no-deposit bonus, daily bonuses, deposit loss bonuses, and social media promotions – this casino has it all. Yet, despite that, we have a hard time recommending the platform since it doesn’t really inspire confidence itself.

What VBlink 777 bonus you receive will depend on how you join the online casino. There are three ways to do that:

  • Through third-party BitPlay aggregator
  • Via Facebook page
  • Or directly on the VBlink website

But neither was a piece of cake as the promotional banner would have you believe, and the app .apk was a hassle. Still, bonuses are aplenty. And that was our main reason to give VBlink a try.

Introduction to VBlink 777

🎰VBlink 777 Casino
🌐Official Websitehttps://vblinkonline.com
✍️Sign-Up Bonus$5 No-Deposit Bonus on Sign-Up via BitPlay
🎁Welcome Bonus50% First Deposit Match
💰Other PromotionsDaily Chest, Daily Spin, Weekly Bonus, Deposit Loss Bonuses, Daily Spin, Quest Challenge
🎲GamesSlots, Blackjack, Keno, Fishing Games
🌐AccessibilityWebsite, Android, iOS
💳Redemptions✅Yes, Crypto

Are There VBlink 777 Promo Codes?

Unfortunately, there are no VBlink 777 promo codes to speak of at the moment. But that’s hardly a problem since the online casino brings so many other promotions to the table.

VBlink 777 No Deposit Bonus

VBlink 777 gives a generous no deposit signup bonus of $5 for new users, but only if you play your cards right. By playing them right, we mean creating an account through BitPlay. Now, we’re no fans of these aggregators for online casinos, but we are fans of those $5 since they come with no strings attached.

The registration process is fairly straightforward. To register with BitPlay and claim the VBlink 777 no-deposit bonus, take the following steps:

  1. Go to BitPlay’s main page: Use either your PC or smartphone.
  2. Click the “Sign-Up” button: it’s on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your personal data such as name, username, phone number, etc. Click “Next.”
  4. Choose VBlink 777 as the preferred casino.
  5. Verify your identity by providing a Government ID card number and a couple of photos. You’ll need to verify your phone, too – the old-fashioned way.
  6. Choose a strong password and wait for the BitPlay team to review your application. The $5 no deposit bonus should be credited shortly.

I found $5 enough to try many popular VBlink games. These include classic slot table cards but also a much-welcome selection of over 20 fish games, Ocean King 3 included.

VBlink Welcome Bonus

Regardless of how you sign up, the next VBlink bonus awaits on your first deposit. The online casino will match your first purchase with a 50% bonus; that’s a $25 bonus on a $50 deposit, a $50 bonus on a $100 deposit, and so on.

However, the easiest and probably the safest way to allot money and play games in the casino was once again through BitPlay. To make a deposit and take advantage of the VBlink 777 welcome bonus, do the following:

  1. Sign up through BitPlay.
  2. Click the Deposit Now button.
  3. Find VBlink 777 in the list of available BitPlay platforms and enter the sum.
  4. Go to your cart for checkout.
  5. The 50% deposit bonus will be credited on your next log-in.

Bear in mind that VBlink casino takes only crypto. And as for the welcome bonus overall. I feel they could have gone full throttle and given 100%, but hey.

VBlink 777 Daily Bonus

The two main bonuses are just a start. You have a slew of other promotions that make life easier at VBlink.

The current daily bonus comes in the form of a Chest bonus, whereby you unlock a green chest to receive your daily reward. You can do so any time of day, and the redemption limit is $50. However, the rewards are slim.

VBlink 777 Social Media Promotions

VBlink online casino is very active on social media, with Facebook having all the joy right now. It throws up all kinds of challenges with rather appetizing rewards. Here are some of the social media promotions available in the last six months:

  • Christmas Bonus: 10% on all deposits
  • Halloween Promo: 10% on all deposits
  • October promo: 10% on all deposits
  • Crossword Challenge: $10 reward
  • Free Play Giveaway: $50 reward

However, I couldn’t verify their authenticity since, sadly, I did not win any.

VBlink 777 Daily Spin Bonus

The most engaging VBlink bonus proved to be the Daily Spin, available for 30 minutes a day. The maximum redeem limit on Free Daily Spin is $50, but you’re more likely to win $2 or $5. To spin the bonus wheel, log in every day from 6 AM to 6:30 AM CST.

VBlink 777 Deposit Loss Bonus

A relatively new addition to the VBlink 777 bonus lineup is the two types of Deposit Loss promotions. In theory, you’ll receive some of your dollars back if you make back-to-back purchases.

In practice, that means the following:

  • Claim a $4 bonus on every 2 purchases valued at $15 (or above)
  • Claim a $5 bonus on every 3 purchases valued at $20 (or above)

You have to follow the “same day, same platform” rule from the time you ask for it to be eligible for the bonus. The redemption limit for the former is $50, while the latter has no upper limit.

VBlink 777 Quest Challenge Bonus

This is the social VBlink 777 bonus: you compete with other players in various types of challenges that reward you with some Free Play bonuses. Once again, the reward limit here is $50, but don’t expect to win anything near that.

Terms and Conditions for Bonuses and Promotions

VBlink is a sweepstakes casino that has one eye set on the Internet cafe industry, meaning that it almost entirely relies on third-party aggregator sites to operate as such. Therefore, many of the legal terms align with BitPlay and its rules. For instance, you have to be 21 or older in order to access the casino, let alone claim the bonuses.

Still, VBlink comes with its own set of rules for playing around with different games and bonuses. The wagering requirements peculiar to VBlink include:

  • Making deposits: You can only deposit money in crypto
  • Redemption methods: Similarly, you can redeem winnings and bonuses via Bitcoin Wallet, Venmo, or Cash App.
  • Redemption limits and minimums: You can make up to 3 cashouts within 24 hours, with the redemption limit on each being $50.

Additionally, some bonuses also have their own sets of rules to abide by. Some social media challenges, for example, require you to DM the casino to participate.

Tips for Maximizing VBlink 777 Free Play Bonuses

With so many bonuses at VBlink, it could get overwhelming trying to juggle them around. Here are several use-case scenarios that should help you get the best out of them.

Test Games

What better way to find out what popular games you enjoy than playing them for free? The no deposit bonus of $5 proved enough for me to fall in love with the Sponge Bob fish game all over again.

Learn about the Casino

If you’re on the fence about VBlink, bonuses can be a great learning curve without the need to spend a dime. Best to test the ins and outs of the casino before making your first deposit.

Try New Moves

We all have favorite casino games and favorite strategies to play them. What if you could expand your online gaming prowess and try something new? Well, bonuses to the rescue.

Use Bonuses to Their Advantage

Now a little something about the promotions themselves. Each has its own perks, and learning to maneuver them goes a long way. For instance, deposit loss requires you to spend a lot to receive some back, Daily Spin is time-sensitive, etc.

Can I Combine Multiple Bonuses at VBlink 777?

You most certainly can. The no deposit bonus of $5 comes with no strings attached, and your first purchase is automatically credited with a 50% deposit bonus.

Even bonuses with their own set of terms and conditions, like Deposit Loss promotion, don’t take anything away from the rest. Using it, you’ll still be able to take advantage of Daily Chest, Daily Spin, or Quest Achievement Challenge, which retain their limits.

Are There VBlink 777 Free Spins?

Yup. The casino has recently updated its terms and introduced a Daily Spin bonus feature where you can win up to $50 worth of crypto. The free spin is time-sensitive and opens only 30 minutes daily, from 6 AM to 6:30 AM CST.

VBlink 777 Bonuses Ranked

🎁Bonus & Ranking💰Size✅Pros❌Cons
1. Sign-Up Bonus$5No-DepositSign-up through BitPlay
2. Daily SpinUp to $50Higher rewardsTime-sensitive
3. Quest ChallengeUp to $50Social elementReachability
4. Deposit Loss BonusUp to $50It worksA lot of investment needed
5. Welcome Bonus50% Deposit MatchIt’s thereCould be bigger
6. Social Media BonusUp to $50Size, I guessCouldn’t verify

Should You Claim VBlink Bonuses?

Yes and no.

Hand to heart, VBlink gives plenty of bonuses and regularly comes up with new promotions to keep players on their toes (or thumbs). But with an Internet cafe provider background, the shady path to app .apk, and some questions over game fairness, VBlink wouldn’t be my first choice.

Don’t get me wrong; you’re free to spend your hard-earned cash wherever you want. VBlink is exciting if you just want to casually try a game here and there. But with much more secure options out there that (Chanced Casino) also reward somewhat comparable bonuses (High 5 Casino), it’s hard to recommend it for any serious online gambling

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